Who Will Buy My Financed Car?

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You can sell your financed car to a vehicle buying company, a dealer, or even an online buyer. Whichever way suits you, the finance clearing process would be the same. However, you need to understand the process for the best possible outcome.

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Buying a Car on Finance: Good Idea or Bad?

car on finance

There are just two ways to buy a car; you pay cash for it or finance it. Which one is the best option? It depends on several factors such as your credit history, your savings, your monetary state, your income, and so on. In other words, buying a car on finance or cash has its pros and cons.

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Buying A Used Car: Step By Step Guide

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So, you have decided to buy a USED car instead of a NEW during these harsh economic conditions! We say it is a wise decision, but only if you take steps in the right direction. The very first step is deciding where you want to buy the vehicle in the UK, followed by a used car check and inspection.

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Which is the Cheapest Car Check in the UK?

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Finding the cheapest car check service in the UK? Car Analytics knows it is hard considering numerous services are claiming to offer the lowest prices. The biggest question is how would you know if a certain service is the cheapest and dependable at the same time? For that, you need to know which car check service is offering the most comprehensive features at the best price. 

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Is It Worth Getting an HPI Check

hpi check

So, you have been searching through the online classified ads and found the car of your dreams after conducting proper research. The next step is to visit the dealership or the private seller to get a close look and probably take it for a test drive. But wait? Do you know everything about the vehicle you are going to buy? It could have a nasty past being in an accident, stolen, have outstanding finance, or any other anomaly. The question is how would you know about all such details and more before your purchase? The answer is the HPI Check. Before we talk about the worth of the HPI Checks, let’s first know about this free vehicle check history report.

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Who Has the Cheapest HPI Check?


If you are considering buying a used car in the UK, you definitely need a full car history check report, which may cost you a few pounds. The report would save you from buying outstanding finance, scrapped, written-off, mileage clocked, or stolen car. With so many services available, the question is which vehicle history check provider is offering the cheapest HPI check in the UK? Today, we will honestly analyse three top car history check providers and tell you which is the cheapest of all?     


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