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Beware Of These Four Used Car Faults In 2021

There was a period where people rely on local mechanics and garage owners to pick the best used cars for them. Time flies and technology has improved a lot where you can make a simple vehicle check to know the used car is worth buying or not. Used cars are usually more prone to faults and repairs. Thus it is important to double-check if the vehicle is free from all kind of flaws before the purchase.

However, no car in the world is immune to all the faults and flaws; here are four major problems that every used car suffers. Get in detail about the used car faults and stay aware.

Used Car Faults with suspension components:

Suspension issues are hard to diagnose. You cannot simply inspect the suspension system of a used car by just jiggling in the seats. The only way through which you can get to know about the problem in the suspension system is by taking the used car to test rides to different destinations such as speed bumps and rough surfaces that reveal the actual condition.

When it actually needs your attention? If you find any of these faults, you should ask the seller more about the car info and its condition.

  • If you feel any difficulty in the steering, then there is a problem with the suspension system.
  • Handling the vehicle feels a little tricky when compared to other vehicles.
  • When you hear any unusual noise or knocks whenever the car moves in a bump.

Sometimes even the most reliable used car will suffer a mechanical problem; hence it is essential to know the car details in advance.

Faults with the used car batteries:

Battery issues are easily identifiable as a used car faults, so it is better to fix it early enough before the car won’t start. One simple tip to check the battery condition of any used vehicle is to put the key in and start the car. Suppose if the car is in the garage for a very long time and does not taken care properly, there are chances that the battery becomes inactive.

Also, this pandemic paved the way for the same where vehicles use is significantly less, and the winter too accompanied it. So make this a habit that you start the vehicle and foresee the condition of the battery.

The other symptom that indicates the battery is not in the condition is the age of the battery. With ageing, the efficiency of charging the battery also decrease; through this, you can know if the car is too old to buy.

This battery check comes as a part of your MOT test, and if you go through the MOT history of the used vehicle, it is clear about your battery and other parts of the vehicle. A free car check from car analytics helps you to know the complete MOT history of the vehicle along with the age of the used vehicle.

Emission details of the vehicle:

The common issues that every used car buyers face are the emission and exhaust problems from the used vehicle. Visible smoke from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle is a sign of an underlying issue, and it needs significant concern. Sometimes you can spot two different colours of the smoke.

  • The blue colour smoke indicates the problem with the engine. If the oil is burning inside the machine, it happens. If the valve seals are entirely worn out, the oil starts to leak through the combustion chamber, which causes this reaction. It is a lousy warning that the piston rings and parts of the engine became too old and repaired as early as possible. If the used vehicle seems to release such toxic blue smoke, it is better to avoid them.
  • The black colour smoke from the vehicle indicates that the used car is burning so much fuel. Black smoke has so many reasons, and one among them is the fuel rate. Sometimes it is caused by the air filter or faulty fuel injector. Though it is an easy issue to fix, make sure you are not going with a used car with such potential risk factors.

Make sure the used vehicle you are picking is not a high emission one by knowing the emission details of the vehicle through a car check.

Air conditioning of the used cars:

One of the issues that come from the car’s air conditioning system is the loss of cooling. The regular use of the vehicle keeps the aircon free from faults and also minimises the bacteria formation in the ventilation system. Re-gas is the option that increases the cooling of the aircon that automatically refreshes the coolants. If the air-con is not proper even after the re-gas, then it is a problem with the whole air-con unit which is quite expensive. So be cautious and purchase with utmost care.

Usually, the air-con faults do not come under an MOT test, but you can make this check by just starting the vehicle. Else you can get to know the car service history that reveals the air-con system’s condition. But most of the regular car service not necessarily includes the air-con system as a part of it. So make sure you check them in prior.

Avoid buying a faulty used car:

The used cars faults are common in the market, but as a buyer, how you analyse the problem before purchasing one is the trick to save yourself from being scammed.

Even you are buying from a dealer or private seller at a decent amount, you are required to know whether the vehicle previously had wear and tear. Though, every vehicle in the UK has to undergo an MOT test to determine the condition of the car is environment-friendly.

But, the question is did you notice the vehicle warnings and signs that used cars had before.

If you are still oblivious, you can check the MOT test results of the used car from Car Analytics for free and purchase a stress-free vehicle.