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Our quick and easy car valuation tool can help you find an accurate and fair price in just few simple steps. Discover the actual value of your car with Caranalytics. Our independent valuation relies solely on data, considering factors like your vehicle's age, mileage, specifications, and optional extras.

This service provides you with an instant, up-to-date valuation within seconds. Whether it's your first car or the one designed for family adventures, we accurately determine what your vehicle is truly worth.

Why is car valuation important?

Getting a car valued is the first thing to consider before you buy one. It is essential to be informed of the different rates available. We recommend that you always get an entire vehicle history check beforehand to judge if the valuation you receive from the seller is accurate.

Knowing the critical aspects of the vehicle lets you choose between buying a car, choosing a different one or not buying one. It puts you in a sound position to negotiate if you are about to buy a used car.

How does car valuation work?

A car valuation informs you how much a car is worth. Two types of valuation reports confirm your car's value: Private valuations and Trade valuations.

  • The first type considers the market value if you buy a car from a private seller.
  • The second gives you the value of a vehicle offered by a dealer.

Reliable trade and private car valuation services in the UK use accurate, up-to-date information to calculate a vehicle's value. They achieve realistic, precise estimates of a car's actual value by comparing the particular make and model with the most recent market price and factor in other elements such as mileage and depreciation.

Which factors affect how much your car is worth?

Make & Model:

Your car's specific make and model are crucial in determining its worth. We may be unable to provide valuations for vehicles 15 years or older due to various factors, such as market volatility and limited data availability.

Number of Previous Owners:

Generally, cars with fewer previous owners command a higher value. A high turnover of owners can suggest unresolved issues with the vehicle, impacting its perceived worth.

Condition of Your Car:

The presence of any damage, including scratches, dents, stone chips, or other wear and tear, can significantly lower your car's value. A well-maintained vehicle with no imperfections typically holds a higher market value.

Manufacturer’s Warranty:

Selling a car with an active manufacturer’s warranty gives potential buyers a sense of reassurance, consequently enhancing the car's overall value.


The mileage of your car is a critical factor in its valuation. Cars with lower mileage generally retain a higher percentage of their original value than those with above-average mileage.

Optional Extras:

Certain extras, such as heated seats or upgraded alloys, can increase the desirability and, consequently, the value of your car in the market.

Service History:

A comprehensive service history is indicative of a well-maintained vehicle. Cars with a complete service history typically command a higher value than those with service history gaps.

Current Market Prices:

Market prices are subject to fluctuations based on supply and demand. Utilizing live market data, we provide an accurate valuation that reflects the current market conditions at the assessment time.

Why should your car be valued?

Obtaining a reliable source's correct car valuation is crucial for any car owner, regardless of whether they want to sell their vehicle now or in the future.

Calculating your car's worth and depreciation rate is the first step to knowing when to sell it and earning the highest price, whether you have a hybrid, electric, gasoline or diesel engine vehicle.

How much is my car worth?

Your car's value fluctuates depending on the make and model, age, mileage, fuel type, compliance with efficiency standards, market demand, and other external factors. It correlates strongly with the brand and model. It is difficult to predict the value of your vehicle at any given time, but Car Analytics does the difficult job for you promptly. It will be included in our premium check that costs £ 9.95 per check.

Our guidelines have more information on how the value of your car might fluctuate.

How does depreciation influence my car's worth?

Depreciation affects every single car that is sold, regardless of the original value of the car. Once a brand-new car leaves the dealership, its value significantly drops. It is true that cars with an expensive price tag usually depreciate faster than cheaper vehicles, but any vehicle that is sold will depreciate.

Car depreciation is affected by several things, including the number of miles on the car, fuel economy, and the make and model of the vehicle.

Here's how we value your car

We appraise your car by utilizing real-time market data from everyday transactions on various used car marketplaces and the larger vehicle market. We analyze the sales of your make and model across our whole national network to those of comparable vehicles, including newer and older models. This guarantees that our valuations are always current and correct.

We base your assessment on the history of your particular car using your registration number and mileage, giving you a reliable estimate you can trust. The valuation is only an estimate, and sometimes it might vary at the actual time of sale based on the vehicle's current condition.

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