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There was a time when people relied on local mechanics and garage owners to help them on choosing the best-used cars. Time flies and technology has advanced to the point where you can perform a simple vehicle inspection to determine if a used car is worth purchasing. Used cars are more prone to flaws and repairs. Therefore, it is crucial to double-check whether the vehicle is defect-free before purchasing.

However, you can’t expect the car to be in same condition even after ages. Here, we list a few of the major problems that every used car suffers.

Faults with suspension

Suspension problems are difficult to diagnose. You cannot inspect a used car’s suspension system simply by jiggling in the seats. The only way to discover a problem with the suspension system is to take the used car on test rides to various locations such as speed bumps and rough surfaces that reveal the actual condition. Below are some of the faults that indicate if the car has suspension issues:

  1. If you feel any difficulty in steering handling, the vehicle feels a little tricky
  2. When you hear any unusual noise from the vehicle when it moves in, a bump

Do notice these changes when you are take the used car for test drive.

Faults with the used car batteries

Battery problems are easily identified as used car faults, so fixing them before you gear up is preferable. To check the battery condition of any used vehicle, simply insert the key and start the car.

When the car is left in the garage for an extended period of time and is not properly cared for, the battery may become inactive. The age of the battery is another symptom to conclude the battery is not in good condition. The efficiency of charging the battery decreases with age; this is how you can tell if the car is too old to buy.

This battery check comes as a part of your MOT test, and if you go through the MOT history of the used vehicle, it is clear about your battery and other parts of the car. A free car check from car analytics helps you to know the complete MOT history of the vehicle along with the age of the used vehicle.

Emission details of the vehicle

The common issues that every used car buyer faces are the emission and exhaust problems from the used vehicle. Visible smoke from the exhaust pipe of the vehicle is a sign of an underlying issue, and it needs significant concern. Sometimes you can spot two different colours of the smoke.

  • Blue Colour: This colour of the smoke indicates a problem with the engine.
  • Black Colour: This colour of the smoke indicates the used car is consuming much fuel. Also, it is caused by an air filter or faulty fuel injector.

Air conditioning

One of the issues with the car’s air conditioning system is the loss of cooling. The regular use of the vehicle keeps the air con free from faults and minimises the bacteria formation in the ventilation system. Re-gas is the option that increases the cooling of the air con that automatically refreshes the coolants. If the air-con is not proper even after the re-gas, it is a problem with the whole air-con unit, which is quite expensive. So be cautious and purchase with utmost care.

Usually, the air-con faults do not come under an MOT test, but you can make this check by just starting the vehicle. Otherwise, you can know the car service history that reveals the air-con system’s condition. But most of the regular car service does not necessarily include the air-con system as a part of it. So make sure you check them in prior.

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Lighting is always a safety concern, especially if a headlight, brake light, or indicator is missing. Corrosion and wiring can cause bulb problems, but most bulbs last a long time before succumbing to normal wear and tear.

Window problems

Most new cars have electric windows, and one of the biggest annoyances for car owners is when they don’t wind all the way up. It’s not just inconvenient; a gap can allow water to enter the car interior and damage it, or it can make you a more attractive target for thieves.

Car keeps overheating

Whatever car you own, will require regular maintenance; even then, things will go wrong from time to time. Some car models are more susceptible to specific problems than others, and driving style can also impact efficiency. We hope you found this helpful list, regardless of your vehicle. Staying alert for signs of trouble and dealing with them as they arise saves time and money while also keeping you on the road.

Radiator is leaking

Corrosion is almost always the cause of radiator leaks. A variety of factors can cause corrosion, but once you have one leak, you are likely to have more, so it is best to replace the entire radiator. If you do not keep the radiator in good condition, you may experience overheating issues and an engine fire in the worst-case scenario.


It is common to have faults in the used car hence before buying as a buyer; you should know how to analyse the vehicle to save yourself from being scammed. Even you choose to buy from a dealer or private seller; you should know whether the vehicle had previous faults.

Though, every car in the UK has to undergo an MOT test to determine the condition of the car is environment-friendly. But the question is did you notice the vehicle warnings and signs that used cars had before. Better checks the vehicle before you decide your next vehicle.

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