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Car Check – Pre-Purchase List – 10 Things You Must Consider

1. Logbook

Get a copy of the V5C from the seller/owner. The car’s registration document, aka V5C logbook, is the most crucial document.

2. Verify the V5C with the Report

Verify the car’s make, model, and the number plate match with the description in the logbook. Furthermore, you should confirm the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) corresponds to the VIN on the car. You can find VIN on the small plaque under the bonnet, outside the vehicle in the lower part of the windscreen, and under the carpet by the driver’s seat.

3. Seller’s Identity

Verify the seller identity – Make sure the seller’s name and address match to the description in the logbook. The seller must also be the registered keeper of the vehicle. In case he is not, better to walk away because the seller cannot legally sell it.  

4. Chassis No

Check the chassis number of the vehicle in person. It must tally with the number in the logbook.

5. Payment

Restrict any cash transaction with the seller below 5% or less. The two best ways to pay for your car include cheque and bank draft.

car check

6. Car Tax

Double-check the car tax, since it is not transferable. If the seller has not taxed the car, make sure you do it using the ‘new keeper’s slip’ of the V5C on the DVLA’s website. Driving a non-taxed vehicle is illegal in the UK.

7. MOT

The vehicle must have a valid MOT. It is unlawful to drive without a valid MOT. Check the MOT history online to know the car’s current MOT status if the seller does not provide the MOT Certificate. Match the make and model with the details on the MOT certificate. Moreover, closely watch the advisory remarks given by the mechanic.  If the MOT has expired, ask the seller to retest it before the sale.

8. Check for Driveway Insurance

It is usually a seven days insurance cover allowing you to drive the car from the dealer’s forecourt and apply for a motor insurance policy in the meantime. Bear in mind that driving without insurance is illegal in the United Kingdom, and one has to bear penalty points on their license. They even have to face a driving ban. It is wise to obtain a quote beforehand, accept it via email or phone at the time of purchase, and show it to your dealer.

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9. Full-Service History

Ensure the car you are buying comes with a full-service history. It gives you peace of mind that the seller has kept the vehicle well.

10. Car History Check

Studies show that one in four cars have a hidden history; it could be stolen, written-off, have outstanding finance, a mileage discrepancy, or other issues. Get a comprehensive car history check to get to know the car’s hidden history.

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