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Keepers history

It is essential to check the number of previous owners whilst buying a used car. We can check accurate information of the car by having an entire history of the car owner. For example, if a car is serviced in three areas of UK, then it is likely that the car had around 3 keepers previously. A lesser number of previous owners mean that the value of the car will be high.

We at Car Analytics also provide a free car owner check for your ease that would be limited in information. If you want a detailed analysis, check our premium access vehicle owner report.

Usually it is best to buy cars with a less number of keepers. We might not be aware of the physical condition of the car where it has been passed through many owners. Not every driver considers car quality and maintenance.

What we do

At Car Analytics we take pride in providing you the appropriate keepers history along with the vehicle‘s age. It helps you analyse the vehicle you are about to buy. Our report provides you the history of keeper in three different colour categories.

If the number of keepers is less than 4, it indicates you in the colour green which means, it is good to buy without any hesitation. If it is above 4, it will be displayed in the colour yellow which means it indicates that it is okay to buy.

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