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Check Previous Vehicle Owners

It is essential to check the number of previous owners whilst buying a used car. We can check accurate information of the car by having an entire history of the car owner. For example, if a car is serviced in three areas of the UK, then it is likely that the car had around 3 keepers previously. A lesser number of previous owners mean that the value of the car will be high.

We at Car Analytics also provide a free car owner check for your ease that would be limited in information. If you want a detailed analysis, check our premium access vehicle owner report.

Usually it is best to buy cars with a less number of keepers. We might not be aware of the physical condition of the car where it has been passed through many owners. Not every driver considers car quality and maintenance.

What Is a Car’s Previous Owner History and Why Is It Important?

A car’s Previous Owner History tells you how many owners the vehicle has had until now. Knowing the previous keeper’s history is very useful before purchasing a second-hand car. Buying a used car is a gamble because the vehicle will almost always come with a history. According to a report, one-third of the UK’s used vehicles on sale have some sort of negative history. With a reliable data check, you will find out how many keepers a vehicle previously had and also get insight into the vehicle’s past. That is why we advise conducting a previous owner history check before opting for a used car. On the other hand, previous owner history is also important if you’re selling a car because it will affect the sale price. The greater the number of previous keepers, the less attractive it will appear to buyers.

What can a previous owner history check reveal?

A previous owner history check mainly reveals whether the previous owner details given in the DVLA’s V5C logbook are accurate or not. Before buying any used car, you should confirm that the logbook’s details match those provided by a Previous Owner History Check. It will reassure you that the deal is 100% honest and you can proceed with confidence. On the other hand, if the two sets of information do not match, it is a huge red flag. We advise you to walk away from the deal.

Verifying a car’s exact number of previous owners can also help reveal other possible concerns. A check that shows the vehicle has had several owners within a short timespan may indicate an unreliable vehicle. Continuous changes in ownership might mean the car has significant issues, so buying it can be risky. However, we should also see the other side of the picture. Suppose a four-year-old car has previously had three total owners, meaning the vehicle had a new keeper every year. Although it initially may seem like a lot, yearly owner changes are not uncommon and should not be a concern for you.

A previous owner history check can be useful for getting maintenance records as well. You can contact an old owner if you experience issues linked to their ownership.

How Does A Previous Owner History Check Work?

A previous owner history check fetches up-to-date, reliable vehicle data from the DVLA relating to the car’s owner history. When you conduct the check, you’ll receive the results in the form of a report to verify whether the information matches the details provided by the seller.

How Does Previous Owner History Affect Car Valuation?

A lower number of previous owners means a higher valuation. While purchasing a vehicle, find the one that has the least number of previous owners. A car can easily have one to three past owners within ten years. Similarly, if you’re selling, you can earn maximum from the deal if you happen to be the first owner of the vehicle.

How Can I Check the Number of Previous Owners?

There are a few ways you can check the number of previous owners for any used car, starting with going through the logbook (V5C). It should contain previous owner details including information about the current registered owner as well. If the logbook does not show a complete history, you can conduct a quick search through the vehicle’s service records or invoices.

The most reliable way to check a car’s previous owner number is to order a vehicle history check. The check will include different details about the car along with the Previous Owner History. You can also contact the DVLA and get vehicle history information directly from them, given that you have a legitimate reason.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Previous Car Owners?

There isn’t really a limit to the number of previous owners since it largely depends on the age of a car. A 25-year-old classic vehicle might have had many previous owners while a three-year-old car might have had just one. However, a classic or collector car may not lose much value by having multiple previous owners. On the other hand, if you’re purchasing a regular used car, you would want the least number of previous owners as possible. So, even though there is no such thing as “too many” previous owners, it mainly depends on the type of value a car has for a buyer. With people keeping their vehicles for less time than before these days, we are witnessing a decrease in the average car ownership period. The standard ownership term falls just below three years, and you can expect the average keeper count to keep increasing over time.

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