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Why Use Our Free Car Check Tool?

One good reason to use our free car check tool is the amount of information you get on just a single click and that too without paying any penny. However, that should not be the primary reason for you to use it.

Consider this: studies show that over half of used vehicles in the UK have a hidden history. Would you like to buy a car that did not pass the MOT test, have a mileage discrepancy, or is untaxed and uninsured? We are sure you do not! Get our vehicle history check to find about these issues and a lot more.

We offer most comprehensive free car data available in the market to help car buyers. Over one million checks performed.

What is Included in Our Free Car History Check?

Our free vehicle history check includes the following:

  1. MOT status and MOT due date.
  2. Vehicle tax status.
  3. The date vehicle was first registered & vehicle age.
  4. Odometer reading (mileage) at the time of the recent MOT test.
  5. Basic vehicle details such as Make, Model, Fuel Type, Vehicle Colour, No of doors, no of seats, no of gears and engine size.
  6. Total estimated vehicle running cost per annum (based on fuel cost, tax rate and MOT rate).
  7. Vehicle economic and environmental details (this includes fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures).
  8. Vehicle performance data (such as: Top speed, Power RPM, Power BHP, Power KW and Torque).
  9. Full vehicle MOT history including advisory and failure notices.

Free Car Check Data- How to Use Our Free Vehicle Data Check?

By using our free reg check you can make sure your details match information the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) holds about a vehicle.

Check any vehicles registered in England and Wales and Northern Ireland.

What does Car Analytics® full car history check tell you about the car?

Our free car check is great for short listing your next car, but we strongly recommend upgrading to full vehicle history check if you are close to buying one.

Our full car history check instantly reveals all key information and help you to make informed decision.

Critical car data checks

  1. Check if the car is on finance (outstanding finance).
  2. Check if a car has been in an accident.
  3. Check if a car has been reported as stolen in the police nation computer.
  4. Check if a car has been flagged as ‘High-risk’ vehicle (often related to a financial dispute over vehicle ownership).
  5. Check if there is an inconsistency with a mileage reading on premium mileage history sources).

Important car data checks

  1. Check number of previous owners (vehicle owner check).
  2. See number plate change history.
  3. See colour change history.
  4. Check whether or not the vehicle has been scrapped.
  5. Check vehicle identification number (VIN match check).
  6. Engine number recorded by DVLA.
  7. 8 price band vehicle valuation (Check detailed 8 band vehicle valuation: Dealer forecourt, trade retail, private clean, private average, part exchange, auction, trade average and trade poor).
Your questions, answered here.

These are our top 4 FAQs, click below to check the full list of FAQs.

Unfortunately, you cannot! We can only offer data that we get for free or that our internal/partner tools generate. You have to pay to receive information on outstanding finance, insurance write-off, etc. because they are third-party paid services.

The free data we provide we either get them for free from different UK agencies or that come from our own/partners developed systems. The paid car check is our premium service, and we have to charge you because we have to pay to third parties like Experian, The Police National Computer, MIAFTR (The Motor Insurance Fraud and Theft Register), etc.

Our free car check report is just a click away. Just give your car registration number at any time of the day and get the history report instantly. If you have paid for the report and do not receive it, please get in touch with us at, and our support team will forward it to you. In case you get a Report error, we will refund your money in a few hours.

Absolutely! We can check any vehicles registered in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. We even can provide a report of a SORN or uninsured/untaxed vehicle.

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