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Car Analytics Van Checks: Accurate, Reliable and Economical

If you are about to purchase a van, it’s important to consider the many variables and details that are involved in the process compared with purchasing a car or motorbike. These variables, including aspects such as the internal and external damage, the condition of the tyres, the potential for rust and the weight of the van, are all factors that shouldn’t be overlooked when buying a van. Just as with a car, some elements require checking and inspecting, but how can you ensure that the van you are purchasing doesn’t have any other defects? This is exactly where Car Analytics’ fast and simple van check is essential. With our range of economical and accurate alternatives to van HPI checks, you will instantly get the peace of mind that your chosen van is in good condition by checking the van’s history.

Why is a Van Check Necessary?

In relation to the importance of checking a van’s history, the range of problematic variables can be detected instantly, and these hidden details are elements that you should be looking to used van buying guides to expose as soon as possible before you make your purchase and drive away. Among many other aspects, a full van check will reveal hidden factors associated with the van such as the accuracy of the mileage, whether or not the van has outstanding finance, the stolen status of the van and whether or not the van has been declared a write off.

Although we all might wish that purchasing a van was simpler, it goes without saying that without carrying out a van check beforehand or checking a van’s history, you could end up being out of pocket having unknowingly purchased a stolen van. And because there are additional factors linked with buying a van, compared with buying a car or a motorbike, it’s important to have an in-depth knowledge of your potential van. A full van check is, therefore, the most straightforward way to guarantee that there are no concealed details when you purchase it, so making use of our alternative van HPI check is an important step to take.

When Should I Carry Out a Van Check?

Checking a van’s history before you purchase your van is, therefore, a prerequisite for various reasons. Leaving it too late can mean the difference between the peace of mind that your van runs smoothly and driving away with hidden issues, such as discovering that it has outstanding finance or is registered stolen. A van check carried out before the purchase helps you to ensure that it is sound and suitable for the road and that it has no past issues.

There is a range of advantages to carrying out a van check and Car Analytics’ selection of services ensure that you can instantly and easily check all the details that you require.

How Can I Get a Free Van Check in the UK?

To check a van’s history, including some of the data that you need for your next used van, making use of the UK government website is one option through which you can receive a free van check, and you need to enter the registration number. But for more details, and a more thorough check, using the Car Analytics free van check tool is a great alternative that will provide you with the information you require.

Checking a van’s history with a cheaper alternative to the van HPI check is useful and shouldn’t be overlooked when purchasing a used van.

How Do I Use Car Analytics’ Free Van Check?

Purchasing a van needn’t be a minefield when it comes to the additional factors that you should consider. Car Analytics’ free van check streamlines the process of gathering the required data. It also might be useful to know that checking a van’s history can be carried out online.

Carrying out your free van check with Car Analytics is simple. You will require the registration number of your chosen van and once you have it, simply enter the number into the search option on our website. You will receive your van check report instantly. There is a range of data available from our free van history report, and it is an effective tool to reveal the details of your chosen van.

What Information is Provided in the Free Van Check?

The free van check by Car Analytics provides a selection of details and data related to your next used van. The range of information and data you receive when you check a van’s history include the MOT status and due date, the tax status, the age of the van and the van’s mileage. You will even receive details including the make, model, fuel type, color and number of doors, in addition to the van’s performance figures, the yearly running cost and the environmental information. Our free van checks are very comprehensive!

While making use of our free van check is a good option and provides you with a huge amount of information, if you have decided that you want to make the purchase, a more detailed check should be carried out to receive more details. This is where our basic van check comes in, which enables you to find out some important details and check a van’s history.

Which Checks Are Included in the Basic Van Check?

So, with our basic van check, which is a cheaper version to the van HPI check, you will receive a larger amount of data on your chosen van in comparison to the free check. In addition to all the information you get with our free van check, which includes the MOT status and details on the make and model, our basic van check will enable you to find out whether or not the van has a history of color change among other details. The basic van history check also includes other facts about your chosen van, including the answers to the following questions.

How Can I Find Out Van’s Number of Previous Owners?

One of the most frequently asked questions when purchasing a van relates to the number of previous owners it has had. Although finding out the personal details of the previous owners is not possible, if you are curious to find out, getting the figures on how many previous owners your chosen van has can be easily discovered through Car Analytics’ basic van check.

How Can I Find Out if a Van Has a History of Number Plate Changes?

