What is a number plate change history check?

Getting a car number plate check gives you information about any previous number plate changes. Knowing this information can be beneficial when buying a used car. Unless you conduct a thorough background check, you can't determine how many previous owners the car has had.

Why do you need to check the number plate change history?

While some people tend to change number plates to hide the vehicle's true identity, such as stolen, outstanding finance, insurance write-off etc., rely on its demerits. Therefore, it is mandatory to run a car registration number check to uncover the history of plate change and crosscheck with the sellers and dealers.

Our most comprehensive car registration checks identify one number plate change, including VRM changed date. If you happen to see a number plate change in our car checking service and the seller fails to notify you about it, you have all the reasons to doubt the seller.

Can I fully depend on Registration Check to know the car history?

Yes, you can totally rely on our full car reg check. While you intend to buy a used car, it is mandatory to check the complete history of a vehicle. We promise our customers that you can completely rely on our report and information acquired from reliable resources.

What Are The Reasons for Changing a Car's Registration Details?

There could be multiple reasons for a number plate change in the UK.

Legal Reasons

  • The owner wants a more personalized plate number or changes it to a private plate they own previously.
  • People also give number plates as a gift to their beloveds, so changing plates is expected in the UK.

Illegal Reasons

The fact remains that number plate changes are not always innocent, and you cannot exclude malicious intent.

  • A dodgy person could have ordered a number plate change to cover various issues such as trying to escape with a stolen car or hiding its outstanding finance or write-off category.
  • They might have cloned the number plate to carry out criminal activities such as fuel theft or use it as a getaway car.
  • Some people do it to dodge speeding tickets, parking fines, toll, and congestion charges.

Since there are multiple reasons behind changing the number plate, it's always good to get a number plate history check in the UK. You will be able to make a more informed purchase.

What Does A Car Registration Plate Check Reveal?

Our car number plate check provides you with the following information:

  • Number plate change, including the VRM it switched with and the date replaced.
  • Total number of previous keepers.
  • Colour change history.
  • Car's scrapped status, data sourced from the DVLA database.
  • Tell you if the vehicle is registered previously in Northern Ireland.
  • Check a vehicle registration certificate's (V5C) issuance against a stolen or cloned car, taking the identity of a destroyed or scrapped vehicle.
  • It tells you if the vehicle's VIN matches the information held by the DVLA.
  • Car valuation price includes a dealer forecourt value, the trade-in price and private sale price.
  • Reveals the import status of the vehicle.

How do I get a number plate check?

Just enter your number plate in the search field at the top of the page and tap the 'Check your vehicle' button. You will receive the information as mentioned above by just paying £1.99. To find out the Police stolen status, pending finance on the vehicle, and other critical details, go for an £9.95 Full Check. Compare the prices here.

The DVLA allows you to run a number plate check, but that will not reveal to you the vehicle's hidden past, such as its stolen history, outstanding finance issues, write-off status, etc. For complete peace of mind, run a full number plate check with Car Analytics.

What are the benefits of a vehicle registration check?

  • The most significant benefit of a registration plate check is avoiding any shady business when purchasing a used car. It's common for sellers to scam you, so the reg check service is the best way to dodge a risky deal.
  • Some people try to hide a car's true identity by changing its registration number. The plate check can quickly identify it.
  • Crosscheck the details you get from us with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine number, and the Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) to find discrepancies.
  • A plate check delves the vehicle's previous number plate details in any case. If there are any differences, they'll show up instantly, and it will reveal any information if the owner tries to hide it.

Therefore, a vehicle registration number check can help you make a more informed purchase and save you from buying an unsafe car. Get it from the best vehicle history check company in the UK.

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