Reasons why dealer should consider vehicle check
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The consumer always expects reliable cars to buy from the market. Even if it is expensive, they choose to go for the best value. However, few get disappointed when they spend such a huge amount, but the vehicle puts at risk. Hence, the dealer has to look closely at the pain points, or preference of what they expect from the trade “used car” purchase. Here, we collectively gathered the points for the dealers to see where they are going on the right track. And the importance of the alternative trade HPI check.

Build trust between dealers and buyers

The majority of car dealers in the UK are genuine and trustworthy. Nonetheless, some sellers attempt to overcome the law in order to benefit from vehicles with a poor history. It involves selling a previously written-off vehicle or having outstanding finance agreements. Before accepting this offer from the dealer, purchasers should try the free alternative HPI trade check online.

Make a wise step, according to dealers, where you may directly take the car inspection before your consumer does. It has an impact on high-yielding used car sales by revealing the true history of the used car.

Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Act was updated to make it easier for the customers to legally obtain a refund within 30 days of purchasing faulty cars. It puts a car dealer to look closely before selling it. So, a vehicle check is important for the dealer to know whether the vehicle is in good condition to sell and with zero adverse histories.

Economical option

Once the dealer knows the history before supplying to the buyers, he can alter the services by scraping it or trying to claim from the seller of such vehicles. It is cost-effective and can focus on marketing the vehicle, yielding income.

It helps the dealers to improve their business in terms where the customers can bring new or return business. Reputation and reliability are most important for the independent dealer to achieve by selling quality vehicles. Secondly, the vehicle history report from a dealer makes restricts the negative reviews from their customers.

And, buyers can be stress-free for choosing your dealership!

What details can easily get for the dealers online?

The dealer can find the car details that buyers actually search for. The alternative car HPI check from us offers the history of the car in three levels of packages- free, basic, and full checks.

The HPI check on the car won’t reveal the personal information. It is doable, but you have to communicate DVLA directly and provide a valid justification.

The motive to reveal the vehicle history is:

  • If the previous seller holds the unpaid debts
  • Whether the car is previously written off
  • If it was reported as stolen
  • If the number of previous owners exceeds “4”
  • Often vehicle colour change
  • Number of plate changes, if any
  • Find the difference in mileage recorded in previous MOT service
  • VIN matches with the registration number
  • If the vehicle has been exported or scrapped
  • Know the current MOT and tax status

Our premium report offers the above-detailed information about the vehicle history; if you find any incorrect detail, we offer a data guarantee of up to £30,000. Ensure you provide the best service using alternative HPI trade checks before buying or selling.

Note: Car Analytics offers trade vehicle checks for their customers with special features. If you’re already a member, make use of the dealer portal. We shortly hold the platform for the new logins as it is under development. However, you can get a full car history report at £9.95.

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