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How to Get a Free Vehicle Mileage Check?

Many years ago, checking the accuracy of a cars’ mileage and carrying out a mileage check relied on just a few available pieces of information.

The buyer would have to rely on documentation supplied with the vehicle that they are looking to buy.

Free Vehicle Mileage Check

These documents would be usually limited to previous MOT certificates where the mileage of the car was recorded, along with any service history in the car service book.

The issues that this presented were that these documents could easily be manipulated.

A car mileage recording (the odometer) could be changed just prior to a service or MOT check, thus giving a check, albeit an inaccurate one.

Why would people want to falsify the mileage on their cars? Quite simply, a car that has covered lower mileage is invariably more valuable than a higher mileage example of the same model.

So when selling or part-exchanging a car some people would purposely change the mileage displayed on the car to get more money for it.

Why is a Mileage Check So Important?

The value of a car is dependent on a number of parameters. Make, model, age, condition, and mileage. Invariably, one of the first things that car buyers want to know is how many miles a car of interest has covered.

So the mileage check is important in order to establish value. However, modern cars have defined service intervals based on time and mileage.

Adjusting the mileage display of a car means that the service schedules can be thrown out of alignment.

This means that major service work such as belt changes and gearbox oil changes, for example, can be delayed for very long periods, thus causing potential long-term mechanical damage and potential failure.

  • There are an estimated 2.5 million cars in the UK that have mileage discrepancies
  • Once a car has changed hands it can be very difficult to establish the correct mileage from paper documents alone
  • Online car check takes data from a number of reliable sources including the. Gov website.

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Current Free Online Mileage Check

As paper records have gradually been replaced over the years by electronic records, checking the accuracy of a car’s mileage has become much easier.

Taking data from a number of sources, online used car check tools compare data from the Government MOT website along with car dealer records, tire and exhaust outlets.

Why Offer Free Online Mileage Checks

Free car mileage checks are offered usually as a part of a more comprehensive car vehicle check.

Establishing that a car’s mileage is correct is essential, but there are also many other checks that need carrying out to ensure that the buyer is not getting scammed or cheated out of their money.

Checking a car’s potential accident damage and checking if there is any outstanding finance on a car are two very good examples of checks that need to be carried out.

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