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What is an HPI Check?

An HPI Check, short for Hire Purchase Information Check, is a comprehensive vehicle history report that provides crucial information about a used car's background and status. It is a vital tool for prospective car buyers and sellers in the UK to ensure they are making informed decisions.

An HPI Check typically includes crucial details such as outstanding finance owed on the vehicle, whether the car has been reported stolen, if it has been written off due to accidents or damage, and any discrepancies in its recorded mileage. This information is crucial to protect buyers from purchasing vehicles with hidden issues, unpaid loans, or a questionable past.

HPI Check? Affordable Car Checks from £4.99 at Car Analytics!

We understand that getting an HPI check can be a crucial step in ensuring the reliability and integrity of a used vehicle, and we believe that this valuable information should be accessible without breaking the bank. Car Analytics offers affordable vehicle history checks with multiple pricing options to cater to different needs.

Our pricing options for checks are 5 checks for £24.99, 3 checks for £19.99, and a single check for £9.95. Our 5-check deal comes down to just £4.99 per check and is perfect for those who need multiple checks. We aim to provide flexible and affordable pricing options for our customers.

Choose Car Analytics for reliable data and unbeatable prices, at less than half the cost of an official HPI check. Our vehicle history reports are sourced from trusted partners like DVLA, DVSA, Police National Database, and SMMT. Our data guarantee is up to £30,000. Buy a used vehicle with confidence backed by reliable data from Car Analytics.

What is included in a Comprehensive HPI Check?

A comprehensive vehicle history check provides a detailed report on a car's past, including important information and checks. Our car check report includes critical components such as:

  1. Outstanding Finance: It reveals whether there are any outstanding loans or finance agreements tied to the vehicle, helping buyers avoid potential financial liabilities.
  2. Insurance Write-off: This check identifies if an insurance company has previously written off the car due to damage or accidents, which can impact its safety and value.
  3. Stolen (Police and Insurance): It verifies if the vehicle has been reported as stolen by the police or insurer, which is crucial for avoiding purchasing stolen goods and legal complications.
  4. Mileage Discrepancies: This check ensures the accuracy of the recorded mileage, safeguarding against odometer fraud and providing insight into a car's true usage.
  5. High-Risk Indicators: It highlights any factors that may indicate potential risks associated with the vehicle, such as its history or status.
  6. Owners History: This provides information about the vehicle's previous owners, which can help understand its usage and maintenance.
  7. Plate and Colour Change History: It tracks any changes in licence plates or vehicle colours, offering insights into potential alterations or modifications.
  8. Imported/Exported Status: It determines whether the vehicle has been imported or exported, which can influence its value and history.
  9. Tax and MOT Status: This check verifies the current tax and MOT status, helping buyers ensure the vehicle is legally compliant and roadworthy.
  10. MOT History: It provides a detailed history of the vehicle's MOT tests, revealing any issues or repairs made over time.

In essence, a Comprehensive HPI Check is a valuable tool for individuals looking to make informed decisions when buying or selling a used vehicle by offering a comprehensive view of a car's background and status.

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