What is stolen car check?

The stolen car checks records that the vehicle has been returned to the legal owner or their insurance company. If they have previously filed insurance payout. It is an essential step to take before purchasing a used car which helps to know the theft status through vehicle’s registration number.

Why it’s important to check if a car is stolen?

  • While ensuring through stolen or theft check you don't lose your money and the vehicle.
  • It can happen if a vehicle you have purchased belongs to someone else, in which case the police will return it to the actual owner, and you won't get any compensation.
  • The buyer, to carry out a detailed history check on the vehicle and to check if the vehicle is reported as stolen by registration number and ensure whether it's a stolen car.
  • If you are getting a used car, you won't discover if someone has previously stolen the vehicle just by inspecting it. The car might seem perfectly fine and legitimate, but you will not find out the vehicle's hidden details this way.

What Information Does a Stolen Car Check Include?

If someone has stolen the vehicle, the report will offer you the date of the theft and the police contact information if it's available. Our premium Stolen car check status show “YES” means we recommend you not to purchase it, if it shows “NO” then do further checks like outstanding finance, High Risk, etc and make a final decision.

Normally, the stolen car check comes with a comprehensive vehicle check package, which offers you an extensive amount of other valuable information as well.

What happens if you bought a Stolen Vehicle without Knowing It?

  • If you purchase a vehicle without carrying out a stolen car check, you will be unaware that someone had stolen it; the police will eventually return the car to the true owner. Even if you purchased the vehicle in good faith, you could end up losing it without getting compensation for the amount you paid.
  • As the vehicle's rightful owner will have reported it stolen, police investigations will eventually lead to you. When this happens, there can be multiple inquiries into how you came into possession of the vehicle. You will have to prove to the police that you genuinely didn't know you were buying a stolen car. But the police will probably take the car from you anyway. Know what information you will get from police car check.
  • Your insurance company will also scrutinize the matter to decide how much money − if any − they will pay you.
  • The investigation process can take many months since they will have to investigate various possibilities of fraud. Insurance companies must confirm someone had stolen the vehicle before offering a disbursement because insurance fraud is common in these situations. They might ask you different questions like where you bought the car and if you carried out any checks.
  • Although it is possible to get some reimbursement, there is a very good chance you might not get any money at all. None of these events seems desirable by any means, which is why you should always conduct a stolen vehicle check before buying.

Risk factors of buying a stolen vehicle

You are at risk of purchasing a stolen vehicle whenever you buy a used car directly from the owner, from any online marketplace like facebook, or even from a lesser-known dealership. Unfortunately, the selling of stolen vehicles is becoming a rising issue. Learn more about risks here.

So, unless you're buying from someone you know very well or from a recognized dealership. Know the common mistakes people do when buying a used car.

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