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Car Analytics compared to HPI Check

Both Car Analytics and HPI Check are car data check services in the UK, with almost no difference in the report they generate. Both the companies use the similar sources to create their car check reports. For instance, both HPI and CA use the DVLA database to fetch details on a car’s make, model, specification, date of registration, MOT history, and road tax status.

Similarly, both the companies take services of the MIAFTR (Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register) to get information on stolen and written-off vehicles. Furthermore, these firms use asset registers of Experian and other related firms to get outstanding finance details. The stolen vehicle details they get from the Police National Computer (PNC).

The only difference is the service price, and that’s a big one. HPI Ltd charges £19.99, while Car Analytics’ full report costs just £8.95.

Is there such a thing as a FREE HPI Check?

HPI Ltd does not provide a free car check report; however, there are two services that you can get for free from them, i.e., the MOT History and Car Evaluation. Having said that, these are actually third party services, and you can get them for free on other channels, as well. Check our review of HPI Check services here.

HPI Clear vs HPI Check?

HPI Check is a car data history report offered by HPI Ltd in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in knowing a vehicle’s past, all you need to do is give the vehicle’s registration number to HPI Ltd, and they will generate an instant report.

Their report contains everything from the MOT history, VIN/Chassis check, car valuation, a mileage discrepancy, number of previous owners, number of plate changes, stolen car check, logbook check, scrapped car check to insurance write-off and outstanding finance details. In fact, they check 80 data points in total about the vehicle in question.

That said, bear in mind, HPI Check is a catch-all industry term, and many car data check providers here call their report, ‘HPI car check.’ While there might be no difference between HPI check and our car check service, some people believe the former is the only genuine vehicle check report in the UK. However, the reality is otherwise. Check our best free HPI check tips to know more.

‘HPI Clear’ means any UK-registered vehicle that is free from all of the issues we have mentioned above. You can buy an HPI Clear vehicle without giving it a second thought because it is neither stolen, written-off nor has outstanding finance or any other hidden problem.

Your questions, answered here.

What's included in your HPI Car Check alternative or car valuation Report

Are you buying a stolen car?

Is the car you are buying has outstanding finance on it?

Do you want to know if your chosen car has been involved in an accident and is an insurance write-off?

Does your car has a mileage discrepancy?

Do you like to know a car’s current MOT status, previous test results, advisory notes, recorded mileage, and road tax status?

Get our accurate car valuation; we offer dealer forecourt price, trade-in price, and private sale price.

Do you want to know how many owners a car had?

How many times your cars number plate has been changed and keeps a dirty hidden history?

Find out if the vehicle you are buying was recorded scrapped by the DVLA

Find out if the car has the most recent and real logbook. Beware of the hundreds of thousands of stolen logbooks circulating in the UK!

Find out any problems associated with Vehicle Identification Number and discrepancy between vehicle chassis and the logbook.

We inspect the logbook and VIN for any mismatching to save you from buying a cloned vehicle.

Predicted fuel prices for evaluation only, based on 19,000 km per year.

We are so confident on our car data service that we offer up to £40,000 data guarantee

*Terms and conditions apply

HPI Check – The first vehicle history check

Yes, the HPI Check is the first vehicle history check in the UK that started its services in 1938. However, today HPI Ltd is not alone in the car data check domain. Tens of companies are offering car check reports at a much cheaper rate than the HPI Check. Find out who is offering the best and the cheapest car check in the UK.

Is It Worth Getting an HPI Check ?

The answer to this question demands your acquaintance to HPI Check and how it differs from other car check services in the UK. We have discussed every factor about the worth of the HPI check.

Who Has the Cheapest HPI Check?

Which company is offering the cheapest HPI check in the UK is a question that bothers lots of buyers and sellers here. While we claim ourselves the most affordable in the United Kingdom, we know you want proof. It is the reason we have compared the best HPI check services in the country. Our guide will allow you to find out who is providing the car data history at the most reasonable prices with no compromise on critical checks.

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