Basic Checks

MOT Status

The time to expiry of the annual 12 months MOT test certificate.


The due date for renewal of the MOT test.

MOT Advisory

Advice of a potential issue with a vehicle that is discovered during an MOT test. Not sufficient for the car to fail an MOT but will become an issue if not addressed. This may include tyres close to their legal limit or brake pipes that are showing signs of wear fro example.


The road fund licence that every vehicle in the UK requires if to be driven on public roads. The road tax varies according to the vehicles emissions and price.

Vehicle Age

The age of a vehicle since it was first registered for use on the UK roads by its first owner.


This is the last officially recorded mileage of the vehicle at its last MOT.


This is a check to establish if the vehicle has been imported. Vehicles from overseas do not always have the same specifications or emission requirements as cars in the UK.


This is a simple check to establish if the vehicle has ever been exported overseas.

V5C Count

This is a check to establish the V5C (log book) count directly from the DVLA.

Critical Checks

Outstanding Finance

Any finance attached to the vehicle that is outstanding and needs to be settled before a vehicle can be sold and change hands.

Write Off

The term applied to a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or damage so bad that the rectification costs exceed the value of the vehicle, effectively rendering it not worth repairing.

Police Stolen

This is a critical check to ensure that a car is not recorded as stolen in Police National Computer.

Certificate of Destruction

This is a legal document that is issued by the DVLA after a vehicle has been destroyed.

High Risk

This usually refers to financial disputes over ownership of a vehicle, usually means third party tracks it to prevent from being stolen.

Mileage Anomaly

This refers to inconsistencies in recorded mileages at various key measurement points in a vehicles life.

Important Checks

Total Keepers

The total number of registered keepers of a vehicle. When a car changes ownership, the new owner has to register the vehicle to themselves as a legal requirement. Generally speaking, the fewer number of owners makes a car more valuable.

Plate Change

The term applied to changing the number plate of a vehicle, often when a private number plate is bought or transferred between cars.

Colour Change

This refers to a vehicle having a complete body colour change from the original registered colour.


This refers to the vehicle being damaged beyond economical repair.

Previous N. Ireland

This refers to a vehicle supplied prior to 2009, prior to it being registered with the DVLA.

VIC Inspected

A V5C check to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the vehicles V5C and that it relates to the correct vehicle.

VIN or Chassis

This refers to a Vehicle Identification Number or Chassis number check.

Engine Number

This refers to a check of the original engine number recorded by the DVLA.


Dealer Forecourt

This refers to the price that a dealer would be selling the car for from their forecourt.

Private Clean

The term used to describe the condition of a car when it has been privately owned and is in above average condition.

Private Average

The term used to describe a vehicles condition for valuation. Private clean refers to private ownership and clean condition, meaning average condition.

Part Exchange

This refers to the anticipated value of a vehicle when being part exchanged for a newer vehicle.


This refers to the price that a vehicle can be expected to sell for at auction.

Trade Average

This refers to the trade price of a vehicle that is considered to be in average condition.

Trade Poor

This refers to the trade price of a vehicle in a poor condition.

Vehicle Registration History

Registration history refers to date of registration and the number of owners as well as the ownership of the vehicle was changed.

Keeper Numbers − This refers to the number of registered keepers of a vehicle.

Vehicle Description

Make − This refers to the vehicle manufacturer.

Model − This refers to the specific car model.

Colour − This refers to the colour of the vehicle.

Fuel Type − This refers to the type of fuel that the vehicle was intended to use at manufacture point.

Transmission − This refers to automatic or manual gearbox.

Number of Doors − 2, 3, 4 or 5 door vehicle.

Number of Seats − the number of seats, hence passengers that a vehicle was designed to carry.

Number of Gears − the number of gears in the transmission system.

Engine Size − the size of a vehicles engine, measured in cc.

First Registration − The date when a vehicle was first registered.

Analysis on MOT Failures

This refers to the analysis of why a car has failed an MOT test and gives a good indication of the vehicles maintenance and mechanical health.

Analysed Text From MOT Failures

These are the terms that describe what exactly constituted the car to fail an MOT test.

Running Costs

Running costs refers to the actual costs of running and owning a vehicle. This includes average MPG (fuel consumption) vehicle servicing costs and maintenance as well as depreciation (the loss of value over time).

Economic and Environmental Data

Economic and Environment refers to the impact that a car will have on the environment, measured in carbon emissions.

Co2 Emissions − This refers to the g/km that a given car emits.

Fuel Consumption − This refers to the amount of fuel a car uses under various driving conditions.


Performance refers to the performance figures of a vehicle. Key standard benchmarks usually include the 0-60-time, top speed as well as acceleration figures that reflect daily driving, such as the 30-50mph time.

Top Speed − This refers to the maximum speed of a vehicle.

Power RPM − This refers to a cars power at a given RPM.

Power BHP − This refers to a cars maximum power output at optimum revs.

Power Kw − This refers to the power of an electric vehicle.

Torque RPM − The torque of an engine at a given RPM.

Torque FtLb − The torque of an engine when new, measured in Foot Pounds.

Torque Nm − The torque of an engine when new measured in Newton Meters.

Mileage History

The mileage history refers to a check on the cars recorded mileage at key times such as MOT tests and service records, as well as tyres and exhaust changes, at which points the cars mileage is normally recorded on a national database.

MOT History

The MOT history is a summary of previous MOT tests that give a clear view of both recorded mileages at the time of the MOT as well as rectification work needed and advisory work.

Critical Check Details

Critical Check Records include essential information that is required before purchasing a car. These include mileage checks, insurance claims and status as well as outstanding finance on a car.

Outstanding Finance Check

This is an essential check that is used to establish if there is any outstanding finance that is due on a car.

Agreement Date − The date of commencement of a car finance agreement.

Agreement Type − The nature of the finance agreement. Contract Hire, Lease Purchase etc.

Agreement Term − The length of the finance agreement.

Agreement Number − The unique identifying number of the finance agreement relating to a vehicle.

Finance Company − The finance company name that is supplying the finance.

Contact Number − the contact number of the finance company supplying the vehicle finance.

High Risk Record

A high-risk record refers to a number of checks that may view the vehicle of being at high risk. Mileage uncertainties, imported vehicles, outstanding finance etc.

Write Off Details

This refers to the specific reason that a car has been ‘written off’ i.e. has been beyond economical repair.

Police Stolen

This report refers to a car having being stolen (and recovered) by the police. Care needs to be taken here to check any damage caused at the time of the theft of the vehicle.

Premium Mileage History

A premium mileage history check combines all available data for a vehicle that is cross referenced to ensure accuracy of the cars mileage.