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Motorbike HPI Check- Get Free Motorbike History Checker

Buying a motorbike is not very different from buying a car; the purchasing process requires the same kind of care and diligence. According to a report, 1 in 5 motorcycles in the UK has some sort of hidden history. It means it may have outstanding finance, stolen/damaged past, or a secret identity. We are sure you do not want to buy a motorcycle that is stolen or has a hidden history. So, what should you do? Take a free motorbike check today!

Do not confuse yourself; either you go for a motorcycle HPI check or take our motorbike registration check, you will receive the same kind of data. However, we are a lot cheaper than our competitors.

Before we go into detail about our free motorbike check, let us explain why you need this inspection report before the purchase.

Why Should You Take Motorbike HPI Check?

Well, everything we have been explaining to you about cars is valid for the motorcycles/scooters as well. They get stolen, scrapped, written off, have outstanding finance, a mileage discrepancy, number plate changes, and other hidden details. And because motorcycles are more comfortable to steal and tampered with, you should never buy one without knowing everything about its past. Take a motorbike registration check to find everything about it.

What is Included in Our Free Motorbike Check?

Car Analytics provides the right amount of information in its free motorbike check that will enable you to shortlist your next ride. Once you do that, you should take our comprehensive history check. We will give details of both the Free and Full data history checks below, so you can decide which one is more worthy for you according to your current situation.

Free Motorbike History Check

  1. MOT status and MOT due date
  2. Motorcycle tax status
  3. Motorcycle registration date and age
  4. Recorded mileage at the time of the last MOT examination
  5. Motorcycle Make, Model, Colour, no of gears and engine size
  6. Import and Export Status of the bike
  7. Annual estimated motorcycle running cost (based on fuel cost, tax rate, and MOT rate)
  8. Motorcycle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures
  9. Motorbike’s performance data (Top speed, Power RPM, Power BHP, Power KW, and Torque).
  10. Full motorcycle MOT history comprising advisory and failure notes

As you can see, the above details are useful for making an informed decision. However, for complete peace of mind, you also need to know about:

Full Motorbike Check

  • Previous keepers
  • Number plate change history
  • Colour change in history
  • Scrapped status
  • Outstanding finance
  • Insurance write-off
  • Stolen status
  • and mileage anomaly among other things

Information about these aspects is only possible if you take our full bike checker test. It will only cost you £8.95 (the cheapest motorcycle check in the UK) for the first report and £6.99 for subsequent reports.

Is Motorbike Finance Check Valuable?

According to a study, two-thirds of all motorcycles/ scooters are bought on some kind of finance in the United Kingdom. HPI says 1 in 4 motorbikes they examine is still on finance. It shows how valuable a motorbike finance check could be to save yourself from financial fraud. Remember, if you buy a motorbike on finance (even you do not know about the outstanding loan), you will lose it to the financer.

Are Motorcycle History Checks Actually Free?

Yes and No! Some data providers do not offer motorbike history check free, while others give you lots of information at no cost. At Car Analytics, we aim at providing you as much information about your next ride for free, as we could (see above the list of data we provide as proof).

How to Check If a Bike is Stolen?

The same way you check the stolen car. Any bike that was stolen in London, Manchester, Birmingham, or any other part of the country is recorded in the Police National Computer. Another site, Bike Register, offers this information; you can try that too. If you go for our full check, you will know a bike’s stolen status along with other details we have mentioned earlier.

Where to Find My Motorcycle VIN?

Again, similar to a car’s VIN, a motorcycle VIN is a 17-digit unique identification code, which contains necessary information about the ride. It tells about the manufacturer, model year, the place where it was constructed, and so on. A motorbike VIN check is different from a car VIN check. You can find the motorbike VIN near its steering head on a metal plate, and it could be printed or carved. Once you know the VIN and plate number, you can use these details to carry out a VIN check at Car Analytics.

Final Words

Our motorbike HPI check alternative is as accurate as our car data history report. We have more than 2,300 genuine customer reviews on review.co.uk with an inclusive rating is 4.8/5; it shows how satisfied our customers are. Furthermore, all our checks come with up to £40,000 data guarantee for your peace of mind. So, do not hesitate to get our free motorbike check. After all, it is free!

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