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In today’s hustle and bustle, every minute, technology is taking over and making certain features that were adored in the past. One could relate very much so, especially in the automotive industry. Contemporary modern vehicles have bid farewell to many iconic features that make a car considered classic today. Such features have now been replaced with modern, robust, and more effective solutions. Let’s take a ride down memory lane and discover seven features that have been made redundant as car manufacturers look to embrace the future.

1. Roll-Down Windows

Remember having a lever on the door that you would struggle to turn to bring the windows up or down? Well, that’s a thing of the past. Modern cars have smoked these features right out the window (pun intended) with automatic power-controlled windows that move up/down in the comfort of a single click, offering convenience with just a touch.

2. Manual Door Locks

Gone are the times when you had to manually lock or unlock the car, and God forbid if you lost the keys! Central locking systems have become a staple security feature in every modern car, with some manufacturers even including touch or mobile connectivity to unlock the car!

3. Cigarette Lighters

Once a staple in every automotive, especially during the tobacco boom in the 80s and 90s, cigarette lighters have become obsolete. With the growing awareness of the harms of tobacco, manufacturers have sought to eradicate any such encouraging contraptions. With tobacco-free nicotine alternative solutions on the rise, people have diverted from smoking in the car. And no one likes to accompany you in a car with a cigarette stench!

4. Manual Transmission

The art of driving a car with a manual transmission has become scarce. Except for the OG race cars, most manufacturers have stopped producing models with manual transmissions due to the revolutionary change and ease brought on by Automatic transmissions due to their ease of use and efficiency.

5. Exterior Side Mirrors Adjusted by Hand

Do you recollect constantly adjusting the car side mirrors every time before starting a ride? Cranking those old rusty mirrors yet being fearful of using too much strength that you may break it while adjusting it! Well, car manufacturers across the world agree with you! That’s why most cars now have an electrically adjustable mirror, allowing drivers to make quick adjustments with the touch of a button.

As we shift gears into the future, we bid farewell several outdated features whilst welcoming a new era of the elective automotive revolution. The evolution of cars reflects advancements in modern electric technology and our changing prerogatives and precedents on the highway. So, buckle up and embrace the new future!


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