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Free HPI Check Techniques That Work Effectively For This Year

If you are looking for a free HPI check, you should know that HPI Ltd. does not offer free vehicle checks. However, you should not be disappointed because HPI vehicle checks are similar to any other reliable car history checks.

They should not be confused with the genuine-only car checks on the market. Before we discuss the best free HPI check further, we need to know the history of the HPI check.

HPI Check History, Its Difference with Free Car Check and Its Worth

History of HPI Check

The term ‘HPI Check’ itself has become a standard for car check UK, while in reality, it is a registered trademark owned by a company called HPI Ltd. This check has been around for decades and dates back to pre-WWII days when HPI was the original data checking service for vehicles in the UK.

Through this service, dealers could check for fraud and prevent dubious customers from obtaining a car on hire-purchase finance agreement and going to another company afterwards to borrow against the same car.

It was decided that all companies would share their data with HPI Ltd., and could access the shared database. This resulted in transparency among dealings. Over time, new players entered the market and started offering alternative checks. These are 100% similar to HPI checks and sometimes even better.

Difference Between HPI Check and Free Car Check

It is worth noting here that the data checks being offered by other companies cannot be termed as ‘HPI Checks’. Nevertheless, the scope is more or less similar. Most of the time, price is the only differentiating factor among all these data checks. You can get an identical vehicle history check report from any reliable service provider for half the price or even less.

An HPI check or any other premium report tells you whether the vehicle you are interested in is stolen, written-off, scrapped, clocked, or accidental. Depending on the package you opt for, you can get limited or full details of a vehicle in exchange for a small amount.

Alternatively, you could go for a free car check that would provide you with the basic details of a car (we will explain later in this post). However, free checks are usually not sufficient to make an informed buying decision and they mostly cover the basics that you can get from the GOV.uk, as well.

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Are HPI Checks Really Worth It?

Well, it all depends on how much of a risk-taker you are and how much uncertainty you are okay with. Conducting a full check before purchasing a used car can save you tons of trouble in the future. You don’t want to get yourself into a deal where you may end up with an unreliable vehicle that you know nothing about.

We strongly recommend you to go for an HPI check or any similar vehicle history check to make sure you are purchasing a legitimate and reliable vehicle. A free check is a good way to start, but if you want to get the full picture, then a premium check is worth the investment. Although an HPI check is worth every penny, you can get the same check for half the price.

What’s Included in the Free Checks?

A free car check will tell you the basic details and background of a UK-registered used car. Companies source most of the information directly from the DVLA, therefore, the details are reliable. A free car check typically includes the following:-

  • MOT Status and History
  • Mileage Details
  • Vehicle Excise Duty and Tax Status
  • Vehicle Age
  • Import/Export Status
  • DVLA Vehicle Specification
  • Running Costs and Performance Data
  • Environmental and Economic Data, including CO2 emissions, fuel consumption figures, etc.

Why it is Better to Get a Premium Check Report?

We recommend that you go for a premium/full vehicle history check for a small fee to avoid falling victim to scams and dodgy selling practices. This is the only way you could know every detail about a used car. A full check includes following critical details among other things:-

  • Outstanding Finance Check
  • Police Stolen Check
  • Insurance Write-Off Check
  • Mileage Anomalies
  • High-Risk Check
  • Scrapped Status
  • Colour and Plate Change Record
  • VIC Inspection
  • Keepers’ History, etc.

Either you want a free preliminary check or a full-fledged HPI-like car check at the cheapest possible price, Car Analytics is the place. Get a free instant report today!