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What is HPI Check?

HPI vehicle check is the most widely used car history check in the UK, primarily because the term HPI Check itself has become customary for running a background assessment on a car. You can consider it simply like Google or Xerox in their individual fields. The truth is HPI check is a car data check offered by the Cap HPI.

The checks they provide are similar to the ones that tens of other car history firms offer in the UK. While there might be no difference between HPI check and our car check service, some believe the former is the only genuine vehicle check report in the UK. However, the reality is otherwise.

Why you should select Car Analytics HPI check?

Various reasons why you would need to pick Car Analytics vehicle check over the HPI Check.

  • A full car data check comes at less than half the price (£8.95) of an HPI car check (£19.99).
  • The lower price tag does not mean Car Analytics compromises in reliability on any vital information.
  • If you look to check a car for a free HPI, you would be disappointed because the Cap HPI does not offer it. However, unlike HPI Vehicle Check, Car Analytics offers free car checks.
  • Enter your vehicle's registration number and click on 'Check Car Details.' You can view an instant car history report for free by containing basic information about your car.
  • Car Analytics offers data guarantee up to £30,000.

What does an HPI car check reveal to you?

The HPI check or its best alternative check reveals your UK vehicle status that includes:

  • MOT & Tax status
  • VIN/Chassis
  • HPI check car valuation
  • Mileage discrepancy
  • Number of previous owners
  • Number of plate changes
  • Stolen car check
  • Scrapped car check
  • Insurance write-off
  • Outstanding finance details

The report mentions every detail in separate columns where you receive more information than 'yes' or 'no'. We have written a detailed blog explaining what precisely an HPI check tells you.

Is It Worth Running an HPI Check?

HPI being the industry's oldest car data company is totally worth it, but not if you compare it with other car history providers. HPI vehicle check is a market term, which makes most people believe it is the only genuine car history service in the UK. The reality is entirely opposite.

Before getting a pre-owned car, one of the most important checks is the vehicle data checks. The data points are the same for either you order this car check report from HPI or any other service provider.

Now all these data points reveal the history of the car. An anomaly in the MOT, mileage, number plate, loan etc., means the vehicle is not safe to buy. While we highly advise you to run a full check before purchasing a vehicle, we suggest being easy on your pockets and comparing different car checks available in the UK (see the difference).

Is there such a thing called a FREE HPI Check?

Free HPI car check queries are rampant on the internet, and it is why HPI has clearly stated on its website, "There's no such thing as a Free HPI Check." Cap HPI advises you to be cautious of the services offering HPI Check free.

That said, you can get a free HPI check alternative at Car Analytics, including the following information:

  • MOT Status and Full History with Advisory Notes
  • Mileage Details
  • Vehicle Excise Duty and Tax Status
  • Vehicle Age
  • DVLA Vehicle Specification
  • Running Costs and Performance Data
  • Environmental and Economic Data, including CO2 emissions, fuel consumption figures, etc.

As you can see, this report might not provide you with all the car details to prevent you from falling victim to devious selling practices. So, we highly advise you to go for a premium check available for a small fee of just £8.95 containing information about outstanding finance, police stolen, insurance write-off, mileage anomalies, high risk and so on.

We have written a detailed blog about HPI check services for your better understanding.

What does HPI clear represent?

HPI Clear is another market term that private sellers and car dealers use to tell the buyers that the vehicle has no hidden issues. In other words, an HPI Check report that shows no adverse data against a car is considered HPI Clear. It also clarifies pretty much the HPI clear vs HPI check difference.

Seeing it from another perspective, any car history report with zero issues against the vehicle is HPI clear. Therefore, if you run a vehicle data check and find it does not have any mileage discrepancy, outstanding finance, insurance category, stolen history, etc., it is an HPI clear vehicle.

Which is the cheapest HPI Vehicle check in the UK 2021? (In comparison with brands)

With so many companies offering HPI car check alternatives, everyone obviously wants to know which one is the cheapest. Though not all providers have the same car data check details, Car Analytics will offer a requisite report for your next used car purchase at an affordable rate.

For starters, there is no reality behind free HPI checks, and it is the most expensive vehicle check in the UK market. We are talking about the premium data check because you need this report for complete peace of mind while buying. It costs£19.99, and it is way more than what other car data firms offer.

It is actually more than half the price of other car checks. Here is a chart that would help you spot the difference in costs:

Brands Full history check
Car Analytics £8.95
HPI £19.99
Total Car Check £8.99
Free Car Check £9.95
Car Tax Check £9.99
RAC Vehicle Check £14.99
The AA Car Check £14.99

While we claim ourselves the most affordable in the United Kingdom, we know you want proof. It is the reason we have compared the best HPI check services in the country. In fact, Car Analytics serves you better than any other data check in the UK. Find out how!

Answering Your Questions

You should if the dealer is selling the car without an HPI check report. While it doesn't mean the dealership cars have a hidden history, you should run the check for your peace of mind. On the other hand, trustworthy vehicle dealers show you the HPI clear report for their cars. Enquire about it before you purchase.

Either you go for a free HPI check or any other history check for cars, vans and bikes, you will get an instant report (just within a minute). The reason is all data providers link to different government and third-party institutions that provide real-time information.

Of course, you can. An HPI car check is available for every motor vehicle in the UK, including a caravan, minivan, motorbike, passenger car, or any commercial vehicle.

HPI check works the same way as other car checks. You enter your vehicle's registration number in the search field and hit the 'Go' button. Depending on the package you have paid for, you get a different set of information. A complete history check comes with all the details you would like to know about the vehicle.

While every car data check service might say they offer the best HPI check alternative, you should believe only in public and private accreditations. "Car Analytics has got the Best Vehicle History Check Service 2020 Award for its customer-centric, quick, and affordable car data check services." Hopefully, you got the answer: Car Analytics is the best HPI check alternative at the moment.

There is very little chance an HPI check could be wrong, which is why the £30,000 data guarantee is there. With Car Analytics, you get £30,000 data guarantee for your peace of mind. However, mind it, a false reporting to agencies we fetch the information from could bring incorrect data.

Yes, HPI Check and valuation are legal services from a registered company, Cap HPI, in the UK.

You will get your HPI car check report immediately after giving us your registration number and paying for it. You will also receive an email, which you should keep for future reference.

Sorry, we cannot provide you with a car history check report of non-UK registered vehicles.

Car Analytics gives high precedence to the security of your financial information. We employ the latest security tech and methods to safeguard your credit card details. We save your credentials on secure servers with limited access and protect them through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Additionally, we provide added security through Mastercard and Visa. In order to make a payment through these secure payment methods, you need to give SecureCode, which the credit card company sends to your mobile phone or email to complete the transaction. In case the two-factor identification is not set up on your credit card, we strongly suggest you activate it through your financial institution. Understand that we never misuse your financial information and never share it with anyone. Check our privacy policy for more details.

First off, make sure your personal information and financial details are 100% accurate. Subsequently, wait for a few minutes to get the report in your email. In case it still doesn't reach you, you can contact us here.

We are open from 09:00- 17:00 GMT, Monday-Sunday. If you are an existing customer, you can submit your query here, and we will do our best to resolve your enquiries within 3hrs.

We just require your car's registration number. Once you enter that, we ask you if you want to go for a Free car check, Basic check (£1.99), or Full check (£8.95).

We get information from precious sources in the UK, including the DVLA, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), the Police, The Association of British Insurers, MIAFTR and different finance firms like Experian

Advisory notes come with the MOT. It means the vehicle has passed the MOT test, but it requires some repairs to keep itself roadworthy until the following assessment.

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