How Vehicle Value Check Helps You To Know The True Value Of A Car You Want To Buy?

Whether you are a car buyer or seller, identifying its true value gives you a massive advantage in the buying/selling process. While you may know the factors that affect the value of a vehicle, you might not be able to guess its exact value until you do some market search. A free car valuation tool is an excellent start to determine the worth of your car, but you should know its limitations.

These tools usually compare age, make, and model with the most recent market price. They may not factor in the specific trim level, mileage, options, and depreciation. We have detailed below how a free car valuation tool differs from the paid premium tool. It will allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Besides, understand that a car price check is a part of our car valuation check, which is not free. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any limitations that a free car valuation tool comes with.

Free Car Valuation vs. Premium Paid-for Valuation

There are two primary tools to check value of a car: free and paid.
  • A free vehicle value checker typically asks you your vehicle’s make, model and age, and then searches its valuation database. What you get is a price according to standard mileage and equipment. For more accurate pricing, you need to add the exact mileage, the optional equipment it has, and the specific trim level. You can only do it in a paid Car Value Checker tool.
  • A free car valuation tool also has its limitations when it comes to valuation bands. It usually offers only a two-band estimate:

Private: A free car valuation tool calculates keeping in view some- or full-service history, some or no mechanical problems, good bodywork, and a respectable amount of MoT left on the vehicle.

Dealer: The expected dealer price is low since they offer a warranty on major mechanical issues. The dealer’s cars also have no bodywork or paint issues.

On the other hand, a paid valuation tool offers you at least three estimates, including private sale price, independent dealer price, and franchise dealer price. With CarAnalytics, this gets even better as we offer a 5-band valuation i.e., the price for Dealer Forecourt, Trade Retail, Private Clean, Private Average, Part Exchange, Auction, Trade Average, and Trade Poor.

  • Apart from this, there is a big difference between the databases of both free and paid valuation tools. A premium tool “combines data from car advertisements, dealer websites, auction sites as well as takes into account ex-fleet and leasing vehicle values.” Moreover, it takes into consideration dealer transactions, depreciation costs for specific vehicles, and consumer information to get the actual selling price of different cars.

Bear in mind, just adding the exact mileage and options can affect the price of the vehicle by 30%. Therefore, if you want to sell your car at an excellent price, you better opt for the paid valuation. Set your vehicle’s value according to our estimates, and you will have no remorse.

Why CarAnalytics’ car valuation tool is better than others?

Since we are offering comprehensive car check services, we source data from a multitude of institutions and companies. It allows us to reveal all the hidden data on mileage and previous owners. Although our price appraisal data roots from the MOT mileage recorded at the time of the test, we can tell you if someone clocked the vehicle. We can also show you the complete MOT history and find the discrepancies in recorded mileage.

In other words, our vehicle evaluation service is part of an all-inclusive car history report. It not only tells you about clocking, cloning, and keepers, you will also get written-off and stolen information.

Can you do valuations for Cat ‘N’ and Cat ‘S’ cars?

A car gets Category-S when the insurer deems the repairs it needs are not worth its current market value. The vehicle can come on the road after the necessary overhaul and re-registration with the DVLA. Similar is the case with Category-N cars, which can perform driving duties after proper repairs without requiring a re-registration. Find out more about Cat S and Cat N vehicles here.

As our valuations base on the mileage and other critical factors we have discussed above, we do provide price estimates of Cat ‘N’ and Cat ‘S’ cars. However, owing to a variety of potential variables involved in evaluating written-off vehicles, the valuation might not be as accurate as we provide for non-accidental cars. A rule of thumb is the repair-worthy written-off vehicles are worth between 10% and 30% below the normal ones.

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How do we evaluate a vehicle’s price, and what our car valuation report includes?

To find out what’s my car worth, I always prefer paid valuation. Should you go for it or not depends on your choice to lose thousands of pounds (by paying more for a high-mileage car) against paying just £1.99 (our vehicle valuation service + a lot more). Yes, the vehicle valuation is that affordable with CarAnalytics.

Our partners work with top valuations and automotive firms and observe thousands of used car sales every day. Their experts research the actual selling price at different vehicle dealerships and auction sites every month to give you the fairest possible price. We also provide you with van valuations following the same rules we apply for car valuation.

Regarding what our car valuation report consists of, understand that we aim at providing you with prices from all market angles. Whether you are going to buy from a dealer forecourt, private seller, a franchised dealer, or an independent dealer, you will find out what to expect from each of them. You even get a part-exchange price if you are interested in swapping your vehicle.

All these different prices put you in a great position to haggle with the seller.

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How Vehicle Value Check Helps You To Know The True Value Of A Car You Want To Buy?
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How Vehicle Value Check Helps You To Know The True Value Of A Car You Want To Buy?
To know the worth of your vehicle, you need either a free car valuation or a premium paid-for valuation. Which one is the best car value checker? Find here!
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