Buying A Used Car: Step By Step Guide

So, you have decided to buy a USED car instead of a NEW during these harsh economic conditions! We say it is a wise decision, but only if you take steps in the right direction. The very first step is deciding where you want to buy the vehicle in the UK, followed by a used car check and inspection.

Where to Buy a Used Car?

There are plenty of ways to go about this, and every option comes with its pros and cons. Visit a used car dealer, a private seller, a vehicle auction showroom, or a vehicle auction site. Dealers – either franchised or independent – are the safest option if you are worried about consumer rights and want to avoid fraud. However, dealer vehicles tend to be pricier than the cars sold privately. That said, the latter does not come with the reassurance of a warranty nor give you finance and part-exchange offer. Live and Online car auctions are popular choices as well, but all these require you to check if a vehicle is taxed, have outstanding finance or mileage discrepancy, is it written off or scrapped, and so on.

Full Car History Check – What should I Check?

While it looks like you need to know a lot of things about a car before buying it, a full car history check can come handy to get complete information about the vehicle in question. It may cost you a small sum, but it is worth every penny. Typically, a full vehicle history check includes HPI finance check, insurance write-off check, police stolen check, high-risk check, mileage anomaly check, and so on. 

While knowing about each of these things can truly help you make an informed decision, you cannot just buy any car check report in the UK. It would be best if you had the most reliable and the cheapest car check in the country. Let’s discuss a few of the most critical vehicle checks you should never miss before the purchase. 

Outstanding Finance Check on Used Car

You should know that about 90% of new cars are sold on finance here in the UK, so the chances of the used car you are going to buy with outstanding finance are very high. While it is not illegal to buy a car with outstanding finance, it can put you in big trouble down the line. You can lose your vehicle even if you have paid the seller in full. How? The reason is the car is registered with the finance firm, and they have every right to repossess it. 

To avoid all the hassle, you should take our trustworthy outstanding finance check. Have some FAQs about finance check? Answers are available here!

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Check if a Vehicle has been Scrapped?

Here’s another trouble that comes with buying a used car – a scrapped vehicle! A scrapped vehicle is highly dangerous and unsafe for the road, so it is unlawful to sell a scrapped vehicle. However, some of them do slip into the market through dishonest sellers. 

The best way to check a vehicle’s scrapped status is to take our car scrap check. We source data directly from the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licencing Authority) and give you a data guarantee on our report for your peace of mind. We also inform you if the vehicle in question has been issued a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). It is the certificate the DVLA issues after a car is scrapped. There is plenty of information regarding CoD here

How do I Check the Mileage of a Used Car?

According to a report, “around 2.5 million vehicles on the UK roads have a mileage anomaly, meaning their actual mileage is different from the one that appears on the odometer.” The reason why some sellers wind back the mileage is simple; they can demand more money for the car that clocks fewer miles on the odometer. There are two ways to check the mileage of a used car.

  1. Take a free MOT history test. However, bear in mind it may not give you the latest mileage reading.
  2. Take a car mileage check. It will inform you if there is any irregularity with the mileage reading.

There you have it! Our step by step guide to buying a reliable used car. We have discussed three essential vehicle checks, all of which you can get for just £8.95 at Car Analytics. We also provide free vehicle check history that contains MOT history, and vehicle information like its age, tax status, mileage issues, among other details.

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Buying a Vehicle – Get The Cheapest and Most Reliable Used Car Check
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Buying a Vehicle – Get The Cheapest and Most Reliable Used Car Check
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