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Number Plate & Car Registration Check

People tend to change plate numbers according to their own wish and will, but this may end up in covering some major issues of the vehicle. It is always fundamental to know a number plate check, to uncover the history of plate change and cross check with the seller. If the seller states the plate change, it means that there is no issue. But if it is not informed to you, then you should start rethinking about buying that used car.

Always ensure the quality of your purchase with our DVLA Car Reg check at Car Analytics. We ensure the data provided to you is updated.

If you have bought a vehicle without proper previous plate change history, there are chances that you may end up losing the vehicle and the money; if the outstanding finance is not handled properly.

What Is Number Plate Change History?

A car’s number plate change history gives you information about any previous license plate changes. Knowing this information can be very useful while buying a used car. Unless you conduct a thorough background check, you can’t be sure how many previous owners the car has had. Any of those owners might have decided to get the vehicle’s license plate changed. Whether it’s a personalized plate number or just another random registration number, people can choose to get a number plate change at their will.

What Are Common Reasons for A Number Plate Change?

Changing a car’s number plate might simply mean the owner wanted a more personalized vehicle. On the other hand, it can also mean they were trying to hide something. It’s more common for a license plate change to be completely honest. In 2012, the DVLA earned £67 million from selling personalized license plate numbers. People also give number plate gifts to their friends and family. However, it doesn’t mean that a number plate change will always be innocent − you can’t rule out the possibility of fraud. A dishonest person could have ordered a registration plate change to hide a variety of issues. Sellers can use a plate change to conceal a car’s true identity; for example, trying to get away with a stolen car.

When opting for a used car, you can expect to find the vehicle has gone through at least one license plate change. Since there can be multiple reasons behind a number plate change, it’s always a good idea to get a Number Plate History Check. It will allow you to proceed with your purchase more carefully.

What Does A Number Plate Check Show?

A Number Plate Check provides you a report and it describes the total number of Car Number Plate Changes. Usually, the report highlights the number plate changes, so you can easily interpret the information. If a car does not bear any plate change, the report might indicate it by highlighting it with another color. A car with a ‘zero’ number plate change history would be the best for you to consider. It means that the car is very safe to buy.

Where Can I Get A Number Plate Check?

You can order a number plate check directly from the DVLA or through a private car data check. Often, a number plate check is part of various other vehicle data checks. For example, the package can include outstanding finance information, written off data, or if the car has been reported stolen. You can also opt for an individual number plate check depending on your requirements. Either way, after conducting the check, you’ll get an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive report featuring number plate history details. Some Number Plate CheckServices also guarantee completely accurate information, and provide insurance in the event you receive inaccurate details.

What Is the Benefit of a Number Plate Check?

The biggest benefit you get from a number plate check is that you can avoid any shady business when buying a used car. It’s not uncommon for sellers to try to scam you, so the check is the best way to dodge a risky deal. People can try to hide a car’s true identity by changing its number plate. The car could be stolen or have issues regarding outstanding finance. A number plate check normally uses a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), or chassis number, and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), and cross-checks it with the vehicle’s official details. The check obtains these crucial vehicle details from the DVLA and matches the two sets of data to ensure they correlate with each other. A plate check, of course, examines the car’s previous number plate information in any case. If there are any discrepancies, they’ll show up right away and it will help uncover any information the owner tried to conceal. Therefore, a number plate check can help you make a more informed purchase and save you from buying an unsafe car. Get it done from the best vehicle history check company in the UK

Are There Any Risks of Buying A Car Without Getting A Number Plate Check?

If you buy a car without getting a number plate check, and it turns out to have legal issues, it can put you under considerable danger. Accidentally purchasing a written off or stolen vehicle, or one with outstanding finance problems can put you at risk of losing the vehicle. The police will eventually repossess the stolen vehicle, while outstanding finance matters can also cause you to lose your vehicle along with the money you paid for it. When purchasing a used car, you can never be sure if the seller is 100% honest with you, so it’s always better to get a vehicle data check.

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