As mentioned, the extensive checks you receive with our basic van check are numerous and exist to make your next used van purchase easier. Included in the basic check, you will even be informed whether or not the van has a history of number plate changes. With our cheaper version of the van reg check, you will also be able to find out the date that the van’s number plate has been changed.

Is it Possible to Know a Van’s Scrapped Status?

By carrying out a basic van check, not only will you receive the total number of previous owners and its history of number plate changes, it is possible to know the van’s scrapped status. Our basic van check is a reliable and effective way to find out if the van has been scrapped in the past but, for some reason, has crept back into the market. Being aware of the scrapped status gives you the advantage of widening your options when it comes to purchasing your next used van.

For more comprehensive details on your chosen van, making use of our full van check will suit your needs.

What Checks Are Available With the Full Van Check?

Now that you have made up your mind in terms of your next used van take advantage of the many checks that come with our full van check – from knowing whether or not the van has been registered as having a written-off status to having the confidence that your van’s mileage hasn’t been clocked, there is a range of in-depth data and information instantly available with our full van check.

Our full van check is an important step to take. Please take a look at some of the questions below to find out where our alternative van HPI check might be useful.

How Can I Know if a Van is Registered as Stolen?

Stolen vehicles are registered and flagged in UK Police National Computer, but making use of Car Analytics’ full van check is also very useful – not only will you get other details at the same time, you will be notified if the van has been stolen in the report.

If you purchase a stolen van and you are unaware that it actually belongs to someone else, as previously mentioned, you run the risk of losing your money. Don’t fall into this category! Ensure that you carry out a full van check before making your purchase, as our version of the van HPI check can give you all the details you require beforehand.

How Can I Obtain a Van’s Outstanding Finance Status?

It is important to know whether a van has outstanding finance. Without carrying out a full van check, you run the risk of purchasing a van with outstanding finance, so take this precaution if the dealer hasn’t carried out these checks already, in order to avoid any complications. A full van check by Car Analytics will enable you to obtain the van’s outstanding finance status, so make use of our van HPI check alternative for your peace of mind.

How Can I Determine if a Van Has Been Damaged in an Accident?

Although a free van check doesn’t reveal or reflect exactly what damage has been sustained in an accident, it is possible to find out whether or not the van has incurred damages and subsequently been written-off by the insurer by checking the van’s history.

Discovering the precise damage can be achieved by carrying out a vehicle service history check.

How Can I Check if a Van Has Been Written Off?

Finding out if your van has been written off with Car Analytics is easy. One of the many advantages of checking a van’s history and receiving a report is that it will reveal the van’s write off status, and by using our thorough check you can discover the date on which it was declared a total loss, in addition to the loss type. This means that, by making use of our van HPI check alternative, you can make an educated decision about your next used van before purchasing.

What Else Should I Know About a Written-Off Van?

Knowing that a van’s write-off status can fall into four categories is highly useful. The categories are A, B, S and N, where categories A and B indicated that your chosen van had been scrapped or salvaged for parts only, while categories S and N can be repaired.

Being wary of category S vans is important. Make sure that you have a mechanic check the van before you drive away.

Should I Choose a Free or Paid Valuation for a Van?

It’s important to recognise that knowing the value of a van before purchasing or selling is essential. Even though there are strategies that you can take to find out the van’s value, a valuation tool is the best option to determine this, and making the choice between a free and paid valuation is crucial.

Car Analytics suggests that for narrowing down your options when it comes to your choice of a van, a free van appraisal tool is sufficient. This means that if you are in the middle of short listing, make use of a free appraisal tool. On the other hand, if you are dead set on a certain van, making use of a paid van valuation check is more suitable to your needs. Purchasing a van is a large investment, and checking a van’s history with a paid van check should be a priority.

How Can I Obtain the Value of a Van With a Paid Check?

Not only do our paid van checks reveal information such as the full MOT history, but you can even obtain the value of your van as well. Car Analytics’ van HPI check alternative to provide you with a whole range of valuations, from the dealer forecourt price to the trade retail, in addition to the part exchange price, the auction price, the trade average and the trade poor prices. Simply providing us with the registration number of your chosen van will provide you with these series of valuation prices.

Final Words

Taking advantage of our full van check isn’t just convenient; it is necessary to avoid the complications that come with the range of factors when buying a used van. Car Analytics offers you the best economical vehicle check and they are also highly reliable and accurate. This means that choosing Car Analytics for your next van check will equip you with all the vital data that you need to make your next purchase. Whether your van is your livelihood, or you are simply looking for a new vehicle, always check before you buy and drive away with confidence.

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