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Experience our free car check with the UK's most extensive car database, providing information on 20+ data points for vehicles across the UK and Northern Ireland. Obtain a detailed vehicle history check for comprehensive insights.

What’s included in our free car check report?

Our unlimited free car check report includes 20+ data points. It covers the following:

  • MOT status and MOT due date from DVSA.
  • Vehicle tax status from VED.
  • The date the vehicle was first registered & its age.
  • Mileage Timeline - Discover how many miles a car has driven since its most recent mileage reading. Also the mileage issues like any discrepancies during the MOT test will also be provided in our free report.
  • Basic vehicle details that include car make model, fuel type, vehicle color, no. of doors, no. of seats, no. of gears and engine size.
  • Vehicle economic and environmental details (this includes fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures).
  • Technical specifications and vehicle performance data (such as top speed, power RPM, power BHP, power KW and torque).
  • Complete vehicle MOT history, including advisory and failure notices.

We offer the most comprehensive free car check to help used car buyers. With our detailed vehicle checks, everything is noticed.

What's covered in a premium car history check?

Experience full vehicle history reports with our comprehensive and low-cost car check service in the UK. Our complete car history report empowers you to make informed decisions when purchasing your next used car. From basic checks to crucial assessments, our thorough vehicle check covers every aspect, ensuring a complete evaluation of the vehicle's history.

The DVLA charges you nothing to check if a vehicle is taxed. You can do it through the Govt. Website or at Car Analytics. Both checks will offer the same information since we source details straight from the DVLA. If your car is not taxed, you can tax it online.

Ensuring Legal Compliance with Car Checks

To guarantee your vehicle's legal roadworthiness in the UK, it should adhere to the following standards:

  • Up-to-date vehicle tax
  • Active MOT certification
  • Car insurance covering a minimum of third-party damage

Stay compliant with these legal mandates using our free DVLA car check services. This allows you to tap into the data maintained by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

Input your vehicle's registration number.

For a detailed car history check on the MOT status, utilize our MOT check service.

To ascertain if your vehicle possesses valid insurance, consult the askMID Website.

How to use our free vehicle data checks?

Input your vehicle registration number (VRM) and click "Check Vehicle" to access fundamental vehicle data. Our free checks encompass import/export verification, MOT status, Tax (VED status), and more. Opt for our Premium report for comprehensive insights and ultimate peace of mind.

Caranalytics has been in the market for more than 4 years and is committed to revolutionising the industry. We offer extensive information through our free checks and recommend upgrading to a full report; we provide the most cost-effective option, starting at just £1.99 for the primary check and £4.99 for the full report. Compare our offerings with competitors to see the value we bring.

At its core, a car history check typically reveals details such as the make and model. While acquiring this information from the DVLA or Experian usually incurs costs for providers, we at Caranalytics go beyond. Our Premium reports deliver more comprehensive data than other providers at a lower cost, challenging the traditional notion of a "free" car check.

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