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Car Analytics van checks: Accurate, reliable and economical

If you are about to purchase a van, it's essential to consider the many variables and details involved in the process compared with buying a car or motorbike. The aspects are the internal and external damage, the condition of the tyres, the potential for rust, and the van's weight, all factors that should be considered when buying a van.

Just as with a car, some elements require checking and inspecting, but how can you ensure your purchasing van has no other defects? It is where Car Analytics' fast and straightforward van check is essential.

With our range of economical and accurate alternatives to van HPI checks, you will instantly know that your chosen van is in good condition by checking the van's history.

Why is a van check necessary?

With the importance of checking a van's history, you can instantly detect the range of problematic variables. These hidden details are elements that you should be looking for used van buying guides to expose as soon as possible before you purchase and drive away.

Among many other aspects, a full van check will reveal hidden factors associated with the van, such as the accuracy of the mileage, whether the van has outstanding finance, the van's stolen status, and whether the van has been declared a write-off.

Although we all may wish that purchasing a van was more straightforward, without carrying out a van check beforehand, you could be out of pocket for unknowingly purchasing a stolen van. And because there are additional factors linked with buying a van, compared with buying a car or a motorbike, it's crucial to have an in-depth knowledge of your potential van.

Therefore, a full van check is the most straightforward way to guarantee that there are no concealed details when you purchase it, so using our alternative van HPI check is an important step.

How can I get a free van check in the UK?

To check a van's history, including some of the data you need for your next used van, using the UK government website is one option through which you can receive a van check free of cost, and you need to enter the registration number.

But for a more thorough inspection, the Car Analytics accessible van check tool is a great alternative to provide you with the required information. Prices start at just £1.99 for the basic check and £4.99 for the full report. Checking a van's history with a cheaper alternative to the van HPI check is valuable and should be noticed when purchasing a used van.

What information is provided in the free van check?

The accessible van check by Car Analytics provides details and data related to your next used van. The range of information and data you receive when you check a van's history for free includes:

  • The MOT status and due date
  • Tax status
  • The van's age
  • The van's mileage
  • Van make, model, fuel type, colour, and number of doors,
  • In addition to the van's performance figures
  • The yearly running cost
  • The environmental information

Our van check reports are very comprehensive!

If you have decided that you need to make the purchase, you should carry out a detailed check to receive more details. It is where our basic van check comes in, enabling you to find out some important information and check a van's history.

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