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The used car market in the UK is highly saturated, so getting the best price for your vehicle can be extremely daunting.

Do not fret; Car Analytics has partnered with Motorway, to give you their highest offer from a network of 5,000+ verified dealers. You can sell your car fast for free, often in as little as 24 hours.

How it Works?

Sell your car fast in 4 easy steps with Motorway

  1. Enter your car’s details:
    Enter your reg and share some details of your car. Motorway will give you an instant valuation based on the latest data.
  2. Dealers compete for your car:
    Motorway notifies their UK-wide network of car dealers and invites them to make offers for your vehicle.
  3. Receive your best offer:
    You’ll then receive your highest offer. Accept the offer and payment and collection happens quickly and securely.
  4. Your car is sold:
    Arrange for your car to be collected from home or work to receive fast payment. It’s fast, free and 100% online.

How to Sell My Car for Cash- Know the Best Option

There are multiple ways to sell your car for cash. The question is which one suits you the most. Often people select between two options: obtain the most cash for the vehicle by selling privately or get your car sold to a professional buyer in the quickest possible time.

The most common ways to sell your vehicle include: part-exchanging at a dealership, directly to a dealer, selling privately, and selling a used car at auction. All these methods have their own pros and cons.

  • Part-exchange My Car at Dealership: You go to a dealership to buy a new car and a sales agent offers to buy your old car. The cash they offer is then used as a deposit for the new car. The good thing about this transaction is that you sell your old vehicle and get a new one at the same time. The downside is you can’t negotiate the price of both the new and the old car properly and the agent is unlikely to offer you the price that you can get by selling the car privately. However, if you find a dealer (which is very hard) who genuinely wants to retail your vehicle and place it on their forecourt, you may get a better price. Usually there is a cap on maximum deposit (usually 30%) for your new car. Therefore, it is sometimes more viable to sell your car for cash instead of trading it in.
  • Sell My Car at a Dealership: This is the quickest and the best way to sell a car, but you may not get the price that you could obtain by selling to a private seller. Although it will be the fastest and a hassle-free sale, it may not be most profitable since the dealership wants to make money for itself as well.
  • Sell My Car at Auction: Selling a car at a live physical auction can be a swift and straightforward way, but you may not reach your reserved price or sell at all. It means you will not get the price you wish for, or worse, you have to take the car back home and try another time.
  • Sell My Car Privately: If you have a first-rate vehicle, selling it privately (both online and offline) could be the best option. However, classified sites are rarely free. Moreover, you have to be very smart to know all the tricks of selling online and you have to wait for the right buyer that could pay you the money you like for your vehicle. And you should remember, the sale is never guaranteed, and you sometimes have to welcome multiple buyers at your home that will check and test drive the car before buying it. It could be a waste of your time and energy if the sale does not happen. Besides, if your vehicle is worth £8,000 or less and you want to sell it fast, you may be better off selling it to a car buying website. But remember, their prices can be lower than selling in other ways.
  • Sell My Car with Motorway: If you really want to take control and sell Your car online at the best price, you can trust us. Our partner Motorway connects you to a network of 5,000+ nationwide dealers who are genuinely interested in buying your vehicle. They will enter your vehicle into a daily sale where dealers compete to buy your car for the best price. They’ll then return your highest offer in under 24 hours.

Benefits of Selling Your Car with Motorway

  • Free Car Valuation

Provide the information about your car and we will value your car for free in just a minute. Motorway use statistics on market price, demand, and seasonality.

  • Avoid the Troubles of Private Sales

Selling a car privately can be a painstaking and long job. It could take days and even months. With Motorway, you can sell your car in just 24 hours.

  • Sell Your Car in as little as 24 Hours

From getting your car valuation online to connecting you to a verified dealer and finalizing the deal, it can take as little as a day.

  • Get Paid the Same Day

Most dealers offer a same day transfer option, and it’s always 100% free to receive the money in your bank account.

How Much I Can Earn?

“How much I can earn?” is the most common question asked by every car seller. This is somehow linked to another question, “what is my car’s worth?”. Knowing about this, not only allows you to get a fair price for your vehicle, but it also assists you in price negotiation for your next car.

The price of your car depends on a lot of factors including your vehicle’s present market value, age, condition, mileage, service history, number of previous owners, optional extras, and security facilities, among other things. A car shopper takes into account all these aspects before offering you the price they are willing to pay.

The best way to know the worth of your car is to use an ‘ online car valuation’ tool. However, this could be confusing because there are plenty of car valuation tools in the UK such as Parkers, WhatCar, Regit, Autotrader, and our partner Motorway. Every tool will give you varied results. Make sure you treat every online valuation price as a guide price and not a genuine offer.

Moreover, the valuations will vary greatly depending on the type of prices you are looking at. The prices from a retail site, a private classified site, a car dealer, and an instant online buyer will vary significantly.

Therefore, it is a good idea to use multiple online valuation tools to set your expectations. This will not cost you anything, since every valuation tool is free and will help you aim for a respectable target price.

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