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A leading and renowned automotive business that is based in the UK, Car Analytics provides its clients with a range of car and vehicle-related services, in addition to a completely free and the best UK vehicle check. So although ‘low cost’ or ‘economical’ might describe the price range of their services, it’s more accurate to say they are the first company of its kind, in this market, to be recognised for their entirely free vehicle data check.

Car Analytics was established in 2018, November, and has aimed from the outset to provide car data checks at the lowest possible prices, within a competitive market, to facilitate the data checking process for automotive enthusiasts. It’s completely free vehicle data check has proven incredibly popular, being the service that has received the most recognition, and in just two years the company has taken the automotive industry by storm. It has received many accolades because, with Car Analytics, the price is not a problem.

Which services does car analytics provide?

Car Analytics provides various services. The first is a free check, which includes details such as the MOT history, tax status and vehicle age. The thing to know about this service is that the price is exactly what it says in the name – it is entirely free. The free and best UK vehicle check is simple to use and gives you the best details you require in an instant. Simply enter provide your registration number to receive the free vehicle report.

The company also provides a range of other services including two other main products. As well as the basic report, which costs £1.99, the comprehensive, full history report is also an option to their clients and costs £9.95 – which is the lowest price in the UK for a single detailed check. Both of these services provide Car Analytics’ clients with the in-depth information and reports that they require for their chosen used vehicle before they take it onto UK roads.

Added to the full car history report service, returning customers to Car Analytics can benefit from further checks at the reduced price of £7.77.

The information and reports are extracted from various trusted and reliable third-party sources. What this means is that, once they have checked their vehicle, Car Analytics’ clients can drive away straight away with the peace of mind that their car is roadworthy and safe to drive.

And their instant best UK vehicle check reports are available online, which can be accessed at the click of a button, so they are available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Providing vehicle history checks and reports, however, is just one of Car Analytics’ services as, in addition to all of the expected information, they also provide their clients with eight valuations – ranging from the dealer forecourt price to the trade-in valuation. Car Analytics even provides their customers with their chosen vehicle’s mileage details from a range of reliable sources, so they can ensure that their chosen vehicle’s mileage has not been clocked.

Getting detailed advice on your next MOT is simple with Car Analytics. With Car Analytics’ MOT advisory service, no time is wasted searching and the process is hassle-free.

As a Car Analytics client, you can also browse a large selection of car parts in their inventory. So, when it comes to replacement engine parts, body and exhausts or cooling and heating parts, Car Analytics can provide exactly the best vehicle check report what you need in the UK. Car Analytics even enables you to choose from the best deals on synthetic oil and oil filter brands. They take the stress out of shopping for car parts and ensure that you don’t waste any time, making the process simple and convenient.

Basically, Car Analytics is in every way a leading, low cost, one-stop shop for all things vehicle and car related in the automotive industry – from selling a vehicle within 24 hours, to finding out your chosen vehicle’s total number of keepers.

How does car analytics compare with UK competitors?

Compared with their competitors, Car Analytics prices are literally the cheapest and most reliable in the UK.

With its free vehicle history check, Car Analytics greatly stands apart from its competitors and it is the first company in the market to provide this service at exactly no cost to its clients.

But the advantages of Car Analytics’ services don’t stop there, as clients can even reap the benefits of a discounted price for further/multiple checks. This provides a convenient, economical alternative that significantly undercuts the prices of competitors such as HPI checks!

The take-home point is that, with Car Analytics, getting the information you need is simple and you needn’t worry about the price.

Which services can I use as a car dealer or trader?

Car Analytics’ comprehensive range of services also enables car dealers to make use of their specialised multi-check services with up to 75% off the retail price, and they offer subscription plans to their car trader clients along with the latest market insights that are highly cost-effective.

The subscription plans at Car Analytics, for instance, include a range of options, with their Silver and Gold plans costing £100 and £200 respectively. These options work out to be cheaper than the more gradual top-up method overall.

If you are a car trader, Car Analytics has you covered when it comes to your trade. They can help you avoid fraudsters if you are about to purchase a used car and will enable you to determine if the vehicle has outstanding finance, a mileage discrepancy, an insurance write-off, or a number plate change and many more potential red flags. Using their comprehensive and best vehicle check report service gives you all of these details, instantly in the UK.

Essentially, making use of a Best Trade Vehicle Check Report from Car Analytics UK will provide you with in excess of 50 assessments and, as a vehicle trader, you can access three different types of report – the basic report, the full report and a finance upgrade. Check the sample report!

Dealers can also make use of Car Analytics’ separate login, which makes managing their range of services easier and more straightforward.

What are the staff values and Team culture at car analytics?

Car Analytics recognises, as do their customers, that purchasing a car is a high-value investment and that the need to research the vehicle beforehand is, if not fundamental, a required step to take. This is precisely why Car Analytics values doing business in the UK and provides its users with their chosen vehicle’s data via the latest technologies to make the process easier.

