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In comprehensive vehicle information, conducting a thorough number plate check is imperative for various reasons, from ensuring a car's legality to uncovering its history. At Caranalytics, we understand the significance of this process. We are committed to providing you with the most detailed and accurate vehicle licence plate check report in the UK for free.

What does a number plate check report tell you?

Performing a car number plate check, also known as a reg check, provides you with important information about the vehicle. This includes details such as the date of the previous number plate change, the tax status of the vehicle, its MOT (Ministry of Transport) history, financing information, the number of previous owners as indicated in the V5C log book, whether the vehicle is reported as stolen, and other relevant data.

You can easily verify the authenticity of the last and current registration plates and compare them with the logbook to avoid purchasing a fraudulent vehicle.

Why is obtaining a number plate search report critical?

A number plate search report can unveil crucial information about a vehicle, especially when it comes to plate changes. Here are some key insights it can provide:

  • Ownership Changes: If a vehicle is sold, the owner of the number plate might personalise it, indicating a change in ownership.
  • Security Concerns: Checking for plate changes helps identify if the registration plate is cloned for criminal activities such as fuel theft or use as a getaway car.
  • Legal Implications: Some individuals change plates to evade speeding tickets, parking fines, tolls, and congestion charges.

Checking the number plate change with a car history check before purchasing the vehicle is crucial. It is because there may be outstanding finance on the car, which could result in the car being seized by the lender. Car tax & MOT history are directly sourced from DVLA with 20+ fields of data about the vehicle, that includes car owners check and free car history check.

Additionally, the reg check will also flag up any incorrect or invalid vehicle registration plate, which could lead you to pay a penalty if the police stop the vehicle.

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