How Do You Track Your Vehicle When It Is Stolen?

You can track your stolen car only through your tracking company. The tracking companies usually install GPS trackers that allow them to recover the vehicle. However, you should also understand that modern thieves are now using Relay Attacks and Signal Jammers. The latter blocks the signal from the tracking device, hindering a warning being alarmed during the theft. Once a car is stolen and reported to the UK Police, the authority registers it in the Police National Computer (PNC). It may also get marked on Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register (MIAFTR) database. To query the PNC and MIAFTR, you need to run a stolen vehicle check. 

However, not all stolen car checks could be accurate. Car Analytics police stolen vehicle check is 100% correct offering up to £40,000 data guarantee on each report. 

Can I lookup a VIN to see if it’s stolen?

Most online car history check services are design to tell you the stolen status of a vehicle by just providing the vehicle’s registration number. However, you can also use VIN to check if the vehicle is stolen.

At Car Analytics, you can simply find out a Ringer through vehicle registration. The sites, like, allow you to get these details through VIN, as well. However, just knowing the stolen vehicle status might not be enough for you to make an informed decision. A vehicle with outstanding finance, written-off category, clocking, and scrapped issues, is as risky as a stolen car. So, make sure you go for a stolen vehicle check to find out all the hidden data about the vehicle you want to buy.

What happens if I buy a stolen car?

Consider yourself in serious trouble if you purchase a stolen vehicle without bothering about vehicle check. It is not a myth that stolen vehicles are repossessed and leave you empty-handed. If it is my car stolen, the Police and the insurer will put a “stolen” marker on it, meaning it will be flagged by ANPR cameras as soon as it goes out on the road. The Police will recover the vehicle from you, and it will go back to its original owner (mostly it goes to the insurance company).

You must also understand that you may not be able to recover even a single penny on a stolen car. If you have a valid insurance policy and had bought the vehicle in good faith, the insurer may reimburse some of the cost of purchasing the car. However, in most cases, we have seen insurance companies avoid payouts. You got to have a very valid reason for buying a stolen car.  

Is a car really considered stolen if you have the title?

One of these things has nothing to do with the other. 

Your car’s title (the term used in the US) is the legal document that proves you are the owner of the vehicle. Stolen vehicle check contains information like the vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, the body type, the engine size, the engine number, the type of fuel used in it, and the license plate number. 

In the UK, the V5C document is actually the car’s title. This piece of paper is proof of ownership. If you lose the title for any reason, you can always request the new registration document from the DVLA. 

In the event your car is stolen along with the V5C document, it has considered as a stolen vehicle, and you still own it. Make sure you know what to do when your vehicle is stolen

stolen vehicle check

Can someone steal a car just by knowing the VIN number?

No, it is impossible! To pinch a vehicle, a thief actually has to steal it. However, knowing the VIN may enable a thief to apply for duplicate paperwork and use it for a stolen vehicle. Therefore, it is a good idea to hide VIN written near the bottom of the car’s windscreen.

Know more about the importance of VIN and where to find it.

Is an abandoned car stolen?

An abandoned car in your street may or may not be stolen. The only way you could know if it is a SORN or a stolen car is to carry out a stolen vehicle check. However, make sure you report an abandoned vehicle here.

For a stolen car check free, you can query IsItNicked database but for complete peace of mind and 100% accurate results, we suggest you only run police stolen check through a reliable UK car data provider. We have written a detailed article on a police-stolen check, and recommend giving it a read to acquaint yourself with this crucial data check.

What is the most common mistake vehicle buyers make in the UK?

Buying a vehicle without running a stolen car check is the most common mistake car shoppers make in the UK. Maybe buyers are not aware of the consequences, or they are not aware of how to check if a car is stolen. Whatever is the case, we strongly recommend you never purchase a vehicle without running a car data check. It may cost you a very minimal amount (between £1.99 and £8.95), but it is worth every penny, saving you thousands of pounds that you lose the moment you purchase a stolen vehicle.

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