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Verify any UK vehicle's mileage history to help identify clocking instances. Purchasing a clocked car could result in an overpayment, acquiring a vehicle for more than its actual worth. Furthermore, if mileage discrepancies are uncovered, future issues may arise when selling the car. Stay informed to make wise and value-conscious decisions in your vehicle transactions.

Get peace of mind before buying a car by checking its official mileage record. Input the car's registration number on our user-friendly website and gain access to trustworthy and accurate data from the official DVLA database. Our car mileage check service helps you avoid the dangers of odometer tampering and empowers you to make informed decisions.

Secure the confidence and peace of mind essential for your vehicle purchase.

Spotting Mileage Discrepancies

A vehicle's mileage indicates its wear and tear, significantly impacting its overall value. It is logical to assume that a vehicle with high mileage has endured more stress on the road than one with lower mileage, potentially resulting in diminished reliability.

Moreover, a vehicle with lower mileage typically commands a higher price. Identifying a mileage irregularity lets you ascertain that the car's value is considerably lower than the seller's request. According to estimates, deducting 60,000 miles from a vehicle's mileage can inflate its price by £2,000-£4,000.

How to check if the mileage on a car is genuine like a pro?

  • Compare wear and tear with the displayed odometer mileage. Unusual low mileage on a well-worn car may signal a discrepancy.
  • Check pedal rubbers, steering wheel, and gear knob against the overall appearance. Discrepancies suggest potential age falsification.
  • Verify alignment of non-digital odometer numbers.
  • Request MOT certificates and service documents for mileage cross-referencing.
  • Contact the previous owner for mileage details.
  • Perform a thorough mileage clocking check for accuracy.

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