Check Car Details Before Buying A Used Vehicle

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Every used vehicle comes with a history; whether it is good or bad is upon us to find out. There are tens of hundreds of used car guides on the internet, and all of them advise you to run a car details check to know the vehicle’s history. Following our recent car buyers guide UK, today we have decided to touch some sensitive points in a Car Details Check. Read on to get answers to some crucial questions regarding car purchases.

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What Happens if You Get a Car with the Wrong Mileage?

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Mileage anomaly or mileage clocking is, unfortunately, a rampant phenomenon in the UK. According to a study conducted by a data check provider, 2.5 million vehicles (not included the ones less than three years old) on the UK roads have a car mileage anomaly. It means the chances of buying a car with the wrong mileage are very high. If you purchase such a vehicle unknowingly and find out about inconsistency, later on, you should know you are not alone, and you have certain legal rights.

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Top 5 Driving Apps in London

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In a time where we use an app for every single chore, how we can forget about driving apps. If chosen right, these driving apps can save you money, time, and fuel. With so many of these available for Android and iOS, the question is which ones are perfect driving companions for your trips in London and beyond. Today, we will talk about five best driving apps that will make your journeys enjoyable, hassle-free, and affordable.

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Get BMW Service History Check at Car Analytics

BMW service history check

If you have considered buying a BMW to benefit from its performance, safety, technology, and comfort, you will find it worth every penny. But wait! You cannot buy any BMW listed on a classified site or at a dealer forecourt. You need to make sure it is structurally and mechanically sound with complete service history and is not stolen, written-off, clocked, or scrapped. We are writing this guide to explain everything about the BMW service history check because we get many queries regarding BMW service history lookup.

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Can Car History Check Disclose a Vehicle’s Hidden Past?

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It, of course, does in so many ways! However, before we tell you what confidential data a car history check provides, you need to understand what it is exactly. A vehicle history check reveals everything from registration, buying, accidents, Ministry of Transport (MOT) status, tax status, thefts, insurance coverage, outstanding finance, mileage clock, and so on.

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Get Car BHP Check for Free Right Away

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Car performance is one of the most crucial aspects for buyers these days. Either you love to floor the pedal for an adrenaline pump or want extra power to conquer different terrains, the urge for more power never ends. And when it comes to overall performance, we always look into the car’s Horsepower (HP) or Brake Horsepower (BHP), which is the amount of power an engine can generate. To find the horsepower rating of a vehicle, you can check the owner manual or take our car bhp check.

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Make Your Car Ready for a Summer Road Trip

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The summer is here, and so are its preparations. Thankfully, the lockdown is eased, and people can now hit the road and enjoy the lovely weather. Either you are preparing for a local staycation in England or a journey to Europe, you must perform basic car maintenance to stay safe on the road. If buying a used car to accompany you is a part of your summer road trip plans, make sure you perform a comprehensive car check at Car Analytics first.

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How Car Reg Check Benefits You?

car reg check

According to independent reports by some of the vehicle history checkers in the United Kingdom, 1 in 4 cars has had changed its number plate. While changing a number plate is not a bad thing, we cannot reject the possibility of scams. The only way you could know the intention of the seller is by taking a Car Reg Check, also known as Car Number Plate Check. Before we discuss the benefits of a total reg check, let’s first talk about why people change their number plates.

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Check Car Details: The Ultimate Guide By Car Analytics

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After shortlisting your desired vehicle, the very first thing you need to do is check car details. Why? Because 1 in 3 cars in the UK have a hidden history, according to different reports. Therefore, it is wise to know who owns the vehicle, did it receive severe damage in an accident and written off, is it stolen, does it have a mileage anomaly and other vehicle information. Let’s find out what are the most important car details you need to be aware of before making your purchase decision.

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