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MOT History Check

Recent MOT history of the vehicle revealed with detailed information about the services undergone by the vehicle.

Free Car Check

One of the unique selling strategies by car analytics® is to provide free car check for customers until 5 consecutive checks.

Car History Check

History of the car including the running cost, MOT advisory notes and the economic status with MOT mileage will be exposed to have a thorough look on the vehicle.

Car Tax Check

Car tax can be determined on the basis of CO2 emission of the used vehicle. Car Analytics® provides you with the tax rate for 6 and 12 months for your convenience.

Vehicle Shopping

The categories listed in this section includes

  • Car Insurance
  • MOT check and service
  • Sell My Car
  • Buy a car
  • Breakdown cover
  • Trade vehicle check
  • Car Parts

Car Insurance

Gives you the best one stop solution for your car to be insured. Basically gives you risk-free ride for the car you purchase or about to purchase.

MOT Check and Service

This page diverts to a go-to spot for your vehicle to get its MOT and service done while you are even busy with your work. Hassle-free experience to get your MOT as they provide a door step service from picking your vehicle and returning it to you.

Sell My Car

Car Analytics® suggests you with options to sell your car at a best price based on its valuation.

Buy a Car

Routes you to a website with options to buy a car. You can verify the history of the car you wish to buy.

Breakdown Cover

This page navigates to provide you with a free quote for the breakdown cover. You can check the quote, analyze and purchase the cover based on your convenience.

Trade Vehicle Check

Trade Vehicle check provides a new platform for dealers to check at a minimal rate based on the subscription. It also allows dealers to top up the wallet based on their necessity.

Car Parts

This page diverts you to check an alternate for your car parts at a cheaper rate. You can verify and acquire it as per expert advice.

Full History Checks

Outstanding Finance

Finance recorded against a vehicle is revealed with the agreement date along with the contact number of the finance organization which will help to track and reveal the hidden past of the used car you are about to purchase.

Written Off

To check a car if it has been met with an accident previously and uncover the details relating to the condition of vehicle. Our report suggests with the Loss date along with the category of the damaged vehicle.

Category A − Vehicle is in dangerous condition and is not fit to run on road. It is usually meant for scrap.

Category B − Vehicle has undergone severe damage though few parts can be recovered.

Category S − A structural damage which can be repaired but should be re-registered with DVLA before getting it on-road again.

Category N − Non-structural damage which basically deals with the damage of chassis or lights. Can be repaired and fit to use although would recommend a thorough examination of a mechanic before it is set to get back on road.

Police Stolen

A look up to check your vehicle if it has been registered in Police National Computer records and get confirmed about its stolen history.

Cert. Of Destruction

Vehicles classified as trash should be sent to scrap and a certificate mentioning the condition should be informed to DVLA to avoid metal theft.


A 5-band valuation to make a thorough check before you purchase a used car based on its value.

Mileage Anomaly

Quick check on the mileage which decides the age of the car as well as the authenticity of the vehicle you are about to purchase.

Keepers History

Number of previous owners can be determined to decide the value of the car. Name and the address of the keepers will not be disclosed as it is against the policy and no other services UK does so.

Plate Change History

Gives you entire history of the plates that the vehicle possessed already to uncover previous hidden issues. VRM and the change date will be mentioned for clarity.

Product Information


This page outlines you with an idea to check the essentials while buying a used car. Also helps you understand about our checks based on the category.


Outline of products offered and the pricing related to each check will help you decide the purchase likely to be done.


A brand-new portal especially for traders to check bulk records with lowest cost in industry. Works based on subscription.

Sample report

Provides a glimpse of full history report to know before you purchase.

Company Information

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Refund options carried over by Car Analytics® enlisted. Snapshot of the issue with genuine reason will only be accepted in order to get a refund.

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Data & Validation

Car Analytics® provides with accurate information from the source. Our records are in line with DVLA and we do not have any channel to edit or update information at any cost.

Data Guarantee

This page directs you to the guarantee offered by us regarding the reliability of our report - data guarantee.



A short glimpse of the report and its categories explained.


Questions related to customer queries are listed here for providing information on our product.