Lying at the heart of their company values is Car Analytics’ aim to be customer-centric, to always prioritise their consumers and to put their clients’ needs first. Car Analytics have always endeavoured to understand their clients’ requirements and will continue to understand exactly what their customers need, to assist them in the best way possible and to use a close personal touch in order to provide the highest level of customer service. They connect with their clients on a day to day basis and set themselves a high benchmark when it comes to customer satisfaction. These are the values that the staff at Car Analytics will always stand for.

It is their dynamic team culture and inclusion of a range of cultural backgrounds within their firm that also helps Car Analytics to provide the optimum level of customer service and attention to detail to their clients. Not only does Car Analytics guarantee that their staff are equipped with the required skills, but they also ensure that they are nurtured and that they will always achieve their true potential within their organisation. The Car Analytics team, therefore, is skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the job, which facilitates the process of providing you with the best possible customer service.

Their Corporate Social Responsibility is a cornerstone to their team culture and company values as well. At Car Analytics, one of their top priorities is to donate some of their profits to support those in need. From causes such as global warming awareness to events including supporting the elderly, Car Analytics actively involves itself in the community.

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The resilience of car analytics during the pandemic

Car Analytics has remained resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, where other UK businesses have been hit hard economically by the pandemic, Car Analytics has thrived and even progressed. With an average of 300,000 monthly visitors, over 1.6 million-page impressions and having been rated 4.8/5 from in excess of 3000+ genuine customer reviews, Car Analytics have emerged as a truly renowned best vehicle check company in the UK. Their services have gone from strength to strength and, not only have they been placed in the ‘excellent’ category, Car Analytics has been ranked amongst the top five vehicle history checking websites in the UK.

They have noted, for instance, that their services have been solicited on a larger scale within the spring and summer months of 2020, between April and June, with their used vehicle report seeing an increase in its usage. Car Analytics has also noticed that their sales have in fact doubled due to the pandemic. It was, in the light of the pandemic that they reduced the price of their full data history check from £9.99 to £9.95, and their flexibility, customer service and adaptability have all proven to be winning qualities that have impacted positively on the reliability and success of the company.

When compared with their competitors, Car Analytics has remained consistent and resilient in terms of its growth and, in spite of some of the potential challenges that have come their way, they still remain the top choice and best possible option for their clients. This is because Car Analytics offer vehicle and car convenience services in abundance.

In addition, the company has also been featured on the Auto Express UK website and recently achieved the accolade of being among the best car checking websites in 2020. They have been ranked within the top four, consistently providing their clients with a fresh, modern alternative, and have beaten their other competitors due to their unique and contemporary approach to the vehicle checking industry.

An even more notable accomplishment, however, is that Car Analytics has even received the best UK vehicle history checking service award in 2020 from the Small and Medium Enterprise News, which validated their hard work and epitomises everything that they have been diligently working towards over the past two years.

Which plans are in the pipeline for car analytics?

In addition to streamlining their customer service and keeping their clients informed of their services with a range of advanced knowledge base posts and articles, Car Analytics aims to increase the amount of information that their reports contain. As a Car Analytics customer, you will soon be able to get those added tips and pieces of information that are currently not accessible. These changes are in the pipeline, so watch this space.

At Car Analytics, they are constantly aiming to grow, to get bigger and to get better. Part of this means that the company will also be expanding their accessibility in the future to accommodate its many clients overseas in the Middle East and in Europe.

The Car Analytics dealer portal is also undergoing a revamp, as they aim to streamline the user experience and ensure that their auto-dealers can navigate and use the portal in a simple, effective and straightforward way. Car Analytics will be enhancing the dashboard view of the portal to make their work simpler. Keep an eye out for these changes that will take place soon.

But this is not all. Car Analytics even intend to alter the plan and pricing structure that is currently available to their dealer clients because, in addition to the lowest and best vehicle check in the UK, Car Analytics will be offering them the lowest possible price for a multi-check too.

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More than just an incredibly successful data check website

In just two years, Car Analytics has become an exceptionally successful, leading low-cost vehicle history checking website, but it is more than that. It is a business that facilitates the used vehicle history check process for the best and, at the same time, provides millions of users with peace of mind and confidence that their next vehicle is sound and drivable. Car Analytics is not just a website that provides vehicle history check reports, it offers a comprehensive range of vehicle services to its clients and it is constantly growing.

Car Analytics is the best vehicle history checking service in 2020 because of its staff, its work ethic and its competitive pricing strategy. Considering that it has been described as ‘The most reliable and cheapest car check in the UK’ and that it is a cheaper and comprehensive alternative to the UK’s HPI checks, it is a company that is only going to get bigger.

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