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What is Outstanding Finance?

Outstanding finance refers to the money, which the previous owner should pay to the finance company. The vehicle does not belong to the owner until total amount is paid. It will be owned by the finance company.

In those cases, we need to check the outstanding finance history of the vehicle before we purchase. If it is not checked before the purchase of the vehicle, it may lead you to handle the remaining amount or your vehicle may be reacquired until all funds are paid off.

Hire Purchase

The lender may reclaim the vehicle if the loan is not fully paid. It is the right of the finance team to recover the vehicle that is left with an outstanding amount.

Conditional Sale

You will have to pay a deposit amount for the vehicle at the initial stage of your agreement and need to pay it with equal monthly installments until the end of the contract.

Credit Sale

It is a discount which is given if and only if, the full amount is paid within a specified span of time. The discount is invalid if the amount is not received under particular period.

Lease/Contract Hire

The vehicle‘s legal owner would be the hiring company until the entire finance amount is remunerated.

Personal Loan

It is the offer that has been made by a bank or a society to help the financial crisis and to share the cost of buying a car.

Personal Contract Plan

It is a complicated way to buy a vehicle. It is like renting the car with a sum of money until the end of a contract. After completion of the contract,

  • You may return the vehicle
  • Meet out the cost of resale value and retain the used car.
  • Make use of the lump sum money to buy a new vehicle.

You should be cautious about the working of PCP as it will lead to certain issues legally.

Unit Stocking

Unit stocking money is a type of credit utilized via vehicle merchants to enable them to stock their organizations with vehicles. These arrangements are frequently made with the vehicle makers and banks. They help maintain a strategic distance from the vehicle merchants having all their money tied up in stock.

What we do

When you make a free car check at Car Analytics, you will have the capacity to locate the whole vehicle history with the arrangement of what should be finished.

It is constantly fundamental to complete a vehicle history check before you purchase any vehicle.

The vital element that Car Analytics group gives you is, it offers you the name of the finance organization, agreement term, type and the date with their contact number for you to check vehicle history with the expectation of complimentary information which you are going to buy. It is constantly essential to complete a car history check before you purchase.