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The key information provided in an MOT Check report is very important if you’re planning to buy a used vehicle. How long you know about the car’s past, which includes MOT history, the more information will help you in decision making before going for a vehicle.

What is an MOT History Check?

An MOT test is performed to confirm that your vehicle is safe to drive and fulfils UK regulations. We provide MOT checks that contain the current MOT expiration date, a complete list of advise, and the reason(s) for a failure, as well as a full MOT history, which includes mileage problems and the number of miles driven between MOTs.

What does include in FREE MOT history Report?

  • Check the MOT status of a vehicle.
  • Current MOT status shows the car has a valid MOT or not.
  • Shows when the next MOT is due.
  • MOT test certificate expiry date.
  • Previous MOT history.
  • Mileage history recorded at the time of MOT test.
  • Advisory notes are provided for advice. For some of these, if they become more serious, your vehicle may no longer be roadworthy and could require immediate attention.
  • Failure notes give valuable insight into repairs carried out on this vehicle, and it doesn’t affect the vehicle current condition.

What are the reasons for a vehicle failing its MOT?

A vehicle may fail for various reasons, and it’s categorised as “major” and “dangerous”. See our sample report to get an idea about the advisory and failures notices. Every MOT contains the same safety, environmental, and legal factors, including lights & signals, suspension & steering, brakes & tyres, especially exhausts and fuel.

How MOT history can help you?

You will know how many days are left on MOT, average mileage per year. Complete details of all past MOT’s, this will help you to build a clear picture about the vehicle usage, health and running condition for the road.

Can you check a MOT history on DVLA?

Yes, you can also check the MOT status and its history through gov website (DVLA) simply enter your vehicle’s registration number. Additionally, in case you have lost your MOT certificate you can also request a free MOT certificate to replace the one you have lost.

How long can you drive a vehicle without MOT?

Suppose, your vehicle is under three years old, or if you’re driving to pre-booked MOT appointment. Otherwise, it would help if you had a valid MOT and insurance to go on the road.

Should you bother with MOT check anyway?

Because an MOT is a legal requirement in the UK and - as you probably know - is essentially a basic historical document for the vehicle. It will show the faults and identify any potential future faults - think of it like an encyclopedia for your car. While it doesn't show every minor bit of detail, it is a useful thing to know nevertheless.

How to check a vehicle is MOT exempt?

If your vehicle is older than 40 years (classic cars) or less than the period of 3 years old. This includes vehicles previously exempted on the basis of being first registered before 1960.

How do you book MOT?

It only takes a few simple steps to book an MOT test:

  • Find a Test Centre: Use the GOV.UK MOT test centre locator to find a test centre near you
  • Book an Appointment: Schedule an appointment with your chosen MOT centre.
  • Bring Your Vehicle: Take your vehicle to the test centre at the agreed time and date.
  • Complete the Test: Wait for the test to be completed and receive your MOT certificate.

If your vehicle's MOT certificate has expired, you cannot drive it on the road unless you are driving to a pre-booked test. If you want your vehicle to be roadworthy and comply with UK laws, book your MOT test in advance.

Visit our partner website to compare fast MOT deals and schedule your vehicle's MOT. Booking your MOT test online is made simple, and it provides a network of reliable garages throughout the UK at low prices.

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