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 HPI (Hire Purchase Inspection) check can be valuable when considering purchasing a used vehicle, especially in the United Kingdom. An HPI check provides essential information about a vehicle’s history, including outstanding finance, whether it’s been reported as stolen, if it’s been written off, and more. So are HPI Checks actually worth it? Let’s learn more about it.

What is an HPI check? 

An HPI Check, a service offered by HPI Ltd, examines the history of any motorised vehicle registered in the UK, including automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles. The HPI Check Report will notify you of any unsettling information that financial and insurance providers, the DVLA, the Police, and other industry agencies have on file about the car.

It would help if you utilised the HPI Checks as your first line of defence against auto fraud because it is most likely the most significant check you will perform before purchasing a secondhand car.

Car Analytics (CA), offers the most comprehensive vehicle checks and free car check UK. The good thing about the further checks is that they are as accurate as HPI Checks and are more affordable. 

Car Analytics vehicle history checks are available at just £9.95, at less than half the cost of an official HPI check (£19.99). So, why pay more?

What is included in full HPI vehicle check and why it is important?

It is important when deciding whether to change your current set of wheels. It will reveal a car’s history, including whether it has unpaid debt, has been stolen, written off, or has irregular mileage.

Either you opt for HPI or our Car Analytics Check, the report will contain the following and more:

Vehicle Identity Information (make, model, door plan, vehicle’s current colour & prior colour, transmission, engine size, ownership transfer)

  • Plate Transfer Details
  • Outstanding Finance
  • Mileage Accuracy
  • Stolen Car Check
  • Written-off or Total Loss Declaration
  • Clocking Check
  • Import & Export Data
  • Full Tax and MOT History
  • High-Risk Check
  • Scrapped Status

What does HPI clear mean?

HPI clear implies that the car you’re seeking to buy has undergone an HPI Checks and shown no negative information. When purchasing a used car, it serves as the ultimate sign of approval and a remarkable indicator of trust.

How can I tell whether my vehicle has an HPI clear?

  • It does not have a loan or active finance arrangement secured on it.
  • It is not currently listed in the Police National Computer as having been stolen.
  • An insurance carrier has not designated it as a total loss or write-off.
  • The DVLA does not have a record of it being scrapped.

Discuss the risks involved in buying a used car without an HPI check:

Buying a used car without conducting an HPI check can expose buyers to significant risks and potential pitfalls. Without the valuable insights provided by an HPI checks, individuals may unknowingly inherit financial burdens associated with the vehicle, such as outstanding finance or loans taken out by the previous owner. 

This could lead to repossession or legal issues, leaving the new owner liable for debts they were unaware of at the time of purchase. Moreover, there is a higher chance of falling victim to car scams, including unknowingly purchasing a stolen vehicle. 

An HPI check can reveal if the car has been reported as stolen, helping buyers steer clear of engaging in illegal activities inadvertently. Additionally, with an HPI checks, buyers may be aware of crucial information about the car’s accident history and potential hidden damages, which might lead to unforeseen repair expenses down the road. 

By neglecting to perform an HPI vehicle check, individuals essentially gamble with their investment, jeopardizing their financial security and peace of mind.

Difference between HPI check and car analytics check 

Car Analytics gets its data from the same sources HPI Ltd. uses to create its reports. Yes, we request data from the DVLA, the Police National Database (PND), MIAFTR, and some other firms and pay them for their services. It means there is virtually no difference between the HPI and our car history checks. We provide more data, and our internal reports show a remarkable accuracy of over 99.9%.

Is it important to get an HPI check?

Yes, it is important to get an HPI check when considering buying a used car in the UK. This can help you make an informed decision and avoid potential problems. If you believe an HPI Checks are similar to any other reliable vehicle check service, saving £11 will not be a bad decision. The cost of an Car Analytics vehicle checks are relatively small compared to the potential risks and costs associated with buying a vehicle with hidden issues. 

Is there a free HPI check?

There is no such thing as a Free HPI Check. Thus you should be very wary of any businesses that make this promise. A “Free HPI Checks” is not real and won’t give you the details you need to stay safe from car fraud and fraud.

Answering your questions

Are HPI checks 100% accurate?

While HPI checks provide valuable information, they are not infallible. There is always a slight possibility that some details may be missed or not up to date. Therefore, it’s important to use an HPI checks as a tool to gather information, but it’s also recommended to conduct other checks such as physical inspections, test drives, and independent assessments of the vehicle’s condition.

If I buy a car from a dealer, is it necessary to run an HPI check?

Consider setting up an HPI checks if the dealer doesn’t provide it. Before you buy a car, it’s critical to understand its history. Since you never know if a vehicle may have a mysterious past, it is important to do an HPI vehicle check, even for cheap vehicles.

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