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Why is it important to know who previously owned a car?

When a car is brought into the market, it can be difficult to determine who previously owned it. This becomes important when trying to sell or buy a car because previous vehicle ownership may affect its value.

The more owners, the more likely it is that the car has been in an accident or neglected. Knowing what kind of history, a particular car has helped buyers make more informed decisions about whether they are interested in acquiring it or not.

How to check the previous owners of a vehicle by its registration number?

For a modest cost, Car Analytics provides a vehicle history report. You may use this service to determine the previous owners of a vehicle by its registration number.

Simply type the registration number of the vehicle into the search field, and you will obtain the complete historical records. The report will contain the number of previous owners as well as the date of the last keeper change.

Why do car owners check not to reveal the owner's details?

The most often asked question is how to find the registered owner of a car? However, it is against the GDPR Policy to expose the car owner's name and address in the public domain. None of the online vehicle data providers would reveal the identity of the vehicle owner. Then, how do you trace the car owner's information?

  • DVLA car owner check - You can also contact the DVLA to find out the genuine owner of the vehicle, given that you have a legitimate reason.
  • Logbook - You can use a few ways to find the registered keeper of a car, starting with going through the logbook (V5C). It should contain the previous keeper's details, including information about the current registered keeper as well.
  • Service history - If you do not have the logbook, you can quickly search through the vehicle's service history records or invoices to find the owner and their address.
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