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The new Transit van for sale comes with an extensive selection of options tailored to meet the needs of every business and driver. Simply choose the one that best fits your requirements…

Choosing your next van is a significant decision, whether you’re a small business in need of an affordable, versatile, and dependable vehicle, or a larger enterprise aiming to enhance your fleet with cost-effective, technologically advanced options that boost operational efficiency.

Enter the new Transit van for sale, the latest innovative offering from a globally renowned and trusted leader in commercial vehicles. With its wide variety and comprehensive selection, it’s designed to meet your specific requirements, providing the assurance that it will deliver on performance.

What does the term transit van mean?

The term “transit van” refers to a type of light commercial vehicle known for its versatility and use in transporting goods or people. Originally associated with the Ford Transit, a pioneering model introduced in the 1960s, the term has since evolved to broadly categorise similar types of vans across various brands. These vehicles are characterised by their spacious cargo areas, durability, and adaptability, making them a popular choice for businesses, tradespeople, and delivery services. Transit vans are designed to navigate urban environments efficiently while offering the capacity and reliability needed for a wide range of commercial activities.

What is the difference between transit and Transit Custom?

The difference between the Ford Transit and the Ford Transit Custom lies primarily in their size, target market, and intended use. The Ford Transit is a larger, full-size van designed for heavy-duty commercial use, offering extensive cargo space and higher payload capacity, making it ideal for larger transport needs and commercial applications. It’s available in multiple body styles, including cargo van, passenger van, chassis cab, and cutaway versions, catering to a wide range of business requirements.

The Ford Transit Custom, on the other hand, is a mid-sized van that serves as a more compact and manoeuvrable option, suitable for businesses and individuals needing a versatile vehicle for urban environments or smaller scale operations.

Despite its smaller size, the Transit Custom still provides substantial cargo space and practical features but in a more city-friendly package. It is particularly popular among small to medium-sized enterprises and is often seen as a more accessible option for those who value efficiency and agility in their commercial vehicle without the need for the extensive capacity of the full-size Transit.

What is the fuel economy of a transit van?

Transit vans for sale are one of the most fuel efficient vans of their size category. The Ford Transit van boasts a class-leading fuel economy of 43.5mpg, underscoring Ford’s commitment to efficiency and the effectiveness of their engine technology.

Advantages of a new transit van for sale

The Ford Transit van stands out in the market with several key advantages, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike:

Maximised Cargo Space: The Ford Transit shines with its exceptional cargo capacity, offering up to 487.3 cubic feet of space. This vast area is largely thanks to the van’s high roof design, which not only allows for easy movement within the cargo area but also facilitates the stacking of taller items. Despite its expansive cargo space, the Transit ensures driver comfort with a supportive, cushioned bench seat in the cabin.

Easy Driveability: Manoeuvring large vehicles can often be challenging, especially when it comes to making sharp turns or navigating bumpy roads. The Ford Transit, however, offers a driving experience more akin to that of a truck or sedan, rather than a cumbersome large van. Its design allows for easy navigation into tighter spaces, thanks to a surprisingly compact turning radius, making it a comfortable option for those who might find driving larger vans daunting.

Adjustable Configuration for Space Utilisation: The versatility of the Ford Transit’s cargo space is further enhanced by its configurable design. Buyers can choose from three different roof heights (low, medium, or high) and two wheelbase lengths (long and extra-long), in addition to the standard wheelbase. This flexibility allows for customization based on specific needs, whether it’s for living quarters, storage, or transportation, making the most of the Transit’s generous interior volume.

Impressive Engine Options: The Transit comes equipped with a robust 3.7-L V6 engine, providing ample power and efficiency for a vehicle of its size. For those seeking even more performance or fuel economy, there’s the option to upgrade to a 3.2-L turbo-diesel engine or a 3.5-L V6, ensuring that the Transit has the necessary acceleration and driving dynamics, even when fully loaded.

Smooth Driving Feel: Unlike many vans that can feel shaky or unstable, the Ford Transit offers a driving experience that rivals that of a minivan or sedan, with a focus on smooth, comfortable rides. This makes the Transit an excellent choice for transportation needs where a gentle driving feel is paramount.

Overall, the Ford Transit van’s combination of spaciousness, driveability, configurability, powerful engine options, and smooth ride make it a standout choice for those in the market for a new commercial vehicle.

What makes a good transit deal?

A good Transit deal encompasses more than just an attractive sticker price. It should offer a comprehensive package that combines affordability with value, ensuring that buyers receive the best return on their investment. Key elements of a good deal include competitive financing rates, which can significantly reduce the long-term cost of ownership, and incentives such as cash rebates, which directly lower the purchase price.

Additionally, a quality deal may feature flexible leasing options, catering to businesses that prefer not to commit to a purchase. Warranty and service plans are also crucial, as they provide peace of mind by covering maintenance and repair costs. Ultimately, a good Transit deal should align with the buyer’s financial situation and usage needs, offering a balanced mix of upfront savings, manageable payment terms, and comprehensive after-sales support.

In conclusion, the new Transit van emerges as an unparalleled choice for businesses of all sizes, offering a blend of efficiency, versatility, and reliability. With its maximised cargo space, easy driveability, customizable configurations, impressive engine options, and smooth driving experience, it’s clear why the Transit stands out in the commercial vehicle sector. Whether you’re a small business seeking a cost-effective solution or a larger enterprise looking to enhance your fleet, the new Transit van for sale is designed to meet and exceed your needs, delivering performance you can rely on.

If the Ford Transit van’s array of features and advantages aligns with what you’re looking for in a commercial vehicle, we invite you to explore the options available. Discount Van Sales is here to assist you in finding the perfect Transit van to suit your business requirements.

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