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Plate Change History

People tend to change plate numbers according to their own wish and will, but this may end up in covering some major issues of the vehicle. It is always fundamental to know a number plate check, to uncover the history of plate change and cross check with the seller. If the seller states the plate change, it means that there is no issue. But if it is not informed to you, then you should start rethinking about buying that used car.

Always ensure the quality of your purchase with our DVLA Car Reg check at Car Analytics. We ensure the data provided to you is updated.

If you have bought a vehicle without proper previous plate change history, there are chances that you may end up losing the vehicle and the money; if the outstanding finance is not handled properly.

What we do

We at Car Analytics, provide you with Number Plate Check. The report provides you with the total number of plate changes in braces. If there has been no plate change as such, it will be displayed in green, which means it is highly safe to buy the vehicle. If there has been a plate change, it will be displayed in yellow colour. Buying a car with numerous plate changes should be bought with proper consideration.