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We are back with the second episode of the most common questions people ask us about car check for free in the UK. Before, you read on this post, we highly suggest you go through this blog to get a complete understanding of our car data check.

What can I know in an Import/Export check?

While it seems an import/export check simply reveals if the car is imported or exported, lots of things go behind these two terms. When a car check for free in the UK shows the vehicle is imported, it means it has arrived in the United Kingdom from any other country. Although an imported car is safe to buy, you may face issues regarding its insurance and finding the spare parts.

On the other hand, an export vehicle means the DVLA has marked the car ‘Exported,’ so it cannot be registered in the UK. By all means, you should stay away from an exported vehicle. Only a dishonest seller will try to sell you an export title vehicle.   

The excellent news is Car Analytics’ report reveals export status of any UK vehicle for free, so you must run it before the purchase. But to know that vehicle is imported or not you have to run our basic check that costs £ 1.99 PER CHECK.

What is a vehicle history check?

In simple words, a vehicle history check is a window into a car’s past. It informs you everything about it, such as:

  • Accident history
  • Mileage
  • Ownership history
  • MOT history
  • Vehicle registration data
  • Stolen history
  • Import/export status
  • Outstanding finance
  • Tax status
  • Scrapped status
  • And much more

It is worth noting that not all car history checks are equal, meaning the amount of information may differ in each. Therefore, you should spare some time to find the company that offers the most comprehensive data check. Car Analytics proud itself in providing an all-inclusive vehicle history check. You can see here all the details we offer about a vehicle when you run our car check free in the UK.   

Why should I get a used car check?

According to a research conducted by the Office of Fair Trading, used vehicle buyers lose an average of £425 each – or £85 million per year altogether – in repairs that must be fixed by the dealers. It implies if you fail to scrutinize the vehicle and peek into its past carefully, it will cost you a lot in repairs, time, and effort. You even have to lose your vehicle along with the money you have paid for it if it was written off, recorded stolen, or have outstanding finance.

For a hassle-free purchase, you need to do two things; perform car inspection and free used car check. For vehicle inspection, you can hire a private mechanic or take help from a car inspection company in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Manchester, or any other city near you.

To find the hidden history of a vehicle, carry out Car Analytics’ used car check. You will know if it was involved in an accident, recorded stolen, written-off, have outstanding finance, mileage anomaly, or any other issue you did not expect.

What is a car reg check?

The vehicle history check is also known as car reg check. The reason we call it ‘car reg check’ is because we need to provide the registration number of the vehicle to run the inspection report. In fact, every car’s history is linked to its registration number. You want to know how it performed in the MOT test, is it taxed, did the insurance company declare it a total loss, did the police file it as stolen, you can discover everything in Car Analytics’ car reg check.  

Where can I get an MOT Check?

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) test examines everything from brakes and fuel systems to lights, mirrors, seatbelts, tires, windscreen wipers, and exhaust systems to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive on the UK roads. Once a car passes the MOT test, it gets an MOT Certificate, which remains valid for a year. The test results include the car’s mileage history and its advisory and failure notices. An MOT check provides you with all these details in a report format.

We offer a free MOT check ; the results will be the same at both places. As it is a freemium service, we strongly recommend you always run an MOT check before the purchase to figure out its mechanical health.  

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What do you mean by Car Tax Check?

Car Tax Check is a test that tells the ‘Tax’ status of your car. Of course, you cannot run an untaxed vehicle on the UK roads. Therefore, carrying out this check is crucial before buying a used car. You should first perform a free Car Tax Check, and if the vehicle is not taxed, you should tax it online.

Be informed that you need a valid MOT certificate and an insurance policy before taxing your vehicle. Never attempt to drive an untaxed car; otherwise, you can get a fine of up to £1,000.

Can I find a car owner by registration number?

Well, you cannot find car owner details through a car registration check. However, you could know the total number of keepers, and when did each of them register the vehicle. Under certain conditions, you can ask the DVLA for the owner details. We wrote a detailed article on this subject, which you can read here.

Run previous owners car check to find the total number of previous owners recorded by the DVLA.


There you have it; brief answers to the most common questions related to car check UK. We know you might have more queries, so feel free to ask, and we will do our best to answer all of them.

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