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2023’s most recent news indicates, the UK police have recovered 5 vehicles, two Ford Fiesta and three Range Rovers, which have been reported stolen, and 12 individuals were arrested in the vehicle theft case. However, the Police have increased patrolling officers at the car parks, so your chances of buying a stolen vehicle are very high. To avoid purchasing a ringer, you must run a police stolen vehicle check.

How to tell if a car is stolen?

Unlike a damaged car, which you can spot from far away, a stolen car is not something you can identify by looking at it. It could be new, clean, and running perfectly. In other words, there are no significant signs of pinched vehicles. The only way to know about a ringer is through a car history check and check if a car is stolen when buying a vehicle in the UK.

You may contact the police directly to ask them: is my car stolen, or is this vehicle stolen? Or you can benefit from an instant report of car history.

Please tell us your car’s registration number; we will reveal its stolen history.  

Precautions you must take to prevent purchasing a stolen vehicle

In the UK, the buyer must find out whether a vehicle has been reported stolen.

Despite an unknowingly purchased stolen vehicle, authorities could still seize it. If the car had been purchased using a financing plan, money lenders might even demand that you pay them interest.

A stolen vehicle check is less light than some vehicles with outstanding loans may have.

There are several precautionary measures you must take while buying a car:

  • Since you are making the transaction and stand to lose money if the V5 is fake, check the V5C, request a copy, and don’t be frightened. Ask to see the V5 document later if there are any justifications for where it is. 
  • Please verify the document’s authenticity by looking for the DVLA watermark to ensure it is not fake. See here for more advice on how to determine the V5’s authenticity.
  • Please confirm that the VIN corresponds to the one on the V5C.

What information does a report on a stolen car give me?

The police contact information, the date of the stolen report, the flag for stolen warnings, and a basic thorough car check for information like mileage and MOT are the most crucial aspects of a stolen vehicle.

Is my vehicle stolen? Will I get my money refunded?

It’s doubtful you’ll get your money back if you unknowingly purchase a stolen car. If your insurance carrier does offer coverage, they determines whether your claim will be accepted or paid after conducting an investigation (which could take several months). This is done to eliminate the possibility of fraud and ensure that the car is indeed stolen. They may but are not obligated to compensate you for 

some of the costs if they find that your vehicle was purchased in good faith as a stolen vehicle and your insurance is legitimate.

Are details from stolen car check reports reliable?

When you perform a car check with us, we search the stolen cars UK database held by the Police National Computer to identify if the vehicle was ever stolen. If it were, we would present you with the date of theft and police contact information (if available). 

Our history checks are 100% accurate because we source data only from the Police National Computer, so there is no discrepancy. Moreover, they are super easy to execute; give us your vehicle’s registration number, and we will reveal its stolen history straightaway.

Remember, our car theft check is part of our premium service, and no free stolen check exists. It will cost you only £9.95 and save you from losing thousands of pounds in returning the stolen vehicle. Besides knowing a vehicle’s stolen history, you will also see if it is written off, scrapped, high risk, clocked, or financed. 

What information is provided in stolen car check?

There are a tonne of secret details about the used car from online stolen car check reports. The total car check reports tell you, 

  • If the vehicle is stolen or not
  • If yes, the date of the theft and the police’s phone number.
  • Check if the car has an accident history.
  • Outstanding finance status
  • Vehicle basic descriptions & specifications
  • Find MOT service with an advisory notice.
  • Car valuation metrics like owner’s history, plate change history, if the car is scrapped & few details cost you 1.99 @ Car Analytics. 

Risk of buying a stolen vehicle:

Buying a stolen car carries significant dangers. Whether you have bought such a car willingly or unwillingly, you will lose the money you have paid for it. 

The police have marked the stolen cars with markers. The ANPR cameras will immediately recognise the car once it is in motion on the road. While you are in court, the police will pull you over and impounded the vehicle. 

You have a very slim probability of getting your money back. Even if your insurance company covers buying stolen cars, your chances of getting the whole amount are slim.

Your insurance company will first look into the situation to eliminate any possibility of a scam. Due to the adjuster’s thorough review process, it usually takes a month or longer.

Also, Read our tips to avoid buying a stolen status car.

Is it possible to get a free stolen check?

Yes, IsItNicked.com runs a free stolen car check, but be aware that it has limitations.

Finding out if a used car has ever been stolen is a good idea before you buy it.

More is needed in most cases. You should also check if the car has been resprayed, cut open or involved in an accident. We offer all of these checks for just £9.95 per vehicle.

What should I do if the car is stolen?

Suppose worse comes to worst as you forgot to run the stolen car check and bought a stolen car. No worries, take immediate action to sort the issue.

Call your local police station by calling 101:

After confirming your vehicle’s registration number, make, model, and colour, the officer will register your complaint. In return, they offer the crime reference number, which is required to inform your insurer once you demand a tax refund. Police will notify the DVLA about the vehicle stealing.

Call your insurer:

Talk to your insurer and ask them how to apply for the claim.

Tell the DVLA:

While receiving compensation for stolen vehicles from the insurer is hard, you must notify the DVLA that your car is sold to the insurer if you get lucky and get reimbursed. If your vehicle used a personalized number plate you would like to retain, you must get it back before informing the DVLA that you do not possess it now.

You can inform the DVLA online or fill in the yellow” sell, transfer, or part-exchange your vehicle to the motor trade” section in your V5C document (logbook). Send the perforated piece to the DVLA with a letter mentioning your deal with the insurer.

The remaining part of the V5C was sent to the insurance firm. If your insurer requires the whole logbook, you must send a letter to the DVLA with your insurer’s info, vehicle registration number, make, model, colour, and signature. Forward your message to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BD.

How do you know if the police mark your car?

First, you should know that the UK Police mark a vehicle for various reasons. Depending on the reason, there are different “police markers.

For instance, “Section 59 markers” are placed on cars that exhibit antisocial activity, such as driving off-road without a permit, breaching the law repeatedly, etc. The police also designate cars that have been taken with a stolen vehicle marking.

The cameras immediately highlight any vehicle on the road with a stolen status on the monitors. Unknowingly purchasing and driving such a vehicle on any UK road will result in your immediate arrest.

If you search for police cars, you can find the police market. The information about the police-marked vehicles is stored in the national police database. Don’t worry about the accuracy; we directly obtain information about the stolen car from the police marking service.

How we can assist

At Car Analytics, we instantly verify the history of any UK vehicle – 24 hours a day. Enter the registration number (VRM) of the car you want to buy, and we’ll provide you with information on everything from its MOT history to whether it has ever been stolen or written off.

 Answering your questions:

 Why should I perform a police car check before buying a used car?

 Performing a police car check is essential when buying a used car as it provides valuable information about the vehicle’s history. It helps you avoid purchasing a stolen vehicle, identify potential hidden problems, and ensure the car has a clean legal record.

What information can I obtain from a police car check?

 A police car check can provide various details, including the vehicle’s ownership history, whether it has been reported stolen, outstanding finance or loans, recorded accidents, odometer tampering, and any involvement in criminal activities.

How can I perform a police car check? 

To perform a police car check, you can use online services that provide access to databases containing vehicle history information. These services allow you to enter the vehicle’s registration or identification number (VIN) to retrieve the necessary data.

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