How Motorbike History Check Helps Motorists?

Buying a motorbike is not very different from buying a car. According to a report, 1 in five motorcycles in the UK has some hidden history. It is why you need expert advice to tell the used bike you are going to buy is risk-free. Avail benefits from motorbike check report today!

Here are why buyers should consider bike history and what common mistakes are where buyers settle with the used bikes.

Commonly used bike threats where buyers should know

Selling/buying someone’s vehicle

You can tell there are lots of bike stolen cases registered in the UK. And, only a few return to the respective owner, whereas the remaining landing up into scrap garage or used bike selling ads.

  • The way to find the stolen bike is to check the vehicle documents to spot any missing information.
  • Secondly, check if the vehicle identification number to conclude the vehicle registration number matches it.
  • Or else, directly contact the third party sources, a bike checker.

You can find various similar services online; make sure you get it to the right site!

The result of having such a vehicle is a loss as you have to return the bike to the real owner even if police found it late. And, it only has a few chances to seek help from your insurer.

What if the bike comes from the scrapyard?

Scenarios are there where you might buy a bike that is severely damaged. When the insurer declares to scrap or put it for salvaging parts, there is no hope.

It is true that bikes also have write-off categories like cars. Before buying the car, check if the dealer tries to sell the damaged car at an attractive deal.

Don’t fall for the price, do examine the vehicle first!

Do bikes have outstanding finance deals?

Few motorists prefer to buy the motorcycle through financial deals. But selling such unsettled financed bikes is illegal, and no one wants to spend double the amount for the used bikes.

Know what the risks that come with the financed vehicle are

Did you know the bike result in the MOT test?

You should also check the MOT and tax status of a bike. Ensure the previous bike owner maintains the vehicle with the valid MOT. It is because MOT tells the bike roadworthiness and easy to locate its condition by warnings stated in the MOT certificate.

Ensure even if it is for a bike or any other vehicle, first locate its history with bike check reports and proceed to buy.

What actually buyers should avoid when buying a used bike?

Here are a few common things where most buyers try to settle the deal and fail to see what actually the deal brings.

Settling the deal without seeing the bike

Motorists become more satisfied with the deal offered online, which ends up with the bike that has no issue or with high risks. The advice is to have a look at the bike and your owner directly before signing up for the deal.

Keep your meeting during the daytime and ask more questions to confirm that the vehicle is risk-free. Just walk away from the deal when the seller says excuses for a meeting.

Nowadays, trading vehicles has become familiar in the Facebook marketplace. So, know the online scams and the ways to manage!

Sign up for the deal even the used bike exceeds your budget

Bike lovers make such mistakes due to over-excitement and think everything goes well. But later feel for the things that they failed to look at before.

It’s better to look at your preferred bike model price on different platforms like dealers, private sellers or online. Make a chart of who is offering the bike without compromising its value & condition. Then decide your seller/ bike!

Settling with a bike which is no comfort for you

The motorist is likely to buy a bike suitable for the budget, forgetting does it meet the legal standards or current trends. It can be:

  • Whether the bike is compatible with E10? Although, E5 is currently available in the UK. It’s better to check your chosen bike is compatible with E10 fuel.
  • Secondly, you have seen the ULEZ motorcycle complaint by contacting the Tfl online. You can read the complete guide about ULEZ compliance here.
  • Know actually, the bike fits you. Don’t try to adapt to the bike with the wrong size. It is uncomfortable to ride & may cause injury.

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There are various providers to offer the bike history like bike register, is it nicked. Car analytics, an alternative hpi report will help you to choose the right motorcycle with the relevant information from vehicle valuation and other write-off categories.