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How To Check If Car Is Stolen

One of the key steps before purchasing a used car is to get a stolen car check. This crucial check will let you know if the vehicle you intend to buy holds a theft status. Buying a stolen vehicle, with or without knowing, can cause you great trouble in the future. This is the reason we highly recommend a stolen car check for used car buyers.

Why is a Stolen Car Check So Important?

Not only does a stolen car check assure you that you did not buy stolen property, but it also ensures you do not ultimately end up losing your money and your car. If a vehicle you’ve purchased turns out to be someone else’s, it will be taken from you. Chances are high, you will not get any compensation for it, and so you’ll lose your hard-earned cash.

When you’re about to buy a used car, there’s no way to tell if it’s stolen simply by inspecting it. The car can seem perfectly fine, but you will not know any hidden details. It is solely up to you, the buyer, to conduct a comprehensive background check on the vehicle. That is why a stolen car check is absolutely necessary before making a purchase - it’s the only way to confirm if it’s a stolen car or if it’s safe to buy.

What Information is Included in a Stolen Car Check?

A stolen car check will provide a report showing you whether the vehicle was stolen, and if it turns out to be stolen, you’ll see the date of theft and police contact information if available. It’s a highly useful feature that lets you confirm if the car you intend to buy has been reported stolen. Usually, the stolen car check is a part of a complete car check package that provides other valuable vehicle information as well.

How Does a Stolen Car Check Work?

A stolen car check typically searches against official vehicle databases, such as the DVLA, to verify the car’s details. You simply need the car’s registration number. Usually, a stolen vehicle check is part of a complete vehicle history check or car registration check, which can include information such as number plate changes, previous car owner details, outstanding finance data, etc. As long as your vehicle check package includes a stolen car check, you’re good to go.

What Steps Are Involved in Checking Stolen car Information?

The procedure for checking stolen car information entails searching for a suitable stolen car check for you and then enter the required vehicle details. Usually, the process is very straightforward and most stolen car checks simply require the car’s registration number. You can get the registration number from the vehicle’s seller. The best way to do this is to request the car’s V5C logbook. This document includes official vehicle details such as the make and model, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), registration number, and MOT number.

After confirmation that the details match the actual car, you’re planning to buy, carry out the vehicle check you have chosen. A reliable stolen car check will usually cost you a small amount; however, it is always worth spending the extra money.

What Happens If I Buy a Stolen Vehicle Without Knowing It?

If you did not get a stolen car check and you end up with a theft status vehicle, the police will eventually reclaim it. Even if you bought the vehicle in good faith, you could end up losing it with no compensation for the amount you paid. The vehicle’s rightful owner would have reported it stolen, and sooner or later, police investigations will lead to you. When this happens, there can be multiple inquiries as to how you came into possession of the vehicle. You have to prove to the police that you genuinely did not know you were buying a stolen vehicle. In any case, the car will be taken away from you.

The process will involve your insurance company as well, given that they offer coverage for stolen vehicle purchases. The company will also thoroughly investigate the matter in order to decide how much money − if any − they will pay you. The investigation process can take many months since they have to look into various possibilities of fraud. Insurance companies must confirm if the vehicle was stolen before offering a disbursement because surprisingly, insurance fraud is not uncommon in these situations. They might ask you different questions like where you bought the car from and if you carried out any checks. Although it is possible to get some reimbursement, there is a very good chance you might not get any money at all. None of these events seem desirable by any means, which is why you should always conduct a stolen vehicle check before buying any used car.

When Am I Most at Risk of Purchasing a Stolen Vehicle?

You are at risk whenever you buy a used car directly from the owner, any online marketplace, or even from a lesser-known dealership. Unfortunately, selling of stolen vehicles is becoming a rising issue. So, unless you’re buying from someone you know very well or from a recognised dealership, you should always carry out a stolen car check.

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