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A pre-purchase inspection will thoroughly inspect the physical appearance and proper operation of every part of the vehicle you intend to purchase. It can be done by a mechanic through a vehicle inspection service.

Benefits of doing a vehicle inspection:

  • A pre-purchase vehicle inspection is nothing but ensuring the overall condition of the used vehicle you are looking to buy.
  • One of the significant investments the people of the UK make is buying their car.
  • It will reduce your cost of transportation and much more. Such an investment will be maintained passively after the purchase.
  • It is mandatory to have inspected the used car before the purchase to analyse if the vehicle has any serious underlying issues.
  • It helps identify the issues in the engine and internal parts that are not visible in your test drive.
  • A pre-purchase inspection will also let you know the used vehicle you are investing in is worth the money or not and ensures safety.

What does included in a vehicle inspection?

Every part of the car is analysed by qualified mechanics when you bring your vehicle to a vehicle inspecting garage. Some standard used vehicle inspections include the following,

  • Condition of the tyres
  • Operation of the air-conditioning and braking systems
  • Checking engine oil, air filters and battery
  • Checking coolant levels and their condition
  • Inspection of the brake pedals
  • Checking transmission fluid condition
  • Looking through the condition of brake lights, headlights and tail lights
  • Functioning of the seat belts and steering
  • Inspecting the wipers and looking for any leakage of oils
  • Any minor scratches on the exterior body of the vehicle

It differs from inspection to inspection and depends on the type of car safety inspection you carry on. Inspections from click mechanic are categorised into three based on their comprehensiveness and detailed service.

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Importance of estimating the vehicle’s true condition and value

The importance of estimating the vehicle’s true condition and value cannot be overstated when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. Here are several key reasons why this estimation is crucial:

  1. Making an informed decision: Estimating the vehicle’s condition and value allows you to make an informed decision about whether or not it is worth purchasing. By understanding its true condition, you can assess the potential risks, costs, and benefits associated with the vehicle.
  2. Avoiding surprises and hidden issues: A thorough evaluation helps uncover any hidden issues or damage that may not be immediately apparent. By identifying these issues upfront, you can avoid costly surprises down the line and ensure that you are purchasing a reliable and well-maintained vehicle.
  3. Negotiating a fair price: Estimating the true value of the vehicle enables you to negotiate a fair purchase price. If the inspection reveals any issues or maintenance requirements, Using this knowledge, you can ask the merchant to reduce the price or address the necessary repairs before finalizing the purchase.
  4. Planning for future maintenance and repairs: Understanding the vehicle’s condition allows you to anticipate and plan for future maintenance and repairs. If there are known issues or components that may require attention, you can budget for these expenses and factor them into your overall cost of ownership.
  5. Ensuring safety and reliability: Estimating the vehicle’s condition helps guarantee its dependability and safety for everyday use. By assessing the mechanical components, evaluating the maintenance history, and identifying any potential safety concerns, you can make sure that you are investing in a vehicle that meets your safety standards and requirements.
  6. Resale value and investment: Estimating the vehicle’s value is important not only for purchasing decisions but also for potential future resale. By understanding its current market value and considering factors such as depreciation and overall condition, you can make a more informed investment and potentially maximize your return when it comes time to sell the vehicle.

In conclusion, estimating the true condition and value of a used vehicle is vital for making an informed decision, avoiding surprises, negotiating a fair price, planning for future expenses, ensuring safety and reliability, and making a sound investment. It empowers buyers to make confident choices and protects them from potential pitfalls associated with purchasing a used vehicle.

Can I get a report when the car inspection is done?

Once the vehicle inspection is done, you will receive the mail straight to your mailbox from the click mechanic. If you want the physical report, you can take a printout of them. You can also get the report once you log in to the click mechanic account. Unfortunately, you will not get a physical report for the inspection.

How much does it cost to inspect a vehicle?

Pre vehicle inspection cost will be based on the inspecting company service quality in mechanical and structural inspection varies like 72 points, 105 points, and 143 points.

Click mechanic is one of the leading trusted vehicle inspection services, and they offer inspections that are broadly classified under three categories.

  • Basic – It includes a road test, an inspection report and basic checks in the interior, such as analysing the electric controls, engine bay and tyres.
  • Standard – will include the road test, bodywork inspections, inspected reports, free phone call consultations and checks on the structural areas. (includes brake pads, fluid engine level and density and electric controls)
  • Premium – It consists of an emailed report with photos of the inspected areas, road test, interior, bodywork and paint inspections and diagnostic check followed by a structural analysis.

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Will a DIY car inspection work out?

DIY maintenance will sometimes work but, inspecting a car will require huge technical knowledge. It is not easy like engine coolant changing, engine oil change. Moreover, the latest cars will have complicated sensors in build on their engine and transmission.

A visual check with some basic technical ideas will never work in buying a used car.

Car Analytics always recommend inspecting by a qualified mechanic to ensure vehicle safety.

What includes in the DIY maintenance task?

  • Replacing car’s wiper blades
  • Flush PCV valve
  • Engine air filter replacement
  • Non-headlight bulbs replacement
  • Cabin air filter replacement
  • Changing Power steering fluid
  • Car washing & Body Polishing
  • Change car spark plugs
  • Refilling Car air conditioner gas.
  • Identify blown fuses and replace them

Answering your questions

How long does it will take to complete an inspection?

It takes between two and three hours, depending on the vehicle’s condition. The Standard and Basic used car inspections usually take between one and two hours.

What are the benefits of a pre-purchase inspection?

Before buying a used vehicle, property, or any other significant asset, a pre-purchase inspection is valuable. It involves having a professional inspector thoroughly examine the item to assess its condition, identify potential issues, and provide a detailed report on its overall state. 

Do pre-purchase car inspections ultimately benefit?

Yes, Pre-purchase car inspections can be highly beneficial in several ways. However, it’s important to note that no review can guarantee the discovery of every potential issue or future problem with a used car.

Do you have to be present while the inspection is going on?

It does not necessarily have to be present; a mechanic will send you a full report once done.

Why are road tests included in the inspection?

Pre-purchase vehicle inspection checklists include a road test to ensure the condition of important features to give a clear idea as to whether a vehicle is roadworthy.

Will a vehicle inspection includes a vehicle history report?

No, these two terms may sound the same but differ technically. The vehicle inspection services will focus only on physical inspections alone. You cannot expect a vehicle history such as the financial status of the vehicle, stolen, or written-off status of the car. Know the vehicle history check here


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