What is a trade vehicle check?

As a car dealer, it is critical that you obtain thorough vehicle history checks before purchasing to protect yourself from fraud. The car you intend to purchase may have outstanding finance, a mileage discrepancy, insurance write-off, number plate change, and so on. Therefore, the Car Analytics partner site has introduced a trade vehicle check for motor traders at a decent cost.

What information is contained in our trade vehicle check report?

Our vehicle check report includes 50+ data check points, including;

  • Insurance write off category
  • Stolen status
  • Outstanding finance with the lender information
  • MOT, Tax status & expire date
  • Mileage anomaly
  • Indicate whether the vehicle has been scrapped or not
  • High-risks and much more

Note: Vehicle valuations are sometimes not available for vehicle above 10+ years old.

How to use our trade vehicle check portal?

We encourage you to sign up today for free and use our subscription plan. Currently, we are offering £30 + VAT for a month and there is no contract and, you can cancel anytime.

Once registered, you can log in to our portal and access your control panel. Here you can add your vehicle registration number to get its history report.

You can find the history of all the vehicle checks in your login portal from “My Reports”. You can able to view the previously paid report at any time.

Advantages of a subscription plan:

We offer the complete data points for a cheaper cost and enjoy the additional benefits.

  • Our subscription plan generates two types of vehicle check reports - £2.29 + VAT for every vehicle history report.
  • Also, pay just 50p + VAT for each vehicle valuation.
  • Obtain real-time used vehicle market research and vehicle buyer insights to learn about buyer preferences.

We recommend car traders to sign up for this bundle and save a lot of money. Contact us today if you have any questions, and we will gladly assist you!