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Mileage History

Mileage check is one of the most vital aspects that need to be looked at; the age of a vehicle can be calculated by knowing the mileage capacity of the vehicle. By having a full vehicle history check, you will get to know if the mileage meter has been tampered with or not. Mileage tampered car may put you in serious financial and physical issues.

There are chances that swindlers may try to reverse the mileage (clocking) just for your review and set it back again after your check. In those cases, our mileage check will help you regardless of the mileage that is shown in the vehicle. It is always better to make a check than to get locked after buying a vehicle.

Clocking of a car often poses its risks; there might be a car that might have reached its millennial mark and just waiting to break down. All the engine parts might have lost quality over time, bald gears and broken crankshafts; this is where checking our car scrapped reports helps you avoid this mileage anomaly.

What is Mileage Anomaly?

Mileage Anomaly or Mileage Clocking is the term used for a vehicle, which shows incorrect mileage on the odometer. It means the seller or dealer has wound back the mileage using a special software program. While it is illegal to sell a car with mileage discrepancy, unscrupulous sellers still tamper with the odometer and cheat the buyers.

Who Keeps the Mileage Record?

Any car that becomes three years old has to undergo an MOT test in the UK. The testing company notes the mileage of the vehicle during the test along with other details such as the test result (pass or fail), the test’s place and failed parts during the examination, and the due date of the next MOT. You can check the MOT history of any vehicle online by giving its registration number. The government website provides you this facility free of charge. The report will tell you previous MOT results by giving dates of the earlier tests as well as the reasons for failure at any point. You even get to know about worn tyres, worn brake pads, and corrosion. If you also want to find the test location, you will require the 11-digit number given in the logbook (V5C).

Besides, there is another website created by the DVSA that gives you more information about any registered car. You would be able to know when a car was first registered, and what are its CO2 emissions, its tax band, and the due date of the next tax payment.

Why Mileage Anomaly or Discrepancy is Common in the UK?

According to a report, around 2.5 million vehicles on the UK roads have a mileage anomaly, meaning their actual mileage is different from the one that appears on the odometer. The question is why sellers do this. The answer is simple; they do it to get more money than the car’s worth. Fortunately, the buyers can undertake a mileage anomaly check to discover any clocking issue with the vehicle. If you suspect the car, you are going to buy, has been wound back, you should stay away from it.

How Do I Know if My Mileage is Genuine?

In order to find out potential clocking issue with the vehicle you are going to buy, follow the simple tips below:

  • First off, compare the wear and tear of the vehicle with the mileage. A worn-out car with relatively low mileage should ring bells.
  • Check the pedal rubbers, steering wheel, and gear knob, and compare it with the rest of the vehicle. If you find them in bad condition, chances are the newer look of the vehicle is falsified.
  • Find out if the non-digital numbers are lined up appropriately on the odometer (this does not apply to digital displays).

After going through these steps, if you suspect a mileage anomaly, you should:

  • Ask for the MOT certificates and service documents and match them with the mileage readings.
  • Talk to the previous owner of the car you are going to buy and ask them the mileage they sold it at.
  • Take a mileage clocking check to get mileage information.

Why Should You Take a Mileage Anomaly Check?

The UK law on mileage anomaly has a loophole. While it is unlawful to intentionally sell a clocked vehicle, anyone can lawfully buy the equipment to reverse the mileage of a car. Dishonest sellers first reverse the mileage and then show the potential buyers their car. It is true that most of us do not notice the mileage and even when we do, we do no note it down. The seller later corrects the mileage. Therefore, as a buyer, you should always note the mileage of the car you test drive. For complete peace of mind, better take a mileage anomaly From the best vehicle history check company in the UK for the vehicle you really like to see parked in your garage.

Why Pay for Mileage Check When you Can Take it for Free

While it is easy to get a free mileage check on the government website, it may not provide you a complete history of the MOT. You will only get a report of the most recent mileage record. Therefore, it is wise to opt for a mileage anomaly check from a reputable service. The service should cross-check from different sources to provide accurate results.

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