Car Analytics: Number One for Reliable Low-Cost UK Vehicle Checks

There are numerous reasons why Car Analytics is a renowned, leading, number one company for vehicle history checks in the UK.

Car Analytics’ goal, when it was established in November 2018, was to provide completely free vehicle history checks for car, motorbike and van owners in the UK. With this offer, it has quickly become a leading and popular option for vehicle owners across the country. Its trustworthy and reliable reputation has flourished due to its comprehensive range of accurate vehicle history reports and exceptional services.

In just two years, the company has gained remarkable success, which is reflected in its total popularity with UK vehicle owners.

Car Analytics’ competitive pricing strategy puts it ahead of the fierce competition and, in various ways, its services surpass those of the many other vehicle history checking companies in the UK. How? Their shrewd and perceptive understanding of the UK market is one factor that makes them a favourite with their UK clients.

Drawing in over 300,000 monthly visitors, and having gained over 1.6 million page impressions, their outstanding services even doubled in popularity during the peak of the 2020 pandemic.

Why Choose Car Analytics for a Vehicle Check?

In addition to having the choice of a free vehicle check UK, customers who make use of Car Analytics’ free data receive vehicle checks and reports that are both accurate and comprehensive.

But there are many significant reasons why you absolutely should opt to get a vehicle check with Car Analytics and use their services.

Take Advantage of Car Analytics’ Rapid Services

Car Analytics’ requested UK vehicle checks are generated online with the latest technologies, meaning no time is wasted and no waiting is required when deciding on a potential valuable vehicle. The moment a client requests them, the reports are instantly generated and then provided in under a minute.

In a market in which time is money, access to fast and accurate reports is crucial. Car Analytics’ rapid services are therefore one of their unique selling points and their clients are incredibly content with the fact that their vehicle reports are available right away. This is just one compelling reason to choose Car Analytics over other companies.

Choose from a Selection of Useful Services

The many advantages of Car Analytics’ services also include the fact that, depending on the level of detail required, customers can choose from the free, basic or critical check. All these services are highly reliable and will give you the fundamental details on the vehicle of your choice.

So, to make an educated decision prior to purchasing or selling a car, motorbike or van, you will gain the advantage of being fully informed when you solicit Car Analytics’ range of reports.

Getting your true vehicle valuation when purchasing or selling can be tricky, as there are a huge number of online car valuation tools that will generate varied figures. But Car Analytics’ free vehicle check provides one solution to this issue, giving you an accurate valuation that can be compared with other online valuation results.

Alternatively, if you are looking for an in-depth, comprehensive vehicle check for details such as mileage anomalies, high-risk statuses or certificates of destruction, Car Analytics’ Full History Report is exactly what you will need.

But one of the great things about Car Analytics services is that they are not just limited to vehicle checks and reports. Their clients are constantly benefiting from their selection of other services too. The company assists those looking to apply for vehicle insurance or book an MOT check online, and expert assistance is also provided for clients searching for vehicle parts, sell a car or purchase a new used vehicle.

Get Great Value for Money with Car Analytics’ Services

When you choose Car Analytics, you indeed choose the most economical service available, but you are also opting for the most reliable service for the money you pay. This is not only evidenced by the reduced price offered by the company for further checks (at £7.77), it is also shown by the fact that Car Analytics’ full report is the lowest price in the UK for a single full check. At a mere £9.95, Car Analytics consumers can access their full history report online, which is complete with a whole range of checks and data.

Access Reliable and Consistent Services

Even though their reports are low-cost, the reliability is consistent in each report. Car Analytics’ checks are backed by trusted partners including the DVLA, various reputable insurance companies, the Police National Computer and a range of other dependable sources. It is this reliability that makes Car Analytics a number one option when seeking a vehicle history report.

Receive a Range of Valuable Data from Car Analytics’ Reports

From checks on outstanding finance, which will inform you about prior financial agreement details where possible, to checks on the insurance write off status, which details whether the vehicle has been declared a write-off, the level of detail available through Car Analytics’ full reports is exceptional for the price. This is yet another reason why clients choose Car Analytics for their vehicle checks in the UK.

The Car Analytics team astutely recognises that purchasing a vehicle is an important and considerable investment, so the reports they provide include a range of other facts as well. Getting data on the police stolen status of a potential vehicle is simple, as is discovering whether the car, motorbike or van of your choice has a mileage anomaly. All you need to do is solicit a full vehicle check and you will instantly receive these details.

