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The topic of today’s story will naturally be a country that has long been known for its incredible rapid economic development, state-of-the-art urban infrastructure, breathtaking skyscrapers and, of course, luxurious lifestyle. But the most interesting thing is that it was not always like this. 

In the distant past, there were almost no high-rise buildings on the territory of the modern UAE, especially skyscrapers. The country was covered with endless deserts and dunes. However, such an evolution is noticeable not only in the architecture and infrastructure of the country, but also in the most popular entertainment and other events that have long been carried out by its residents, who continually moved across the pitiless sands. And today jeeps and SUVs have become one of the most popular means of transportation. As the UAE has quickly grown into a modern metropolis, the evolution of off-roading has of course taken on a whole new meaning.

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It’s no wonder that behind all the country’s glitz and glamor lies a deep-rooted passion for off-roading that has developed over the years. And now I would like to consider what cultural, technological and environmental factors contributed to its evolution.

Cultural significance of off-roading

Interestingly, off-road racing has long had enormous cultural significance in the UAE. For example, previously, nomads used camels and horses as transport to move around the desert, and the bedouins also used various off-road equipment to move through difficult terrain. Now buggies, which have been used for several decades, have begun to be replaced by more luxurious and powerful SUVs and jeeps. Therefore, it is off-roading at this stage of the country’s development that is considered as an introduction to rich history and traditions.

Technological advancements

When the country began to develop economically in large strides, the off-road sector in technical terms also underwent significant changes. Gone are the days of simple dune buggies; instead, more extravagant and luxurious off-road vehicles started appearing on the scene. Thus, powerful all-wheel drive vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks and jeeps appeared, which began to be equipped with advanced off-road functions. Naturally, this revolutionized the field. 

Сompared to previous modes of transport, these car models have improved performance, and suspension systems, larger and stronger wheels, as well as more powerful engines. It is not difficult to conclude that with such transport it has become even easier to overcome the most difficult obstacles on the ground. However, sandboarding and camel racing still remain popular.

Environmental considerations

Along with the development of progress and popularity of off-road driving, not only the number of environmental problems is also growing, but the awareness that it is necessary to protect the environment. That’s why the UAE government and various organizations that are involved in both off-roading and environmental issues have taken steps to promote the cause of responsible off-road driving. This is how training in proper driving in desert areas, monitoring compliance with designated routes and minimizing the impact on wildlife and vegetation appeared.

Off road UAE

Urban off-roading

In addition to driving in deserts, such a direction as urban off-roading has also developed. And the point here is this. In addition to speed and power, such a direction requires precision, enormous concentration and skill. 

The difficulty lies in the fact that the driver needs to control his vehicle on narrow streets, turns, crowded roads and traffic jams. Just imagine how difficult it is to manage all this and how risky this sport and entertainment is! Despite this fact, this new type of off-road has gained popularity among local motorsport fans and has also begun to attract tourists from other countries. This has become the reason for holding various competitions and exhibitions in the UAE.

Off-road parks

With the development of off-road sports in the country, the development of off-road parks began. What are these parks, you ask? These are specially designed large-scale sites that provide drivers with a safe and controlled environment. They can test their skills there and also bring their cars to technical perfection. 

Interestingly, these off-road parks offer a fairly wide range of terrain where fans of this sport can go to hone their skills. These can be sand dunes, rocky landscapes, and even dirt tracks. It is reliably known that such a solution helps preserve the fragile desert ecosystem while minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

In conclusion

The development of off-road in the UAE has a direct connection with the fact that the country has a rich heritage in the technological, economic and environmental spheres. Today, off-roading has great cultural significance, because it has evolved from difficult and sometimes dangerous rides on horses and camels, to international competitions in off-road parks on super-pumped luxury SUVs. And this is for good reason, because the government is not only committed to preserving the environment, but also encourages responsible and safe off-road driving. And of course, the development of such a sphere of entertainment is a reflection of simple modern progressiveness and the preservation of the country’s cultural heritage.


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