Is it a stolen car? Four things to confirm before you buy

The car gets stolen every seven minutes as per the DVLA, and 72% of stolen vehicles are never returned to their owners. What would you do if your chosen model is one among the list of stolen cars in the UK? Thus, follow your expert advice of carrying out the stolen vehicle check before moving on to the payment process.

Even the vehicle has a full security system but is not much smart as burglars as they can break the barrier quite easily. We usually prefer vehicle tracking systems as GPS trackers, but in contrast, using signal jammers and relay attacks can block the signals during the scene. Then, how to tell the car is stolen during your car purchase?

Four things to check the vehicle is stolen:

Track stolen car with VIN number

To locate a stolen car by VIN. Nowadays, sites like and some more allow you to track the vehicle details through VIN.

However, most online car checks services provide the vehicles complete history through the registration number. Our reports tell the when your chosen vehicle was stolen before and its description sourced from the PNC database. Other than this, you can confirm the vehicle is stolen or not with the last five digits VIN shown on the report.

Compare the report with the car VIN (find where the vehicle VIN is present) to confirm it.

Why does VIN lookup? It is impossible to steal the vehicle through VIN. However, knowing the full VIN might easy for the burglars to apply for the duplicate paperwork & use it for theft cars.

You have the car title. But your car was stolen

A car title is a legal document (V5C document) to prove that you are the vehicle owner. The logbook is proof of ownership. When you lose the title for any reason, do request the new registration document from DVLA as soon as possible.

The logbook contains your vehicle details, any modifications you made to the vehicle are recorded here. Once you lose the car, but you have a car title, report it to the police with this evidence.

When your car is stolen along with the V5C document, it has considered a stolen vehicle. It may be quite a risk as you don’t have the logbook to prove you and your vehicle. Know what to do next.

Is an abandoned car stolen?

It is possible where the abandoned car in your street may or may not be stolen. Find if the car is really SORNed; don’t hesitate to report the abandoned vehicle.

There are cases where owners leave the car SORN, but it got stolen somehow. The consequences of such a situation are the owner has to bear all the expenses as it also doesn’t have insurance coverage. It means a stolen SORN vehicle might suffer high if they don’t keep the insurance coverage. Hence, as a buyer, you should confirm the vehicle SORN period and the tax status to know its history.

Police records

Once the vehicle is found lost, the first step is to raise the complaint. It means the stolen vehicles are recorded and stored in the Police National Computer database. The record reflects insurance as they mark once it got stolen, and this will be flagged by ANPR once the stolen car moves to the road.

If you buy a used car, check if the car is stolen from online car checks services. Our car check report is quite low and flexible for all types of car buyers. Don’t worry about the reliability as the PNC provides the data.

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On the whole, when you choose to buy the vehicle without running a stolen car check, then your decision might go wrong. Most buyers are not aware of the consequences of buying such cars as it is a loss of the amount paid and the vehicle itself. It is because you need to return back someone vehicle.

Here are essential inspections you need to carry out to keep you alert about the stolen cars. But knowing stolen car status is not enough to decide your investment; check the vehicle history and choose to pay if it is worth the investment.