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Thinking about moving from a diesel or gasoline vehicle to an electric vehicle? In the UK, there are 11.6% of new EV cars sold in the last year (2021). It is essential to be aware of a few points. For example, due to the tiny market for used electric vehicles, you may have to travel and make certain concessions to get the ideal vehicle.

The vehicle service history is the same for any car. The quality of a used car is only as good as the individual selling it to you. 

Although electric vehicles are increasingly well-specified, whether it is an electric bike or cycle that uses electricity as its fuel, you should still do vehicle check before purchasing one. There are several reasons to electrify, whether you are worried about the environment, the influence on children’s respiratory systems, or just want to save money on gasoline.

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Why should you switch to an electric car?

  • Eco-friendly to the environment
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to drive
  • Increased resale value
  • Cleaner environment
  • Tariffs for renewable energy

Regardless of the benefits, the below points should assist you in understanding the implications of owning an electric vehicle and then determining if it’s right for you.

Why are electric vehicles a good choice?

0 Emissions: 

While your car doesn’t emit any emissions while you’re driving, the mechanism that powers it still produces some emissions.

Less expensive to run: 

Over time, electric automobiles are less costly to run than gas vehicles.

Better performance:

Electric motors are quieter, create full torque at zero revolutions per minute, and quickly reach 60 mph.

Tax breaks: 

In the UK, saving money on taxes is another excellent electric car benefits. Electric vehicles are not subject to taxes.

5 best electric vehicles in the UK

We present our ranking of the most influential and economical electric vehicles (EVs) 

Porsche electric

The iconic classic charges in 36 minutes from 0% to 80% and resembles an ICE-powered car almost precisely.

There are four trim levels, with the complete spec Collection providing automated parking and wireless phone charging. The eight-year or 100,000-mile warranty may be the most amazing of all.

Model 3 Tesla

Tesla had a reputation for producing high-end new cars before the Model 3, but this model is intended to sell more units to the general public.

Similar to the Model X, the Model 3 has a slick interior and an impressive entertainment system that even supports video games (while the car is parked, of course). It is also more affordable than the Model X.

ID.3 for Volkswagen

The ID.3 will alter your perspective on Volkswagen. The company believes it will change your perspective on reasonably priced electric vehicles.

Unlike earlier battery-powered Volkswagens, this competitor is entirely new from the ground up and is priced, shaped, and designed for the heart of the family section of the expanding EV market.

EV Nissan

Nissan has improved the LEAF’s charging times and driving range since it was introduced in 2011 to provide a family vehicle that is both useful and affordable to operate.

The car has a few useful accessories and has been on the road for more than ten years. The clever e-Pedal in the Acenta trim enables drivers to initiate movement with the accelerator pedal and then accelerate, decelerate, and stop their vehicle.

Jaguar I-PACE

A high-end electric SUV is the Jaguar I-PACE known for its sporty design and impressive performance. It offers a blend of luxury and electric driving capabilities.

6 tips & bits of advice for electric vehicles buyers

Review the service history

While it’s tempting to assume that electric vehicles require less maintenance, this is still a car with wear-and-tear parts.

While electric automobiles have fewer moving parts than their internal combustion-engine counterparts, they require routine maintenance, such as brake fluid replacement and brake pad replacement. Regular servicing will also pick up any service bulletins or recalls that have been issued.

Where will you charge it?

The cheapest method of charging electric cars is overnight at home. The fastest and safest way to charge at home is to have a dedicated parking space and a charging point. You can save money on home electricity use if you get the right electricity tariff. For the safer side, keep your car charger where ever you go because nowadays, there are thousands of car charger points available in the UK (Supermarkets, car parking, hotels.

Find out if the battery is leased

Batteries leases are an affordable way to purchase an electric vehicle, and for some, they are the only way to afford an EV. These batteries lease vehicles costing £3,000-£6,000 less than battery-owned models may make them more affordable or allow you to purchase a newer vehicle still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Monthly battery hire fees are often compared to the cost of petrol or diesel. This is unfair. The battery we purchase should be compared to the cost of purchasing an EV equipped with an equivalent battery or financing this purchase. In addition, you will receive a battery warranty and roadside breakdown coverage.

Average distance you drive per day

When comparing with the normal petrol and diesel vehicles, we can find out most electric cars offer a shorter range of distances. For example, in real-world driving, a Nissan Leaf has a range of around 86 miles, the eGolf and Hyundai Ionic 120 miles, and even the best EVs range of around 220 miles. Therefore, how far you drive each day is of utmost importance.

Resale value for used electric cars

Though electric vehicles have been available for quite some time now, their resale value is still unknown, unlike the resale value of their petrol and diesel counterparts. When purchasing an EV, you should consider any likely depreciation that may occur over and above the norm.

When misfortune hits on the road and you break down, you can use a recovery service for your vehicle. Once it comes time to replace it, the number of miles it has been driven can negatively impact its resale value, and buyers may mention the cost of a replacement battery.

Check the warranty

One for the vehicle and one for the battery performance. Check the fine print here, as they are all different.

Renault, for example, offers five years of coverage on electric cars (but not the Kangoo) if the battery is owned, a max of 60,000 miles. Renault also provides a battery degradation guarantee: Whenever the battery loses more than 70% of its capacity when it is new, Renault will repair or replace it. Tesla promises an eight-year, unlimited mileage warranty but doesn’t cover depleted batteries.

Moving from a petrol or diesel vehicle need not be a life-changing decision. If you conduct a reasonable amount of research and consider the points outlined above, you will find that EV ownership is well within your grasp. According to a recent government estimate, we will have more than 10 million electric vehicles on British roads in the next ten years, growing to 36 million in the subsequent decade. As a result of the restriction on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles, EVs’ shift is inevitable. However, the government needs to do more in terms of incentives and the installation of charging stations. The right steps will persuade people to shift to electric vehicles sooner than different agencies have forecasted.

On the other hand, electric vehicle manufacturers need to offer EVs to meet different customers’ needs in all vehicle segments. They should also work towards lowering electric car prices, probably closer to the ICEs, to encourage new car buyers for EVs.

Answering your questions

Do electric vehicles need to be serviced?

Like any other car, an electric vehicle needs regular maintenance. Tyre wear and tear and a check of the tyre pressure are included in the service, along with the replacement of windscreen wipers.

Are EVs exempt from taxes?

Road tax, also referred to as Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), is determined by your car’s CO2 emissions, list price, and the year it was registered. Until April 2025, pure battery electric cars (BEVs) are immune from VED.

Can I purchase a used electric car?

Purchasing a used electric car is very similar to doing so brand-new. If you look at top sellers like the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, or Renault Zoe, you’re sure to find a variety of used electric cars at your neighbourhood dealer but get a vehicle history check to get your peace of mind.

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