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With our rate of just £9.95, not only are we the most affordable car check service in the UK, we provide the most reliable, cheapest car check services in the UK.

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Besides our free, industry leading car check service, Car Analytics guides you towards applying for vehicle insurance, helps you book your MOT check online, sell or buy a car, and buy your vehicle parts online.

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From the DVLA, Insurance Companies, Finance Houses to the Police National Computer, MIAFTR, and other providers, we use every available, dependable source to provide you with the most comprehensive data about your vehicle.

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For your peace of mind, we offer up to £30,000 data guarantee on each car check report we generate, under specific terms and conditions.

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Enjoy the trade deal packages starting from 20 up to 100 checks where you have to pay less than £3 per vehicle check report. Receive the buyer's dashboard to acknowledge the car buyer's insights and access it at any time!

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From free car checks to 24/7 availability, instant reports, 7-days a week support, discounts, and data guarantee, we protect our customers from all ends.

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