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With so many services available, the question is, which vehicle history check provider is offering the cheapest HPI Check in the UK? Today, we will analyse three top car history check providers and tell you which is the cheapest.

If you intend to buy a used car in the UK, you need a full car history check report that may cost you a few pounds. The report would save you from buying outstanding finance, scrapped, written-off, mileage clocked, or stolen car.

An HPI check is a service that examines a vehicle’s past, enabling used car purchasers to learn more about a car’s history before deciding to buy it. The inspection includes information about your car, providing you peace of mind and preventing any costly consequences in the future.

Which company is offering the cheapest car check in the UK?

Well, don’t think we are boasting, but we offer the cheapest vehicle check in the market. 

While the table clearly shows which company offers the cheapest HPI car check, let’s discuss each service in detail to enlighten you. 

After all, every check is different and may contain a different set of information. 

HPI Check- £19.99

With a data guarantee: £30,000

Three full checks cost – £29.97(redeemable within two years)

HPI Vehicle Check is the market’s most popular vehicle history check, mainly because the term HPI Check itself has become the standard for inspecting used vehicles, just like Google or Xerox in their respective industries. 

In reality, the HPI vehicle check is just another car history check conducted by HPI Ltd. The checks they offer are similar to what other companies and we provide. So, why spend more than double the price for the exact vehicle check the HPI offers? Now let’s go deep into details. 

RAC- £14.99

With Data Guarantee: £30,000

Basic check: £9.99

Multi-check cost: £29.97

The RAC is one of the innovators in providing motoring services such as breakdown help, insurance, and vehicle history records, among others. The report details the entire timeline and goes into greater detail about the car breakdown. Discounts on multiple checks and other add-ons are available to RAC members.

Carveto- £12.90

With Data Guarantee: £30,000

Basic check: £7.90

Cost of three checks: £38.70

Carveto is another car inspection supplier that provides similar services and data to Car Analytics but at a lower cost. They offer three checks: free with basic information, gold check, or standard check, which includes reports on stolen items, write-offs, and export details excluding finance, as well as a data guarantee. The third step is the platinum check, which includes all data checks.

The Auto Experts- £9.99

With Data Guarantee: £30,000

Car valuation: £2.99

Cost of three checks: £29.97

The Auto Experts recently joined in the race for the cheapest car history data provider. It offers similar checks with more featured information and a separate price for the car valuation. It provides other services, including insurance, warranty, inspections and options to buy or sell a car.

Car Analytics- £9.95

With a data guarantee: £30,000

Subsequent car checks @ £7.77

As we said earlier, we are the market’s alternative cheapest HPI Check provider. We also offer the most comprehensive details compared to other providers regarding benefits. Because of the reliable service and business accomplishments, we received multi awards from SME news and Global Automotive awards in 2020.

Here, we list the details you can get from our report. Starting from a free car check report that covers standard details, such as:

  • MOT status 
  • MOT History
  • Tax status
  • Vehicle age
  • Whether it has been imported/exported 

The Basic Check package includes:

  • VIN or Chassis number check
  • Plate change record
  • Scrapped record
  • Keepers’ history
  • VRM record before registration with DVLA
  • VIC inspection
  • Valuations based on estimated mileage for vehicles less than 15 years old, wherever available. 

Further things included in the comprehensive hpi check report comprising of all the basic checks in addition to:

  • Write-off details
  • Outstanding finance
  • Police stolen record
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Mileage anomalies
  • Whether there is any financial dispute over ownership marking the vehicle as high-risk.

In the primary and upgraded versions, you can even get to know the estimated running costs, economic and environmental details, performance details, mileage estimates, etc. View our sample report.

The colour scheme we use in the report highlights areas that are good to go, for information purposes only and those that need attention. 

Want to make your next car buying decision an easy one? Try Caranalytics today – all we need is the vehicle registration number. Our mission is to help car buyers make the correct decision, whether purchasing from a private seller or car dealer/dealership.


When comparing the prices and the premium details available in our report, you can analyse the uniqueness of the report. Get a free vehicle check history report or order a full report by entering your car’s registration number and finding it yourself!

The best part of our report, which our customer loves, is the text analytics that we have done from MOT history data. Our algorithm will scan through MOT advisory and failure notices and provide you with an intuitive, user-friendly report with key phrases and named entities.

Answering your questions

1.Which car check is the cheapest?

Priorities come first. We don’t just say this; we believe it. Please get to know more by taking vehicle checks with us to view the outcomes of our tests. Alternatively, you may get a premium single vehicle check for £9.95, which comes with a £ 30,000 data guarantee or a free basic report.

2.How instant are cheap HPI checks?

You see the report on the screen as soon as you make a transaction. Additionally, you will receive an email. As you will need the reference number to update your check, you should save this email for later use.

3.Can you trust an HPI check alternative 100%?

The data will, of course, only be as accurate as how it has been reported, but our internal reporting indicates that it has an accuracy of over 99.9%. In other words, the data accuracy is very rarely doubtful.

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