Get BMW Service History Check at Car Analytics

If you have considered buying a BMW to benefit from its performance, safety, technology, and comfort, you will find it worth every penny. But wait! You cannot buy any BMW listed on a classified site or at a dealer forecourt. You need to make sure it is structurally and mechanically sound with complete service history and is not stolen, written-off, clocked, or scrapped. We are writing this guide to explain everything about the BMW service history check because we get many queries regarding BMW service history lookup.

Can I check BMW service history online?

Yes and No. All the new BMW cars now have a computerized maintenance record. If you are the owner of the BMW and all repair and warranty work is done at official BMW dealerships, you can get BMW maintenance records by VIN. It means you need to provide the dealership with the vehicle identification number, and they will be able to download the xerox of your service history to present you. Bear in mind; you cannot directly access the service history online.

However, the process will not be easy if you do not own the vehicle. The dealerships may or may not entertain you. On the other hand, a BMW service history check online will not be fruitful if the car has not been fully maintained at authorized dealerships. In this case, you have to dig a little deeper to check the car service history.

How do I check my BMW service history?

There are essentially two ways to follow for the BMW service history check:

First Way: Take a look at the BMW’s owner manual and find the maintenance record section. Although this was previously the only way to find car service history, now that most records are digitalized, mechanics do not spare time to fill out the manual. If you find nothing on the owner’s manual, try the second method.

Second Way: Visit the BMW service department, give them the vehicle identification number (VIN), and they will fetch the service records done at authorized BMW workshops. You may be able to get the BMW electronic service history check over the phone if you have acquaintance with the service adviser. If not, it is better to visit the workshop to get the printout of the service history.

How to check BMW service history iDrive?

If you are buying a second-hand BMW car, you should make sure the iDrive system is working properly. It is BMW’s in-car control and infotainment system, which can cost you a small fortune in replacement and repairs. Older variants of iDrive did have issues of screens going blank and the sat-nav not working appropriately.

Again, if you like to check the iDrive service history, you need to contact the approved BMW dealership. However, if the BMW dealer does not make the iDrive repair, you will not be able to trace its problematic past. As a buyer, you should demand the seller for a complete service history record to find out if iDrive has a repair record.

How to find a BMW vehicle’s maintenance history?

BMW maintains each vehicle’s maintenance history in a centralized online database. If the official dealer or its franchise maintains the BMW car you are purchasing, you can contact them for a BMW service history check report.

On the other hand, if independent mechanics or dealers do the vehicle repairs, you can still request the seller for records. If he does not have it, you should contact the garages that repaired the vehicle. Independent garages can also update BMW service records using the necessary diagnostic software and pay to BMW each time they add a record.

What about buying a vehicle with no service history?

Used vehicle buyers would know that most sellers may not have full-service history records. It does not make them culprits, and it is not a red flag either. The BMW owner may have maintained the car well without keeping the records, or they may have lost the service receipts during a move. That said, the records still exist, and you can have them by contacting the official dealership or franchise.

However, you cannot oppose the fact that a car without a service history is a high risk. It may save you money in the purchase, but you should be ready for unforeseen mechanical failures and sudden massive repair bills. Often, one issue in the vehicle creates another, so for this reason, we advise you to always buy from a good seller.

A good seller is one who maintains all the records and never overrun the service intervals. Find out if the owner is a noble or poor seller by taking our free BMW service history check (free MOT test results).

After comparing the price, location, reviews, ratings, and additional services, you can book your MOT and next service for your BMW. Enter your vehicle registration number and postcode & get instant deals.

Is there anything like a ‘Full-Service History Check‘?

Sorry, there is no such thing as a full-service history check in the UK. This record is either maintained by the owner or by its leading dealership. However, you can get MOT data with us. Just give us your vehicle’s reg number, and we will tell you how the car performed in the MOT test. The results show both advisory and failure notes that provide helpful insight into repairs carried out on the vehicle. You would also find out about the vehicle’s insurance and road tax status along with the MOT expiry date.

How much can you save by dealing with a car without full-service history?

While there is no fixed formula to how much you can save on a BMW with partial service history, some experts believe you pay around 23% less on the car without a full-service account. However, it could be different for different vehicles depending on the present car supply and demand, the make of the vehicle, and if it’s still in warranty.

On the other hand, the buyers of performance vehicles like the BMW M cars might not pay the amount the seller asks for if the car does not have a full-service record. An expert from Cap HPI says, “In a normal period, the cost of no service history is about £500 on a £10,000 car.” Whatever is the case, you should be ready to haggle with the seller if it does not have a full-service record. It may save you thousands of pounds.

Final Words

To get information regarding the BMW service history check at Car Analytics, we suggest you take our free car check. Provide us with your vehicle’s registration number, and we will send you full MOT history with advisory and failure comments (offering details on the car components, which stopped working or had slight issues during the test). It will give you a quality idea of how well maintained the car is. A BMW with lots of failures and advisory notices may not be a good bargain.

We recommend you ask the seller for service history as well as run our MOT check to cross-check the discrepancies. For example, if the car has a major repair done in the past and went for an MOT soon after, the repaired part must not fail during the test. Run as many checks as you can to avoid buying a complete dud.