What Should You Do If Car Number Plates Have Been Cloned?

cloned number plates

The occurrence of cloned number plates is rising in the UK every year. In 2018, Express.co.uk reported that car cloning cases increased by 50% in a year. A year earlier, UK police said that the number-plate crimes rose by 18% between 2016 and 2017. The data shows the gravity of the situation and our vulnerability to offenders. Any of us could be next, so what should you do if your car is cloned? This free guide by Car Analytics will answer all queries. Let us first know:

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How Car Reg Check Benefits You?

car reg check

According to independent reports by some of the vehicle history checkers in the United Kingdom, 1 in 4 cars has had changed its number plate. While changing a number plate is not a bad thing, we cannot reject the possibility of scams. The only way you could know the intention of the seller is by taking a Car Reg Check, also known as Car Number Plate Check. Before we discuss the benefits of a total reg check, let’s first talk about why people change their number plates.

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Quick Ways to Find VIN For Free

find vin for free

Every vehicle running on the UK roads, as well as anywhere in the world, has a distinct stamped-in vehicle identification number (VIN). No two cars in the world have the same VIN, so you can call it a vehicle’s fingerprint. When you are in the market to buy a vehicle, the two numbers you should check include the Registration Number and the VIN. The reason is, all the data about a vehicle is maintained against these numbers. Now the question is how to locate these numbers. While the registration number is visible to all through number plate, you need some efforts to trace the VIN. There are multiple ways to find VIN for free. However, before we tell you how to trace VIN for free, we first need to explain VIN.

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Check Car Details: The Ultimate Guide By Car Analytics

check car details

After shortlisting your desired vehicle, the very first thing you need to do is check car details. Why? Because 1 in 3 cars in the UK have a hidden history, according to different reports. Therefore, it is wise to know who owns the vehicle, did it receive severe damage in an accident and written off, is it stolen, does it have a mileage anomaly and other vehicle information. Let’s find out what are the most important car details you need to be aware of before making your purchase decision.

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Perks and Drawbacks of Buying an SUV

sports utility vehicles

If you are looking to buy a family vehicle, I recommend you consider Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). They have plenty of space for both the passengers and the luggage, plus they come with extraordinary off-road driving capabilities.

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Buying A Used Car: Step By Step Guide

used car check

So, you have decided to buy a USED car instead of a NEW during these harsh economic conditions! We say it is a wise decision, but only if you take steps in the right direction. The very first step is deciding where you want to buy the vehicle in the UK, followed by a used car check and inspection.

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How to Analyze if a V5C Logbook is Original?

v5c logbook

The V5C vehicle registration certificate, also known as logbook or V5 form, is a document released by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to the registered keeper of a car. It contains the proof of ownership and the particular information of a vehicle, such as the date of first registration, the previous registered keeper, and the car model, tax class, engine size, VIN/Chassis/Frame number, and the colour. V5C logbook is used to notify the DVLA about the change of ownership, an alteration of name and address, or after the car customization, scrapped, or written-off.

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How to Check if the Car Has a Category?

car write off check

While searching for your next ride in the UK, would you like to buy a car that was involved in an accident? Most people do not and right so. After all, the insurance company has written it off for a reason. But let’s delve deep and find out what happens after a car gets badly damaged in an accident. The insurance company examines the condition of the vehicle and assigns it a category. We call it insurance write off, and it pays to check car category it lies in.

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How to Find the Owner of a Car by License Plate Number in the UK?

owner of a car

While it is possible to find the car owner by registration number, the process is not easy. The reason is the law; the UK government needs to protect the privacy of individuals. However, you can locate the registered owner of a car if you have a valid reason, such as:

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Frequently Asked Questions For Used Car Check (FAQ)

Used Car Check – FAQ

1. Will I be able to view the previous owner’s details?

Following the DVLA rules, we can not disclose the personal information of previous owners(like name, address etc;) for privacy reasons. No other service shares this information, as well. However, we will give you the total number of keepers in our used car check report.

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