How to Sell Your Car
Buying a car

How to sell your car – what’s it worth?

4 minutes Used car values for trade-in and private party selling The first thing that must be determined when selling a car is what the car is worth. Find out how to determine the value of the car for a fast sale

Used Car From a New Car Dealer
Buying a car

Tips on buying a used car from a new car dealer

4 minutes Are there advantages to buying a used auto from a new car dealer versus a used dealer or private party? Learn some tips on buying from a new car dealer. When buying a used vehicle, there is a multitude of

Diesel Air Filter
Buying a car

Is it worth putting a performance air filter on a diesel?

4 minutes It is a never-ending quest for improved engine performance, especially for diesel engines. One modification that has garnered attention in recent years is the use of performance air filters on diesel engines. These aftermarket filters promise enhanced airflow, potentially leading

Aluminum Running Boards
Automotive Market News

Are steel or aluminum running boards better?

4 minutes Running boards, once a staple of rugged trucks and off-road vehicles, have now found their way into a wide array of automobiles, from sleek SUVs to elegant sedans. These prominent panels are typically located beneath the doors and along the