Car Accident Case
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Traffic problems are not new in the US. Accidents are very common in the US due to traffic congestion.

Most car accidents are the result of negligence. If you’re a victim, contact a credible car accident attorney to handle the complicated legal process on your behalf. A lawyer ensures you get justice and fair compensation.

Here are guidelines on improving your chances of winning in a car accident case, regardless of the circumstances.

What to do immediately after an accident

Your case starts immediately after an accident occurs. Attention to detail helps you build a stronger case. If you’re not severely injured, here are things you can do to improve your winning chance in a car accident case:

Step 1: Call the police or an ambulance

The paramedics will help injured parties while the police record the participants’ statements. When making your statement, try your best to tell the full story. This information will be valuable if the case proceeds to trial.

Step 2: Record on-scene evidence

Having personal evidence helps if there are multiple at-fault parties or when going against insurance companies.

Here’s how you can collect the evidence:

  • Take pictures of the damaged vehicle(s) and injured parties (if necessary).
  • Record a video of the accident scene.
  • Get witness information. Witnesses can be pedestrians or motorists present at the time of the accident. However, ensure that they can appear in court.
  • Note the plates and insurance information for the cars involved. You can write the details down or take pictures.
  • Request dash cam footage from nearby vehicles or volunteering parties.

Step 3: Receive medical attention

Please allow medics to examine you upon their arrival. You might be suffering from a concussion or internal bleeding. Also, the medics’ observations and results can help evaluate the total compensation.

Step 4: Avoid speaking with insurance companies

The aftermath of a car accident involves long recovery and negotiation processes. At-fault parties or insurance companies can take advantage of this period to avoid a fair settlement.

Here’s how insurance companies can play foul on a victim:

  • Tricking you to alter your initial police statements.
  • Luring you to a lower settlement. The offer can be tempting if you have piling medical bills due to injuries.
  • Giving false calculations.

Step 5: Contact or hire a credible car accident attorney

Lawyers are essential in battling plaintiffs and stubborn insurance companies. They automatically make your work easier by negotiating on you behalf.

Here’s how a car accident lawyer can come in handy:

  • Collecting additional evidence. It can be from the police or third-party witnesses. For instance, they can get footage from a shop near the accident scene.
  • Lawyers help negotiate better settlement rewards and ensure compensation for all monetary and non-monetary damages. For instance, you’ll be compensated for lost wages after the accident.

Other things to avoid during a car accident case

Here are other things to avoid when desperately trying to win a car collision case in Long Island:

  • Don’t sign anything outside the court or without a lawyer.
  • Avoid posting information regarding the case. You’re also advised to take down your social media sites. Various insurance adjusters might gain access to your personal information and use irrelevant posts to build a case against you.


Following these steps helps improve your chances of success in a car accident case. The most important factor is getting a lawyer involved. They help obtain additional crucial evidence and protect you from stubborn insurance agencies.

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