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Can Car History Check Disclose a Vehicle’s Hidden Past?

It, of course, does in so many ways! However, before we tell you what confidential data a car history check provides, you need to understand what it is exactly. A vehicle history check reveals everything from registration, buying, accidents, Ministry of Transport (MOT) status, tax status, thefts, insurance coverage, outstanding finance, mileage clock, and so on.

When you go to inspect the used car you like, in person, you may not know about most of these factors. So, how can you tell by seeing just the vehicle and the logbook if it was stolen, clocked, or written off? How would you know if there is outstanding finance on the car? You cannot until you run a car history check.

How to check car service history at Car Analytics?

We recently wrote a very detailed article on the Car Service History Check, which you can read here. A brief answer to this question is: our car history check does not include data on maintenance and repairs. However, our free car check does provide some insight into this. It delivers complete MOT history with advisory and failure notes (offering data on the parts, which failed or had minor problems during the test). A forgotten part means the car has not been kept well.

We advise you to ask the service booklet or digital service record from the seller to make sure that you are taking a genuine and reliable car.

How can I check my car insurance claims history?

Unfortunately, you cannot check your car insurance claims history with any car data check in the UK. We can only guide you to check the insurance status of your vehicle. Any vehicle with valid motor insurance gets an entry in Motor Insurance Database (MID). You can query askMID for this purpose.

Furthermore, you have two options to get insurance claims history. First, you can ask directly from your present motor insurance provider, or you can opt for CUE (Claims and Underwriting Exchange) Check. CUE saves data on all insurance claims made in the UK.

How to check the car category free?

It is a valid concern for all used car buyers to find out if the vehicle they are focused in has been written-off by its insurer. When an insurance firm declares a vehicle a “total loss,” they assign a category to it. We have written innumerable articles on this subject to acquaint you with different insurance write-off categories. Go through this blog to familiarise yourself with these categories.

Regrettably, no car history check reveals the car category for free because it’s a premium service. We have to query the Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register (MIAFTR) database to check the car category, and they charge us for this service. It reveals if the vehicle in question has a Category A, B, S, or N total loss.

What is my vehicle make and model?

To discover your car’s make and model, you have two options online. You either query the Driver Vehicle and Licencing Agency (DVLA) database, or you can run a car’s history for free on CarAnalytics. When you run our free car check report, you will get vehicle tax status, MOT history, last log book (V5C) issue date, car’s year of manufacture, fuel type, vehicle economic, environmental comprising fuel consumption, CO2 emission figures, performance data and a lot more.

What is my car worth?

Finding a car’s worth is vital for both buyers and sellers, but unfortunately, there is no fixed formula to know your vehicle’s value. You need to factor in car’s mileage, condition, service history, previous owners, warranty, and age to evaluate its price. If analyzing all these aspects is laborious, you can opt for our car valuation check. Our five-band valuation will cost you £1.99 and comes with lots of other car details such as the number of previous owners, number plate change history, VIN check, scrapped check, etc.

Free car history check Vs. Basic car history check Vs Full car history check

When you start your search to find car history or car service history check, you essentially have two options: free check and paid check. Caranalytics’ car history check comes in three packages: Free, Basic, and Full Car History Check. While all these are tailored to give insight into a car’s hidden past, they differ in the amount of information they provide.

Although the free check is good to get initial information about the car, you should opt for the Basic or Full review, if you are close to finalizing the deal. To compare these data history reports, please go to our price page.

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Final Words

To sum up, a car history check is your only tool to safeguard yourself from a car scam. There are so many things that a seller can hide from you, and the only way to find out the hidden past is to run CarAnalytics car check. It is affordable, starting at just £1.99, and it is 100% accurate.

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