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When you are ready to buy a used car, specific questions pop up in your mind.

How should I go about buying a cheap car? Today, we’ll concentrate on the previous question, as it is vital in terms of savings, security, and liability. Here we’re building and updating guides to the top sites for buying used cars.

Best websites to buy a cheap used car 

1.Auto Trader

Auto Trader is a good website for finding a cheap used car. We called up 26,000 cars using the search parameters described above. You can further refine your search by ‘lowest price,’ ‘highest price,’ mileage, age, or distance. You will get the car photo on their site along with the basic information such as engine details, gear type, variant and the pricing.

We may also find video of the cars there. Also, we can find both the private and sellers listed cars together. This site will also publish their own reviews and our new expert ratings which integrate the car review from UK sites to innovate a definitive rating for every car.

For more details,  find the best cheap used car here


Carsnip is the UK’s biggest car search engine & and it’s FREE to list your stock. Their goal is to get your stock in front of as many potential buyers as possible, increase visits to your website, and ultimately help you sell more cars. Also we are affiliated with Carsnip, car analytics readers can get a special offer.


A quick sale process is offered by Webuyanycar, where a closing appointment can be scheduled, and the sale can be completed on the same day. Transactions are completed quickly, and payments are made instantly. There are fees associated with selling your car to Webuyanycar. Your offer will include the amount you will be paid, less any outstanding finance or additional services. Since they re-sell your car through their extensive network, they profit from it.


Using the search engine yields a good selection of cars, all of which are well-photographed and have preliminary basic information. When you click through, you’ll be taken to a much more detailed page with useful information about your chosen car, including key facts like CO2, annual tax amount, and fuel economy, as well as all the usual details like body style, colour, fuel type, transmission, and MOT expiry.

The site is designed to show you monthly HP payments first and foremost, with a financial emphasis. However, if you prefer, you can simply choose the total amount to pay. There is a whole section on finance that includes a free finance check and a budget calculator. It also provides MOT, service, and repairs, as well as a service plan, in keeping with the importance they place on finance.


Carsite claims to be the UK’s largest independent website for buyers looking for new or used cars, and it maintains a large directory of used car dealers throughout the country. Using their search engine, you can locate desired models near you and then contact the listed dealer. When you click through to the car of your choice, you’ll see one picture, some basic details, and then a long, difficult-to-understand block of copy explaining the car’s features. It’s not as visually appealing as some of the other sites.

There is, however, a contact section where you can get the dealer’s phone number or email them with pre-written questions like ‘can you email more photos’ and ‘is the price negotiable’. With email alerts, you can have the most recent advertisements, as Carsite refers to them, delivered directly to your inbox.

6. Motorway

You can trust us if you want to sell your car online at the best price. Motorway connects you with 5,000+ dealers nationwide who are genuinely interested in buying your vehicle. Then, in less than 24 hours, they’ll respond with your highest offer.

Though we have many websites to search in today’s digital market, many believe for human approach as Private Seller, Car Dealer.

Private Seller

A private seller can either be a routine dealer earning his livelihood by car business or just a regular guy wanting to replace his/her car. No matter what, the process of buying a cheap car can be troublesome for you. The owner may not mention defects in the vehicle, and you have to examine the vehicle for errors on your own thoroughly. One should must take full HPI car check from Car Analytics Before cutting the deal, have the car inspected by an expert mechanic. He may guide you about the prices of different components or upgrades and detect any hidden fault in the vehicle. Always compare the cost of the car with your local automotive market checking the brand, model year, and condition.


A dealership is the safest option when it comes to buying a cheap car, with warranty claims and repairs. They offer an open environment to discuss things freely. Additionally, they render services like customisation, insurance, and after-sales & services. The dealer is bound by law to cooperate in any situation and make repairs under warranty or when car recalls are caused due to faulty components.

Finally, how did we pick the best used car websites?

For our assessment, we looked at over 100 used car websites and chose those that either had a lengthy history of selling vehicles or provided safe and personal experiences for shoppers looking for specialty vehicles.

We also made sure to identify sites that offered thorough search engines to assist shoppers compare the features they most wanted, because buying a used car can be daunting, terrifying, and stressful.

Our ranking was topped by websites that provided detailed buyer guides and current automotive reviews, as these tools can assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions. Bear in mind when buying any used vehicle, check out its car history check to avoid getting overwhelming.

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