Why is car insurance important?

Getting your car insured is mandatory for driving them on the UK roads. Driving vehicles without insurance could attract a penalty of £300 and a few points added to your license. You can check if your vehicle has valid insurance by using askMID.

Spending more on car insurance? With the average cost of car insurance is around £500 a year, compare car insurance policies and you can save more than what you have thought. Choose the right policy for your vehicle, as comprehensive policies might cost less than third party insurance at times.

Registration number, annual mileage figures, usage of the car, license information, location of parking will be required to compare car insurance policies

What are the different levels of car insurance?

You will need to have any of these covers to drive your vehicle on the UK roads. Three levels of cover are available to choose from any of these based on your requirements.

Third-Party covers damages to other people, properties and enough to meet out the legal requirements.

Get covered the cost, if your vehicle is stolen or damaged due to fire accidents including third party cover with third party fire and theft insurance.

The highest degree of protection comes with Comprehensive insurance. You can protect your car, yourself and third party damages against expenses that raise from unfortunate events.

Compare cheap car insurance quotes and save some extra pounds

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To make your insurance cost low, opt for higher voluntary excess, limit the number of drivers, park your vehicle in a closed garage, have better car maintenance, do less mileage a year, and equip security devices.

A couple of minutes and that's it, you could get quotes from leading insurers in the UK. You can get the benefit of viewing quotes from all of them in a single destination. Save both time and money when insuring your vehicle with finest car insurance quotes from insurers in and around the UK.

Important information related to the car and its mechanical health are revealed through our free vehicle check.