Quick ways to find VIN from registration number for free

Every vehicle that runs in the UK has a unique vehicle identification number stamped on it. You can tell VIN as a vehicle’s fingerprint as no two cars in the world have the exact VIN. Are you looking to find VIN from reg for free? Read this guide to know the quickest and easiest ways to locate the vehicle identification number of your vehicle.

When you are ready for the used car purchase, you need to know about the data maintained against the registration number and VIN. While the registration number is visible to all through the number plate, you need to trace the VIN. There are various ways to trace the VIN for free before we first need to explain VIN.

What is the “VIN” number?

VIN represents Vehicle Identification Number, which is actually 17 digit identifying serial numbers containing letters and numbers. It can also be called an engine number, chassis number or identification number. Vehicles built before 1981 might have VIN of varying lengths, usually up to 11 to 17 characters.

What can you do with a VIN?

VIN is far more than a reference number, which you cannot be more wrong about. It contains helpful information – the letters and digits identify the car’s manufacturer, model year, engine type, the plant where the vehicle was assembled, and the manufacturer’s security code. 

find VIN for free

How can I find my car VIN number?

Finding a vehicle’s VIN for free is quite simple. Here are a few places to trace the VIN before you buy the pre-owned cars.  

  • Check under the bonnet to find a VIN plate (Usually black or blue, as shown below).
  • The second place is likely under the windscreen.
  • You can also locate a sticker on a door mentioning the VIN.
  • Find the VIN on your chosen vehicle’s service book. Nowadays, with new cars, service logs are digitally saved. Hence, you can enquire directly about the online service records from the seller.
  • The other simplest way is to find the number on a V5C logbook (picture below)

These are places where you can quickly locate the VIN, so check out while taking the manual inspection. In case if you find any changes in the VIN, then it is better to walk away from the deal. 

Is there any way to find out my VIN online?

From us, it is easy to track the last five digits of VIN under our basic checks offered for just £1.99, unlike other services that need to pay at least £10. Still doubts? Check the sample of our reports before choosing your car. 

We must follow the DVLA data disclosure laws, so we cannot show you all the identification numbers.

But are you looking for a free VIN number check in the UK?

Strictly No, as you can get the Car Analytics reports only through the registration number. vehicle vin check

How to Spot out to ensure VIN is original?

Most vehicle check providers are likely to reveal the car history through registration number and Vehicle Identification Number. And to be specific, it is a must to check the unique vehicle VIN number to identify the theft vehicle.

Nowadays, the number of stolen vehicles is quite increasing, and you never know which car has a hidden past. What would happen if your chosen vehicle was already a stolen one? It is a must to know if the car VIN is genuine before you decide on your investment. You can follow a few tricks to tell the vehicle is genuine. 

  1. The old model of scamming the number by altering 1 to 4 still exists. So, be cautious when you check the VIN in the vehicle’s bonnet. The possibility of cloned VIN is quite high.
  2. Sometimes, VIN has been removed; it’s a sign not to buy the vehicle. Confront the seller about the issues; walk away from the deal if you don’t find the reason valid.
  3. There are chances of changing the VIN legally for specific reasons like accidents or any misfortunes. The destroyed VIN won’t use on a new vehicle. But the scenario is quite rare.
  4. Find out the VIN number from the registration plate in the UK as it displays the last five digits from full check reports. It should match with the documents that the seller offers. If any number missing, then it is a red flag. 

Our premium checks help you find if the vehicle VIN is cloned by revealing the last five-digit numbers. Ensure you consider this check before you negotiate the car price and avoid the stress later. 

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