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Renting a car in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other cities of the United Arab Emirates is a common practice for tourists and business owners. The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world, and it is a pleasure to move on roads here. Parking lots have been built near supermarkets, beaches, hotels, and offices for the convenience of drivers. The roads are excellent, with a smooth surface; driving along them is a real pleasure for experienced motorists and beginners.

The choice of cars for rent in Dubai is simply huge. Sometimes it is hard to decide. In this article, we will give practical tips on choosing a decent rental car to make your stay in Dubai as comfortable as possible.

Advantages of Renting a Car in Dubai

Before moving on to the main part of our article, we will tell you about the main advantages of renting a car in Dubai. If you still doubt whether you should rent a car, here are some benefits:

  • The cost of renting a budget car per day is cheaper than 1-2 taxi trips.
  • New cars (mileage up to 2 years) with a comfortable interior, climate control, and electronic security systems are available for rental.
  • There is an opportunity to drive expensive luxury and sports cars for a reasonable fee and not go broke.
  • Gasoline and diesel fuel are very cheap.
  • Self-guided sightseeing by car costs less than an organized excursion.
  • The driver will deliver rental cars to the airport or other place convenient for you.

Therefore, regardless of whether you rent a budget Nissan or want to rent Porsche Dubai, renting a car is an excellent solution for those who like to explore the city and move around in comfort.

Rental car in dubai

How to Choose a Rental Car

Now let’s move on to the main topic of our article and figure out exactly how to choose a rental car and what to look for to stay within your budget and enjoy your stay in Dubai.

Car rental company

This is the very first point on our list since your trip depends on a reliable rental company. Various companies are in Dubai — from small local firms to international car rentals. But still, many clients face difficulties in choosing. 

First of all, you need to pay attention to the fleet and the general condition of all cars, as well as the rental conditions and the availability of support service, and ask a couple of clarifying questions (we will talk about them later). Find out what documents are needed for rent and whether a deposit is required.

Body type

Once you have decided on a rental company and your budget, you can move on. Body type is the determining factor that most influences the choice of a car in general. If you need a representative and respectable option, choose a sedan. For a family or a large company — a hatchback or station wagon is better than others.

For country trips, it is better to take an SUV. A crossover is a universal option for almost all use cases: such a car has a soft suspension, relatively high cross-country ability, looks good, and offers a large amount of space in the cabin.


The external condition of the selected car must be satisfactory. All scratches, chips, and abrasions on the body must be indicated in the description or contract, and if this is not the case, then you should definitely bring it to the manager’s attention. This is crucial because you will sign the acceptance certificate and point out all the flaws in it. If something is missed, you will be responsible for these damages later.


Once you have figured out whether the car’s exterior is right for you, it is time to figure out the interior. Pay attention to the seat covering. Height and position adjustment should also work — you are unlikely to have time to change the car for this reason after the deal, and you will certainly lose in convenience.

Technical condition 

You should inquire with the management about the engine, oil, and fuel consumption, and the state of the steering and brake systems. If you find a leak or flashing self-diagnosis indicators on the dashboard during the inspection, it is better to choose and rent another car.

Car rental agreement

Carefully study the rental agreement of the selected car. It must be clear, understandable, and contain all the specifics of the transaction. Carefully study this document for controversial points and contradictions. They list things like terms of leasing, penalties for breaking the rules, and other things that can cost extra money.


Renting a car usually includes basic insurance, but it doesn’t cover all parts of the car. If it is critical for you to feel safe, you can buy insurance with extended coverage during the booking process on the company’s website or from the rental office employees when picking up the car. Whether you pay extra for extended coverage or not is up to you, but it is worth finding out what you are insured against. Then, even if something happens, unexpected expenses won’t be a surprise.

Summing Up

Before renting a car, check previous clients’ reviews on the Internet. This will help you get more info about the car rental company itself and about the technical condition of its fleet. Take your time and carefully study the various options.

Read all paragraphs of the contract in detail. Take particular note to the point that discusses financial compensation in the event that an automobile breaks down. Please make sure that the data you submitted about yourself is accurate.

Keep in mind that you are solely responsible for the car after signing the agreement. Comply with traffic rules and do not break any of the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. If not, there is a chance that significant financial expenses will be incurred.

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