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Mileage History

Mileage check is one of the most vital aspects that need to be looked on; the age of a vehicle can be calculated by knowing the mileage capacity of the vehicle. By having a full vehicle history check, you will get to know if the mileage meter has been tampered with or not. Mileage tampered car may put you in serious financial and physical issues.

There are chances that swindlers may try to reverse the mileage (clocking) just for your review and set it back again after your check. In those cases, our mileage check will help you regardless of the mileage that is shown in the vehicle. It is always better to make a check than to get locked after buying a vehicle.

Clocking of a car often poses its risks; there might be a car that might have reached its millennial mark and just waiting to break down. All the engine parts might have lost quality over time, bald gears and broken crankshafts; this is where checking our car scrapped reports helps you avoid this mileage anomaly.

How to check if a car has been clocked?

Reports indicate a 10% surge in vehicles with mileage anomalies that have been reported since the previous year. Our sources say that this is due to a legal discrepancy which means the tradition of mileage clocking among sellers is not kept in check by the government, as well as the sale of equipment regarding mileage correction seems to be legal, whereas ironically the sale of clocked-cars is not. Funny, isn‘t it?

Car Analytics provides you, our valuable customer with a mileage check report and its anomaly clearly at the top and at the bottom, we provide you with the list of mileage that the car has actually ran and the mileage that has been tampered with source, yearly total and date.