Gain Huge Discounts and Subscription Plans

By opting to use Car Analytics’ Trade Vehicle Check services, you can check before you trade while taking advantage of their useful, low-cost subscription plans. This service includes silver and gold subscription plans, which are available for £100 and £200 respectively. Saving yourself money is possible by opting for the Gold subscription plan, which is a favourite with Car Analytics’ clients.

Get Your Vehicle Sold in One Day

To get the best price when selling your vehicle, Car Analytics’ professional services even include the option of selling your vehicle with the leading comparison site, Motorway, with which they have partnered. This clever and sensible partnership means Car Analytics’ clients can reap the many benefits, as the process is incredibly simple and highly advantageous.

It is this partnership with Motorway that further facilitates the process of selling your vehicle, letting you avoid the long process of selling your car privately, allowing you to sell your vehicle in just 24 hours and receive your money all on the same day.

Purchase a Vehicle with Ease

The simplicity with which you can purchase a car is greatly increased hence buy your next car from us within budget. The various advantages of this smart partnership enable Car Analytics’ clients to easily buy a car online by conveniently comparing prices, narrowing down their options and vehicle models, purchasing without the added sales pressure and saving time.

Check your Bike and or Van History with Car Analytics

With Car Analytics, checking your bike or van history is simple. Free, basic and comprehensive checks are available, providing you with a wealth of vital information. Discovering whether your chosen vehicle’s number plate has been changed, for instance, or if the vehicle has been scrapped or stolen requires little effort – the Car Analytics team carries out these reliable checks for you. They do all the hard work. All that is required from you is to solicit a full history check.

How Does Car Analytics Compare with the Competition?

With the lowest price for a single-vehicle history check in the UK, Car Analytics’ surpasses their competition in terms of cost. As mentioned, the price for a full check is £9.95, and this exceptional pricing strategy significantly undercuts all other UK vehicle history checking companies.

Company Price for a Single Vehicle Check
Car Analytics £9.95
Total Car Check £8.99
Green Flag £13.99
Cazana £14.99
RAC £14.99
AA Car Check £14.99
HPI £19.99

Prices and data above, as of 2nd December 2020. E&OE.

Car Analytics’ other unique selling points include a £40,000 data guarantee offered for each UK vehicle checks report they provide. When compared with its competition, this competitive guarantee is significantly more than the £30,000 guarantee offered to HPI clients. Car Analytics is also a cheaper alternative to HPI, which is exactly why UK clients value their services. They receive all their reliable data at a fraction of the price.

Car Analytics’ Personal Touch Exceeds Its Competition

The company’s incredibly customer-centric attitude and reputation is a core value that the Car Analytics team takes very seriously. Setting the bar high when dealing with their clients, Car Analytics consistently endeavours to understand the needs of their clients. Their professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the automotive industry are topped only by their incredible customer service and dedication to deliver their clients’ requirements.

But not only does Car Analytics offer this personal touch, outside of their professional work they are constantly offering their support to their wider community. Through their donations to those less fortunate in the community and with their many corporate social responsibility activities, they simply go above and beyond to revolutionise their local area and make positive social changes a reality.

In this sense, Car Analytics is not just a large selection of low-cost services. It’s more than just professional automotive service. The team is aware of the social and economical issues that affect its community and is actively doing something about it.

An Exceptional Company Backed by Awards

Car Analytics’ services are not only popular with their clients. The company has been recognised for its reliable, useful and perceptive business accomplishments and has received awards for its exceptional work in the automotive industry. These awards include the Best Vehicle History Checking Service award in 2020 from the Small and Medium Enterprise News, which places Car Analytics ahead of the competition. It has also won the Best Vehicle Data Check Provider UK, in the Global Automotive Awards 2020, by the Corporate Vision Magazine UK.

It is indisputable that Car Analytics is a leading automotive business offering remarkable services for vehicles and exceptional customer service. Car Analytics has achieved consistent growth since 2018. It has received incredible reviews from its clients and, having gained over 3,000 ratings by genuine customers, it has been ranked excellent.

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Car Analytics: An Organisation Driven Towards Success

Above all, Car Analytics is a constantly evolving organisation. Its ambition to grow, and to keep on growing is reflected in its current plans to expand its business presence and offer its services to overseas clients.

It is always seeking to better its services. The company’s website, for instance, even includes detailed guides on its clients’ most discussed automotive issues. These include blog posts on the importance of car registration and number plate checks, whether you can drive a category ‘N’ vehicle and a huge array of other insightful and perceptive automotive topics.

With a whole range of services under one roof, exceptional customer service, a corporate social responsibility that extends its services to the wider community and the ambition to keep growing, Car Analytics simply ticks all the boxes.